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Pull Up Progress 2019

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    Pull Up Progress 2019

    Hey, this one goes out to all the pulling bees.
    Here is your place to be(e), to log your progress and to support each other.
    And... to have fun with Pull Ups or on the way to your first straight one.

    Just join and we will see, where this tread will lead us. Everybody is welcome, everything is possible.

    This is inspired by these two threads:

    inbetween Nebulus Redline val.lavigne86 AceofSwords Peterpan Jarod Thunderbeams Matan Beat_Samurai Tsunade Artemi Le0nldas The Wolf Cabriel lpf Gandhalfit Haidare aveoturbo 'rin xingyiquan noname BlackButler Loba5472 feel free to add others

    Let me start with my goal for 2019:

    The One Arm Pull Up

    It will be a long way till I get there, but every little step will be an achievement in itself...


      I would be happy w a fucking chin up, at this point. Foing scapula pulls, inverted rows, lat pulldowns


        Well, then let's make use of this new home and log some stuff

        Wide grip pullups: 7, 5, 5, 4, 4

        Now the interesting topic of goals for 2019...

        The simple answer would be to use the same goal as for 2018 (since i did not achieve it..): 10 pullups with very wide grip (grip distance about 110cm).
        Consistent training with additional focus on supporting / stabilizing muscles could get me there. Of course once i have lost 10kg things will also be much easier...

        A one arm pullup would of course be extremely sexy but i guess i'm too far away with my current status.
        But i would like to work on my grip strength (both hands and single). Especially with only one arm i can only hang for a few seconds.
        So this is also a prerequesite for all one-arm pullup endeavours (to be able to hang for a bunch of seconds with one arm, maybe 10?).
        Then maybe adding/playing with stuff like archer-pullups could be a nice thing.

        Hope to post here frequently and here's to a great pulling year!!!


          My best is 1.5 pullup(s). I think my goal for now should be 4 in a row.


            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
            I would be happy w a fucking chin up, at this point. Foing scapula pulls, inverted rows, lat pulldowns
            That's a good start, to achieve your first chin up.


              I can do one pull-up in one go (not counting fractions) so my goal is to do two in one go.

              How will I get there? My gym has a class with the purpose of training for pull-ups. It involves powerlifting, upper body strength training, core strengthening. I've been taking that class and I can now do a pull-up where before I couldn't. More strength and conditioning at the gym and at home. And of course, avoiding the Candy Dish of Doom at work.


                Hmmm I think the only goals I have for pull-ups in 2019 are: get my base up to 20reps again and keep it there, better overall grip strength as I want that lovely one arm pull-up without the other hand assisting me at the wrist, and maybe work towards fingertip pull-ups as a fun goal. All great intentions there but the challenge for me is fitting it into my training!


                  HellYeah , sā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹o happy with this thread...

                  Until yesterday, I had a goal of 5 pushups a day, for 200 days (1000 pushups)
                  It took me 1 or 2 weeks to realize that 200 days later I would be doing the same: 5 pushups a day.
                  I'm smart...

                  My new 2 goals starting today are:
                  A) 5 pull-ups a day, for one week. Then, increase 1 pull-up every week.
                  Starting with 6, so 45 weeks from now I will be doing 50 per day.
                  This is a goal, not a promise. No shame.

                  B) Same for Chin-ups.
                  Also a goal, just that.
                  Before aiming my first pull-up, I could do 2 or 3 chin-ups.
                  Now I am weaker on chin-ups, so need to keep them with a weekly quota.

                  I have a pull-up bar in the kitchen, another one in my 'kind of garden'.
                  Wil post here weekly.
                  Happy pushing...
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                    Tagging Scott ...


                      I haven't a specific goal with the pull ups. After years without do them, I'm able do it again, and that is a great achievement for me. My back and myself hadn't thought to do it never again.

                      Anyway, I'll put a number to do along 2019, for example, "2019" (an average of 38 per week) . If I accomplish it soon, I'd change it.

                      I'll start count from the 1st of january.


                        Log for today 11 pull-ups.

                        The goal for 2019: 10 strict chest to bar pull-ups.


                          As Barney Stinson would say in this situation


                            Im in, if you'll have me. Goal would be improved grip strength and 10 pull ups for the badge.
                            my starting point is 3 pull ups and I'll figure out how long i can hang from the bar later.


                              Welcome everybody! I am glad this thread is alive, now.
                              Be aware to keep it alive, cause I won't be the host, I am only the one who made the initial post.

                              It is up to all of us! Have fun and pull hard!