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    Struggling to get my mileage in for the week especially since I know I won't make my goal for the month. I just need to keep my focus for the rest of the week and see where I end up. If my calculations are correct I'll be somewhere around 5-3 miles short of my month goal. I'm not sure how smart it would be to stretch out some of my runs but we might just have to see.

    Also if anyone else does Charity Miles we do have a Darebee group if you would like to join. I'm pretty sure it is open to everyone.


      I gotta be honest I totally forgot about getting my times partly because it is Spring Break and busy-ness abounds and partly because I misplaced my written note about doing so Ooops!
      I put my new note directly below my next run (which is tomorrow) so I don't forget again! If I can work it just right and the weather isn't crap then I can at the very least get my chill 5k distance time tomorrow evening.
      I've just started back up using Charity Miles now that I am running outdoors again. It never tracks correctly when I am running indoors unless I am at the track so I tend to not use it over the winter months Otherwise despite taking a bit of a hit distance-wise on the weekend I still hit my weekly running target so a win.