100 pull-ups by the end of the year challenge

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    50 in different sets

    Now I can join the 100pull-ups by the end of the year challenge. 3days to go.


      Originally posted by inbetween View Post
      Time for another wrap-up!

      As the first half of the year ends, I realized I have a new challenge for myself, and maybe others?

      I hit the rep count set for this challenge (100) several days ago.

      I am now at 140 pull-ups in total, the last 15 reps done today (on rings): 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 reps.

      Which means that, YES!, my pull-up reps are slowly increasing! And maybe even not that slowly (newbie gains?). I did my my first real pull-ups a little bit more that 1.5 months ago and in that time I went from barely being able to do 1 full ROM pull-up to doing 3-4 solid reps.

      So, my next challenge is to hit 1000 pull-ups by the end of the year Will I make it? I am starting tomorrow, but not from 0, those 140 pull-ups I did so far are too precious to me haha So I am counting them in.

      Anyone else in for the challenge?
      I never expected this, but it happened: I did 1400 pull-ups in slightly less than 7 months. I hit 1000 by mid November, so I crushed those 400 last reps in 1.5 months (and 550 reps in 2 months: 270 in November and 280 in December).

      Very happy about having worked my way up to this exercise. It wasn't easy but definitely worth the effort.

      Moving on to the thread with goals for 2019

      I will probably ditch the idea of OA pull-up, not my level yet so it's better to focus on things more in sight.

      Since counting reps has really helped me push myself and work consistently on my goals, I will try to reach at least 3600 pull-ups in 2019. 300 reps per month, in the past 2 months I have almost reached this number so it should be doable I guess? And even if not, it's always good to aim high.

      I hope you'll be closing 2018 well and entering 2019 full of hope and new plans. Never never never give up!!!


        inbetween Congrats you did very good.

        Going for a big number sounds good to me, wise choice.
        You got this. Be prepared to get some rest weeks. Your arms will need recovery time.


          yesterday: 15
          today: 75

          1 day and 10 pull-ups left.


            I am done!
            4036 pull-ups in 2018

            See you at Pull Up Progress 2019


              I AM IN!!!! Let’s show them how it’s done!!!


                Originally posted by Joshua19 View Post
                I AM IN!!!! Let’s show them how it’s done!!!
                Hey Joshua19, come on over, the work gets done at Pull Up Progress 2019 now.