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Some fun and free workout games I've been using. A D&D alternative to Zombies, Run!, and a RPG pedometer/habit builder!

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    Some fun and free workout games I've been using. A D&D alternative to Zombies, Run!, and a RPG pedometer/habit builder!

    It's been a rough week in the news, and today isn't looking good either. So, to give some positivity, here's a couple recommendations for fun, free fitness games.

    I logged on to post this, and realized I didn't update my running log last month, so I did that too!

    When I start up my Superhero Academy log again, I think I'll be using these plus Avatar Upgrade or Hero's Journey. Or Fighter's Codex. Or Spartan Trials. Or Athena's Playbook. Too much good stuff!

    Whether you love Zombies, Run! and want some variety, or zombies aren't your thing, give Fit For Battle a try. It's an audio-guided running app, which takes you through a Dungeons & Dragons style adventure. Superb voice acting, irreverent item descriptions, and a fun art style make the game enjoyable to play.

    There are three different levels of effort; your "base" pace, a sustained faster pace, and short sprints. The audio cues tell you what level of effort to use, and give you feedback for when you're on target. Plus, the story audio segments change to reflect your success or failure in the interval! It's much more engaging than the Zombies, Run! mechanic (which just has you drop supplies).

    If you fail an interval, you can use a health potion to recover. Potions are a limited resource. There's an option to use your potions automatically. You can "die" on a run, thus failing the quest!

    Highly replayable! The game uses a random encounter system, and adds more intervals for longer runs (instead of just spreading them out).

    During the run, you collect loot and gold, which can be used to upgrade your character. There's a perk tree called Athletomancy which allows you to put together a collection of specific loot items to get epic gear sets.

    You can also customize that level of effort for each session, from no intervals, to 10, 20, or 40% higher speed.

    Session length can be set for a minimum of 20 minutes, to a maximum of 60 minutes.

    Other features:
    • There's a built in pedometer, which tracks your steps for unique loot.
    • Calories you burn "earn" gold, which you can use to buy equipment for your avatar.
    • A customizable avatar--sex, hair, eyes, nose, gear. Like a cartoon paper doll.

    • Free! There's one paid "mission," a Christmas special, for $0.99 (US).
    • Professional voice acting, of very high quality. You'll be emotionally involved with the characters from the start, even if that emotion is "irritation."
    • High replayability! Random encounters keep things fresh.
    • Customizable. Change interval difficulty and workout length.

    • Loading the app takes a minute or too, every time.
    • I haven't been able to use the app indoors, yet. It doesn't "see" indoor intervals on my Apple Watch. Tomorrow, I'll try putting the phone in my pocket to see if it tracks steps that way. If so, I may be able to use jumping jacks as intervals instead of the elliptical.
    • There are only three adventures! The last blog post was April 2018; I hope the project is still in development. If you think you might like the game, download it now in case it's taken down. Once downloaded, you can restore it at any time (I'm still bitter about missing my chance at Infinity Blade III).

    Game dev/blog: Fit For Battle
    For iOS: Free on App Store
    Not yet available for Android.

    Fitness RPG ( App Store for iOS | Play Store for Android ) is a pedometer-based RPG game. You use steps to buy hero training and equipment upgrades. Some heroes are added automatically, others can be "hired" (with steps, of course). The heroes are used in a fairly basic "battle" game, where you progress through a linear map. This is the main means of quest progression; certain battles unlock story scenes. Once you've battled through an area, it's claimed as your territory. You can upgrade the stronghold, and collect respawning resources.

    One home screen is a mountain-themed gauge which shows your daily 10,000 steps progress. The other home screen is the overall progress map on which battles take place. Sort of like Candy Crush. Here, you see territory won, collect resources, and initiate battles.

    You can exchange earned tokens for power-ups and hero gear, find pets and magical items, and evolve your heroes to a higher grade with better skills.

    The game is fairly polished and bug free (just a few typos). Everything works as it should, and it's still being updated regularly. The company has a couple other fitness themed games, so they aren't new at this. There's a lot of content, and the two home screens are pretty busy--there's always something to do, whether progressing a battle or upgrading characters.

    Other Features:
    There's a nice little habit building feature, which gradually adds habits by the day. It uses entirely positive reinforcement; do the habit (smile! drink water! floss!) and you get a prize. There's no nagging.

    The fight stages have an "auto-battle" feature, so you don't need to go through the repetitive click-click-click of basic battles.
    Lots of content. Paid boosts are available, but you can absolutely go through the whole game for free.
    The habit building feature is a nice little hidden gem, and very effective. There are no "losses" for not doing the habits, just prizes.

    The story is... a little trite. It would make a good Saturday morning cartoon. An educational show for kiddies, maybe.
    This particular art style is not to my taste. But you might like it!
    The story assumes you're male. It isn't heavy handed, but one of those little irritants.
    Some of the "habits" are all-or-nothing, which I think is counterproductive (i.e., I should get partial credit for having 3 servings of vegetables instead of 5).

    This sound great! thank you for the thorough review. I was using Zombies, Run! for a while but this new one sounds more interesting, I hope it becomes available for Android phones soon.


      Can't wait for Fit for Battle to be on Android