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    Darebee Community RPG [unofficial]

    This is a thread which has been discussed for quite some time now and which I wanted to start finally. The idea behind it is to start an RPG for a small group (max. 5 participants) similar to a table top RPG but using the ressources the draebee site provides. It is no guided program as done by the team! But the rules (will be revealed while the team progresses) can be used to spice up the darebee workshops if you are hosting one.
    Feel free to comment and in the beginning to join as long as there is still space in the team or start your own quest.
    If you want to join I would expect you to be active and to be willing to do darebee workouts (rather than doing only a certain type of exercise as in the community quest). I will try adjust the difficulty to your current level and full workouts are not mandatory. Most of the time the number of sets counts and every set helps.


    Each participant can pick a class which is linked to a certain type of workouts. At a later stage it will be possible to combine classes if desired. The classes are:
    Mage = yoga/flexibility (the spells have to be executed by channeling the energy with the correct stances)
    Barbarian = strength (obviously)
    Sword dancer = HIIT (quick powerful attacks and periods of preparing the attack)
    Monk = combat (punches and kicks - Shaolin style)
    Scout = Cardio (run around, map the land, send some arrows)

    The available workouts depend on the type of fight:
    Each player can only use the class specific workouts for the class(es) he or she choose.

    The difficulty of a fight depends on two factors of the enemy a) the challenge rating and b) the hit points of the enemy. The hit points are given in number of sets and the challenge rating is given as a roman number.

    The challenge rating of an enemy determines how efficiently the players can attack. A higher rating requires higher workout difficulties or the executed sets do not count fully.
    To calculate the effective number of sets the challenge rating of the enemy is compared to the difficulty level of the executed workout. For the latter the players level come into play. The level of the player is also the maximum value of the workouts difficulty (Hint: the idea behind it is that the player has to train befor he or she can use workouts with a difficulty of 3 or higher as those represent more advanced spells or attacks. However if the player wants to use a higher difficulty workout at a lower experience level this is allowed but then the rating for the effectiveness is reduced to the player's level, meaning he can cast the spell but not to the full potential).
    The following list gives the factor for the workouts efficiency:

    workout difficulty - challenge rating | <=-5 | -4 .| -3 ..| -2 ..| -1 ..| 0 | 1 ...| 2 | 3 | 4 | >=5 |
    efficiency factor ----------------------- | 1/10 | 1/5 | 1/4 | 1/3 | 1/2 | 1 | 1,5 | 2 | 4 | 6 | 10 ...|

    some examples:
    challenge rating = II, workout difficulty = II, Hit Points = 10 sets --> each set count 1 --> required sets to be executed 10
    challenge rating = II, workout difficulty = I, Hit Points = 10 sets --> each set count 0,5 --> required sets to be executed 20
    challenge rating = I, workout difficulty = II, Hit Points = 10 sets --> each set count 1,5 --> required sets to be executed 7
    challenge rating = III, workout difficulty = III (but player level II), Hit Points = 10 sets --> each set count 0,5 --> required sets to be executed 20

    Named Workouts
    Some enemies require a certain workout to be executed. In this case the class constraint is not mandatory, so everybody can execute this workout with an efficiency factor of 1. Equipment boosts do not apply here. If you do not feel like doing this workout you can choose to support your comrades with one of your accessible class workouts.
    Support allows to add boosts similar to when the difference of the workout difficulty to the challenge rating is calculated. The supporter names a player and the workout difficulty of the supporting workouts. Only the supporting workout difficulty level is relevant (so no equipment boosts) and is the value of the top line of the list above. Each supporting set of one player can only boost one set of a comrade (meaning the effect is only temporary) but two supporters can support the same player.
    NPCs can also choose to support the enemy against a to-be-named player. In this case the supporting workout difficulty is used as the negative value. NPCs only support with a maximum difficulty of III even if higher difficulty workouts are executed.
    If the named player does not execute all sets for which he received support (or hindrance) in the fight the support has no effect. Ideally the naming happens before the main workout is executed.

    Level up
    To level up the player have to execute class specific workouts with the difficulty of the new class and gain three execution Levels. This is either one workout to the execution level III or one workout to Lv II plus one to Lv I or three workouts to Lv I.
    The players can learn new classes as well but only Level by Level starting at I.

    Equipment can boost the workout difficulty for the efficiency list. The first item is a pointy hat which boosts all yoga workouts by +1. This means that a Lv II workout counts as Lv III when the efficiency factor is calculated. So when fighting a Lv III challenge rating monster Lv II yoga workout sets count fully.
    The boost is applied after the character level constraint!
    When wearing equipment please apply logic and don't wear two pair of shoes etc.

    If anybody wants to start his own quest with this set of rules please tag me so I can read your stories.

    My time in this world is running out. I need to hurry and send my ravens to find some brave enough fools to help me with my endeavour.
    "put this note on all taverns, brothels and Inns you can find. Be quick!"
    The note reads:
    "If you are brave and strong and daring meet me in the Old-Man's-Inn in Highton. Fame and gold are waiting, death and danger are only optional."


      Tagging some bees who already mentioned that they want to join.
      The DADernaught!, Azercord, thepresident, Rainbow Dragon,

      Tagging some more who might be interrested:
      Albino Rhino, Katia, AceofSwords

      Last but not least tagging twinkletoes and Teufelchen. You two would make great participants but I already have some side quests where I would like to use you as NPCs. If you would be willing to do this it would be much appreciated. If you want to join the team, that's cool as well.


