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The One Punch Man Challenge

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    The One Punch Man Challenge

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    The One Punch Man Challenge

    I just marathoned season 1 of the show on Netflix and it was great. I then seen a video on youtube were a guy does this routine for 100 days (sometime it was scaled) and he got absolutely shredded. He did say that he did other exercises but kept to the push ups, sit ups, squats and run.

    I really want to see the results of training like this for 100 days if not forever while doing my martial arts. Surely it isn't that simple ? Please join me on my journey and help keep me motivated and I will help you stay motivated also. Feel free to augment the original routine EG: resisted push ups or 10 sets of 10/1km.

    The plan

    Any augmentation is allowed, for example: 10 sets of 10 reps/1km run or resistance band push ups and squats or run/walk run during the 10km.
    Regression is ok, for example: 50 push ups, sit ups, squats and 5km run or 30/3km, 70/7km etc.
    Extra exercises such as pull ups or superman can be added and whole separate workouts are ok, with adequate recovery between the two of course.
    Don't do a full week unless you are fit AF, take 1 - 2 days rest per week. Please stay safe!
    Keep the tread updated with your training and, if you're brave enough, stats and a progress picture at the end. I'm intrigued to see how some of you transform.

    People I am adding because I know their tags (feel free to add others or join in if you like)
    BlackButler kandy neilarey Colin Nebulus Redline Damer TheRaven PhoebeGilmore IWillGoSuperSaiyan

    Thanks for the tag, nice of you! But 100 push-ups is very unrealistic for me...and a daily run as well.

    However...I might jump in during the year with eg. 10x10 sets of squats every day for 100 days....that sounds do-able.... or I think of other adjustments...let's see.
    Maybe I start with watching the series...

    All the best to all who participate here!


      You might use the One Punch themed workout for your scaling:

      I'll be over here, cheering you on!


        PhoebeGilmore that's fine, you can definitely jump in whenever you want and do whatever regression or variation of the workout you want.
        Kanary thanks but I'm terrible at committing to just one workout, I've got a plan already but thanks. Are you thinking of joining?


          Mostly I figured it might be useful to other people, or to see how the DB team had broken it down. I'd join, but I'm about to restart chemo, so I expect I may quickly be on the 1 pushup, 1 squat, 1 situp routine instead.


            I searched YouTube. Is it 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10km run every day?

            That's a LOT, and I understand that you can scale here, but still... I am already full with different routines myself, like 4 to 6 things going on. It's possible that I will squeeze in some of those 3 exercises after completing Cardio Blast, which will be 14 days later. But running is really not within my plan...

            But for now if I happen to do those exercises I will post it here. How does it sound?


              For those of you who want to try it but don't like to go out and run, Darebee has got you covered:


                kandy yes it's 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10km run every day.
                However I know that will just lead to burnout, injury etc. Below is the video I got the idea from

                So my plan is to take Wednesdays (RBL Youth) and Friday (pay day) off.
                I'll do a slow build up to a "max" for example:
                Monday - 30 push ups, sit ups, squats and 3km run
                Tuesday - 40 push ups, sit ups, squats and 4km run
                Wednesday - off
                Thursday - 35 push ups, sit ups, squats and 3.5km run
                Friday - off
                Saturday - 50 push ups, sit ups, squats and 5km run
                Sunday - 60 push ups, sit ups, squats and 6km run

                Or something like that. I've no planned routine so it'll be made up as I go along.


                  On day 30 the guy is already transforming. Even his face slims down a bit.
                  By the way, that's 21% body fat on day 1? I would have guessed 30% if I looked at the pic only.
                  I am pretty sure I won't eat right so not going to have the same transformation.

                  Kanary I wish you the best by all means.


                    Day 1 of the challenge.
                    10 push ups
                    10 sit ups
                    10 squats
                    1km run
                    2 minute rest
                    Repeat X3

                    Then just for fun, 2 sets of 10-12 banded biceps curls and reverse flyes.

                    Tomorrow is a rest day so that's ok (I'm probably going to go to wrestling). Then on Saturday I'll add another set to the workout.

                    Has anyone else given this a go?


                      Alright, I'll be joining, theirs season 2 btw, I've mostly kept up with training, but Kakarot, I will try this, to the fullest of my power, no matter the challenge, even if it's 1000 pushups a day, 1000 squats, 1000 sit ups, and a 100 km run, or even worse, I'll do it, even if my hardest is not enough, I'll do it, the only way to gain new limits is to push eying your old ones, this is not just my promise to you, but to me, and everyone here


                        Today is a "rest" day, as in I wont be doing the OPMC today but I'll be going to wrestling training tonight. I'll be doing day 2 of the OPMC tomorrow and I think I will up ti to 12 push ups, 12 sit ups, 12 squats and 1.2km run. IWillGoSuperSaiyan thanks, I know season 2 is out. How are you getting on?


                          I have other projects at the moment but it is definitely a challenge to keep in mind BUT ... dwarves don't run, they make others run

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                            I'd never ~NEVER~ have thought of this. Wait... If I adjust it a bit I could get my 100 burpee badge .

                            I strained my right biceps tonight in training but I'll still be doing my OPMC workout.


                              Day 2 of the One Punch Man Challenge done. So today I pushed a bit harder, I did 12 push up, 12 sit ups, 12 squats and a 1.2km run, 2(ish) minutes rest, three rounds. Tomorrow I'll do 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats and 1km run, 2 minutes rest for three rounds then we're going to see Godzilla king of the monsters.

                              PhoebeGilmore have you seen any of the one punch man anime yet? Season 1 is on Netflix in English and season 2 is on crunchyroll in Japanese.

                              Dinomaniak I know you enjoy a challenge, want to join me?