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    First batch up pullups for this year: Wide grip pullups: 8, 5, 5, 5, 4 (27 total).

    and so:

    (Level3) 1624 reps to go

    PPC (personal pullup count ): 27


      Hello! I did 3rd day Pull Up Challenge ---> 3 series , 2 , 1 ,1 reps


        My challenge: Weekly target on pull-ups and chin-ups, +7 every week.
        Because I was in the beginning, and then stopped in christmas, decided to restart from week 1

        On Pull-ups
        01-Jan: 4.
        02-Jan: 9.
        03-Jan: 8. 2+3+3.
        04-Jan: 3.
        05-Jan: 10. 4+3+3.
        06-Jan (day 6): 8. 3+1+break+4.
        Week 1/45, done 42/42 pull-ups, total in this series 42

        On Chin-ups
        02-Jan: 9.
        03-Jan: 11.
        04-Jan: 1.
        05-Jan: 12. 4+4+4.
        06-Jan (day 5): 10. 3+4+3.
        Week 1/45, done 43/42 chin-ups, 1 ahead, total in this series 43

        Happy pulling


          Thanks for the tag HellYeah !

          I can't do any right now so 5 is....well it should be good challenge. Have a few other things on the go right now, so I'll be starting this journey in February! I'll be keeping my eye here for inspiration and check in once I get started Any beginner tips would be awesome


            meggiemagpie you’re in good company: I’m at ZERO myself! Working on DareBee’s Pull-up Guide, Back & Biceps workout, The Kitten workout, and the training guide for Zero pull ups beginners! I can do a mean scap pull right now, and then 3 sets of 5 of those! So, I know there’s hope!!


              So today 2 2 and a 1 Pull-Up (I'm getting to the dreaded three ducks(The 2|2|2 series))
              I tried to do also Chin-Ups too, and I think these ones are easier (like, I can do 4 maximum easy jajaja)



                Today, a total of 15 pull ups
                32/2019 - 1987 to go.

                (Level3) 1592 reps to go


                  Hi folks! HellYeah aimed me here, so I plan to start in February with the goal of being able to do one clean pull up by the end of that month.
                  After that, I'm hoping to build to 5 and then 10 by the end of the year - deadlines TBD by my progress on this.


                    So much going on here, really like that.
                    I am going to do two days of PullUps a week, to get me to the 20 in a row, again.
                    And I will use the progression of the PullUp challenge lv2. If I fail one day, I willtry next session, until I got it.
                    I do not wanna do more these days, cause my forearms/elbows are still bothering me, so I have to go slow for some time.


                      Here's my first post in this thread, thanks HellYeah for the invitation.

                      I only learned to do pull-ups shortly before Summer last year and I managed to do 1400 reps in total in 2018.

                      This year I am setting a goal of reaching at least 3600 pull-ups by the end if this year.

                      My current count:


                      Good luck everyone!!!



                        There is a fourth pullup challenge now.
                        Looks fine. Thx, Team Darebee!




                            Since getting the pull-up bar, I've been working on doing more pull-ups throughout the day starting with first thing in the morning. This morning I was not only able to do a pull-up, I was able to go down about 25% and pull back up most of that distance! That's closer than I've ever been to getting two in one go!

                            Thanks to inbetween for the suggestion to work on shallow seconds.

                            Additional goal: 2019 pull-ups this year starting today.

                            Starting from earlier this morning I've got 2/2019.


                              Did the dreaded 2|2|2 Pull-Ups, almost couldn´t do it!! Jajaja, used all the strenght of the day


                                Today wide grip pullups: 9, 6, 5, 5 (25 total)
                                Chinups: 5, 5, 4, 4 (18 total)

                                Only counted the pullups towards the:

                                (Level3) 1567 reps to go

                                PPC: 52
                                PCC: 18