        Originally posted by BraesiA View Post
        Last but not least tagging twinkletoes and Teufelchen. You two would make great participants but I already have some side quests where I would like to use you as NPCs.
        You've written a thieving, never full raccoon into your story? At your service, dear sir.


          Hum what is this?
          Originally posted by BraesiA View Post
          "If you are brave and strong and daring meet me in the Old-Man's-Inn in Highton. Fame and gold are waiting, death and danger are only optional."
          Fame and gold? It's my call.
          Hey innkeeper, where can I meet this man?
          As a brave and strong amazon warrior I can be helpful, if there's still a vacancy in his team.


            Fame and gold are waiting,
            Hmm... This looks promising. Goodness knows I need some more gold. And if I was famous for my expert spell-casting abilities, my services would be in high demand, and the gold would continue to flow.

            ...death and danger are only optional.
            Well, danger lurks everywhere--and no doubt will increase with my fame. (There's as many people out to murder a good mage as hire one.) Death is a risk we all face every day. The only certainty is that one day the Reaper will come for us all. Might as well go down swinging, right?

            If you are brave and strong and daring...
            Check, check, and check.

   me in the Old-Man's-Inn in Highton.
            I know the place. And this note was pinned here by a raven.--I saw it with mine own eyes!--Ravens have long been familiars of mine, but I know of no others in these parts who converse with my dark feathered kin. (Unless one counts the rumours that Odin has returned, but I've seen no evidence yet to support this claim.)

            This could be a trap, of course. There's many a fool who will follow the promise of fame and fortune to their own demise. But the ravens... I must know who has commanded them. Even if the note is a ruse, I must discover the hand that penned it. I shall take care. I shall ride the shadows and, under cover of darkness, approach the Old Man's Inn. If an enemy awaits me there, I shall uncover its nature. But if I discover a noble quest in Highton, I shall convince the others that gather there to admit me to their ranks. Every team needs a good mage, and I am eager for adventure.


              As I am sitting down trying to relax a noisy crow lands next to me and is starting to become a bother. As I prepare a smash the bothersome creature I realize my mistake and quickly apologize to the raven for calling him by the name of his cousin.

              Upon closer examination I noticed the note it is carrying and decided to take a peek for myself.... Fame and fortune and all I risk is a warrior's death, I can do that. I'd better destroy this note before it makes it to the tavern.

              "Thank you Brother Raven, I will take on your master's quest"

              I pick up Akaal (my Warhammer) and set off for Highton....

              (Barbarian enters the fray)


                In Highton, of course. Apologies sir. I got distracted by my brother's squire's message of my niece's birth. She too will grow up to be a great warrior princess like her aunt.
                I must stop at my brother's on my way to Highton. I'll arrive at the Old-Man's-Inn before sundown.


                  When you enter the Inn the keeper justs nods to the table in the corner and grunts “wait there, eat drink paid!“ and continues to clean the mugs.


                    The Old Man's Inn is doing good business tonight. But the table the innkeeper directs me to is in a darkened corner. It's exactly the sort of table one chooses for conducting private business out in the open. You could murder a person at this table, then casually blend into the crowd, and no one would notice the corpse until the inn's guests had retreated to their rooms, the locals gone home for the night, and the servants stumbled over the body while sweeping the floor. On the other hand, a darkened corner provides the perfect vantage point for watching the rest of the room, observing all others who come and go from this place. I nod to the innkeeper and take a seat, my back to the corner and my eyes on the room.


                      My sword at my side, ready to draw at the first sign of betrayal, I size up the people eating and drinking at the table. (yes, I know, weapons drawn at taverns is a big no-no. I won't actually draw the sword if I don't have to, but I am never to be parted from my sword, Lucky.) I make my way through the crowded inn toward the table and join those already there.

                      (Sword Dancer at your service)


                        I've finally made it to the Old-Man's-Inn and the bartender pointed men over towards a table in the corner. There are already a couple people sitting at the table and I'm beginning to wonder just how may of these ravens went flying about. Oh well, enough worrying about that, someone mentioned free food and drink and it looks like I'm got some time to kill.

                        I pull up a chair to the table and introduce myself and order a round for the table -Hey just because I'm not paying doesn't mean I'm not a gentleman-

                        -A sword dancer and a mage, good balance for Akaal as long as they don't step in his way.-

                        "So...what brings y'all to this far corner of the inn?"


                          Upon arrival and after the free drink and eat warrant is issued by the landlord the Bat decides to securely sheath the Katana for the moment and join the gathering.

                          "Hey, brave people, a fortune may well be worth the risk, but let us listen first to the tales that will be told here tonight ....
                          ....and, be prepared to have a humble (hemhem) Barbarian at your side"


                            Out of the corner of your eyes you see the shadow of a raven, but when you turn you only see an old man approaching your table. He bends low and says “Don't be afraid my friends, I thank you for answering my call.“ He sits at your side and continues “I see suspicion in your eyes. This is wise but unnecessary I assure you. Before we go on our quest I would like to hear your story. Why did you leave your home to help me - after all how should I know that I can trust you?“ Especially from you Katia my dear I would like to know which profession you choose. You are a strong warrior with many abilities no doubt, but are you a scout, a monk, a sword dancer or a babarian? Please excuse an old man for asking simple questions.“


                              Well, old men asking silly questions are to be kept in mind, right?

                              Then, there is trust and danger, old man BraesiA.
                              We can either trust in what we have been told so far or we can trust in the stories being told next, right?

                              Mine is rather short. All bats in my cave being at ease at the moment (2 adolescent bats among them....) I feel like I could do with additional quests :-)

                              Witth weights being lifted and swords being yielded recently, I feel ready.