For the next 30 days

tackle the "Bboy formula" created by me.

mandatory everyday for warm up you star with the 2xs Daily routine these exercises are meant to be done in one go breaks only available after completed sets.
2xs daily at a steady pace remember it 2xs daily for warm up

20 jumping Jack's
10 sit ups
10 push ups
20 calf raises
25 Russian twist
10 wide body squats
20 high knees
10 reverse crunches
15 sec left side planks
15sec right side planks
30sec full body planks

2min break the repeat

"bboy formula" routine is next, all to failure with the condition that the the next day you have to do at least 1 more rep for all exercises then the previous day, so like that you are you're own Competition, you might be saying "oh one rep that's it" but believe me the satisfaction of beating your old you is one hell of an accomplished feeling.

upb: to failure all in one go ok
1.spiderman push ups
2.hindu pushups
3.leaping frog
4. Alt side helicopters
5.diamond push ups

lwb:to failure
1.fullbody squats squats
3.bear squats
4.hindu squats
5.cathers squats

core: to failure
1.flutter kicks
2. Left side planks
3.right side planks

full body: to failure
2.gracie drills ( you tube if you dont know this one, perfect form matters on these exercises,

And for the cool down its gonna be whatever the Daily darebee Ec is

as a bonus I throw in 40 min of bboying after so I can test how my body will do and handle if i where in a battle exhausted.

I hope you guys try it and thanks remember 30 days this routine each day with I rep more then the previous day for all exercises.

Diet and choice of food it's for your choice Just keep hydrated thanks