Painting Darebee footprint in Google Maps

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    Painting Darebee footprint in Google Maps

    Last addition to the [un]official Darebee map: Hungary/Győr.

    Tagged Countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam


    Hi All
    This is an experiment to paint Darebee footprint in a public Google Map.
    Goal is to draw the Darebee coverage, eventually with some recommended workout places.
    Locations are vague, privacy is served.
    Avatar names and a link to the Darebee profile are shown in the map.

    Rules are:
    1. Perform a random drill, or your favorite, from
    2. Make a post here, specifying A) your country, B) your city/place, and C) the value obtained in the dice of the fitness drill
    3. Tag one or more bees (a line joins both pins when he/she puts himself in the map)

    Pin will appear somewhere in the city you choose.
    The number in the dice is needed: This is the cost of putting your Pin in the map -)

    In case you want more detail, showing a place for a workout (optional):
    - Add a Lat/Long, in numeric format, for the Pin
    - Add one sentence saying why one should workout there

    For example,
    - Lat/Long: 38.753847, -8.965066
    - Note: Nice place for a workout. If you are lucky, you might even see some Flamingos.

    When pointing specific gps coordinates, choose a place where one can workout without any cost.
    Suggestions to improve these rules are welcome.
    In case you were not tagged, your post is *more than welcome*.

    - Feel free to request any changes. Unfortunately would be tricky to put all editing the data, but data change requests are processed shortly.
    - Tagging someone will create a line joining pins, once they are visible.
    Last edited by Peterpan; December 12th, 2018, 10:52 AM.

    A first post, as an example

    Country: Portugal
    Place: Alcochete
    Number in the dice: 7 (arm raises)

    Tagging HellYeah80 noname BusyBumbleBee Seri


      Okay Peterpan.... here we go.

      1st exercise post is complete.

      Country: Canada 🇨🇦
      Place: Grand Coulee, SK (Saskatchewan)
      Random dice roller just happened to give me 7 again (arm raises/ raised arm circles)

      Tagging HellYeah80 noname TheLibrarian BusyBumbleBee


        Hi Seri
        One pin, other than mine, was needed for the map to be published.
        Thank you -)


          Thanks for the tag Seri - you want theLibrarian to train early right ...

          Country: Germany
          Place: Frankfurt am Main
          Dice: 5 (60 side leg raises) - nice for the office

          tagging: 'rin colinclean Kanary xingyiquan ... well, and every other bee, should be nice if there would be a tag for all


            oh, I forgot Amirsh I think she will be happy about additional exercises


              TheLibrarian exercising, yes my location... mmmm... not so much thanks for the thought though


                Not really 100% sure.... is the idea to point where l live or places that are great to work out ?
                there was already a map with the places of bees signed up on the map but I think it has been taken out (quite risky indeed.... and against the first rule to be taught to children when learning to use online stuff...)


                  Hi xingyiquan
                  Ideally, places to workout. But this would require (from you) gps coordinates.
                  The city is also ok, like you pointed, due to privacy.

                  Note this is the information you made public in your profile, anyone can see that you are from Montpellier.
                  Posting here is like authorizing me to add a pin which has your nickname, in a map where others exist.

                  Should I change the representation to something like "A Boxer is doing workout here since yyyy-mm-dd"?
                  Would use the Class and date of joining the Hive...


                    Great idea, Peterpan, will post later! Thank you for the tag, Librarian.


                      Peterpan indeed one can see the city I live in but Montpellier is not exactly a little village where it is easy to find someone if you don't know the exact address... Plus I don't think only about my own privacy but also about safety (it is easy to cross info from a check in thread and a location to define best possible timeframes to do stuff...)

                      ok for your idea... I was rather thinking a map of cool places to work out could be very nice, like this when travelling to one city one could have ideas where to go e.g. Nova UCD Dublin, one of the best running course in Europe, several circuits available 6 km ,8 km , 12km full tour 14km.
                      In reality knowing there is one bee in Montpellier is only interesting to a certain point...


                        Seri , TheLibrarian , xingyiquan , All,

                        Changed the map so that the name is not shown. The Class and date "someone" joined are there.
                        Other suggestions are most welcome


                          Peterpan I can live with that - a Knight a Boxer or a warrior , etc. is perfect in my opinion, privacy is served and you don´t step on sb´s toes if you get my drift.


                            Originally posted by xingyiquan View Post
                            a map of cool places to work out could be very nice
                            Love this idea.
                            Lets wait, collect some consensus on "how to", see if there is some adherence here...
                            Will be a kind of learning for that "big map"


                              There is a running route website where you can publicly map running routes for other people to look at, I don't know if that might be a useful model?

                              It's called: