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    I arrive at the Old-Man's-Inn and the keeper points me to the table on the far corner where a group of people is gathered. I join them.
    "Good evening ladies, gentlemen. I hope I am not late, I'm Katia."

    "Certainly old man, as an amazon warrior I can fight as well as a barbarian, I'm strong with the sword, and I'm as good a fighter on foot as on a horse.
    You can trust me, indeed I seek fortune and glory but I only fight the evil, I always defend the weak and is my intent to bring justice to this ruthless world. So I came here to know if your quest is one of good nature and worth of my time"


      "Let me tell you the story of my sword, Lucky, and how this noble sword came to have such a name." I say. I wave at the server to get me another drink, and as I await a refill of mead, I continue. "Some of us are born lucky, some are born unlucky. Most of us are complete nobodies who have no luck at all other than the luck we make. All sword dancers of my school make our own swords, and imbue them with our own power. I made my own luck, and here it is." I pat the sheath. After all, it is rude to draw a sword in a tavern other than in self defense.

      By the time I finish speaking, the drinks have arrived.

      "I am looking for a job. But there are some jobs that are beneath my honor. I will accept no job without knowing what the job is and will take no action that runs contrary to honor and justice. Maybe someone could use a little luck."


        Others arrive at my table one-by-one. A Sword Dancer, two Barbarians, and the Amazon who declines to tell us her profession. It seems none here know any of the others, so my fear of an ambush is assuaged, and if I read my fellows right, the warriors gathered here tonight are folk of noble intent. I think I might enjoy a good adventure with a crowd such as this.

        The old man bids us not fear him. I know well those words may as easily issue forth from a mouth which cannot be trusted as one which can. But this man is a familiar of ravens--birds I consort with myself. His fellowship with my friends makes me inclined to trust him, and he's done nothing yet but offer food and drink in exchange for a story.

        The food--a hearty, crusty bread, baked fresh today, and an aged cheese, strong and hard--I accept with thanks. The ale I pass on. (It's far too easy to poison a drink, and spirits dull my mind and impede my ability to cast.) It has not escaped my attention that the old man has asked for our stories without offering one of his own. Trust is a two-edged sword, and brave (or perhaps foolhardy) is the one who wields it first. Only one thing is certain here: there is no possibility of adventure for one who will risk nothing. I decide to take up the sword of trust and hope my decision this night is a brave one.

        "Good sir," I say, "I thank you for this fine cheese and this most wonderful bread. I hope you will not take offense that I have passed on the drink--as a Mage, I need my head to be clear at all times.

        "You ask for my story: why I have left my home to join your quest. The truth is, I left my home a long time ago. I hail from a land of dragons where all is wondrous and magical. But what adventure is there to be had in a realm where one can have anything one wants, simply by wishing it?

        "I prefer to make my home amongst the humans, where good folk such as these gathered here work hard to better themselves and their world. Though magic is not as strong in this realm as it was in my homeland, I still possess the power within me and have worked hard to learn the ways of magic here. I seek always to expand my grimoire and strengthen my skills for spell-casting and energy guidance. If your quest is true, I should like to join it and lend what help I may to the cause."


          I arrive at the Old-man's Inn as well and sit myself next to the friendly racoon twinkletoes, we have some food to share and are eager to help out whenever help is needed.


            Thanks my friends. I see that you mean me no harm and moreover that you are capable of what lies in front of you. I will tell you as much about your quest as I dare at the moment. Your quest is to help me save a person which I protect almost all my life and which is very dear to me. I can't give you more details about it now because if it would be known that my client's life is in danger the enemy would strike imediately. And the enemy has eyes everywhere. That is why we had to meet in the middle of nowhere.
            I beg you please help me, and to show you my good will I give each of you 2 gold coins, but this is nothing compared to what waits in the end.
            As I said before you all seem capable but don't get me wrong - there is much you still have to learn. I made arrangements for you on your way to improve your skills.
            I hope this suffices for now.
            If you are with me then leave now and head for the Watch's outpost. It is only 20 clics away from here (1 clic = 1 travel point from Age of Pandora with the same rules as in AoP).
            You will face your first encounter half way, so stop after 10 clics and report that you arrived. The story continues when you all arrived.


              High Knees OR March Steps OR Walking OR Running...


                Originally posted by BatOutOfHell View Post
                High Knees OR March Steps OR Walking OR Running...


                  I quickly stand and bow my head "Thank you sir". I look around to see all the others standing as well and I smile.. "Let's go..."


                    All others are leaving, I quickly grab my bag filled with delicious muffins and other nutritious foods to quickly get to that meeting point. Still not sure if my little legs will be able to take me there, but I have to try. I don't want to be left behind.


                      Farewell and may we all arrive after a safe journey.


                        Here I am.


                          I am here as well, sitting down to have a quick meal to wait for the others


                            (ooc: sorry I missed my introduction as I was traveling in real life, I will include it here)

                            As not to be rude as this old man did buy us dinner I will let him know more about me.

                            While I am a Barbarian at heart my mind and soul is that of a berserker. As such I seek absolutes: absolute chaos or absolute peace. Absolute chaos can be found in battle. Release the mind into the fray and let the body and weapon become one. There are two possible outcomes of battle, a warrior's death or fame and money. Death brings perfect peace and money brings the opportunity to seek out peace.

                            For me this is a win/win situation and if it comes with more free food and ale how can I say no.

                            .................................................. .......................

                            Arrived at midway point


                              I am here at the midway point, my sword is on your side.


                                To save a life is a noble quest indeed. I thank the old man. Then I depart with the others in my new party.

                                I begin the journey marching at a brisk pace to warm up [50 march steps] then I pick up my knees and my pace [150 high knees] to quickly reach the agreed upon rendezvous.

                                Half way to the watch's outpost I spot the little devilkin. It somehow travelled here faster than me, in spite of its short legs, and now sits on the ground, eating muffins. The two Barbarians and the Sword Dancer are here too, waiting.

                                I call to a raven and bid it send word back to the old man of our progress.