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300 push-ups, 300 bicep curls a day

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    Redline I'm giving up after day 1 my back, shoulders and elbows are so sore.


      Redline , TheRaven , neilarey
      Thanks for keeping this challenge open!

      Day 9 of 10 is done. This is the peak day for me because I don't have as much time to play around tomorrow.

      300 push ups with 20 lb weight vest
      300 bicep curls with 26.5 lb dumbbells
      (Tomorrow, 22.5# and no vest)

      Click image for larger version

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        Shikari you are such a beast, epic job!!!!


          Thanks, kandy , HellYeah , Sundance , neilarey , Bender B. Rodriguez , Fremen . This was a fun challenge. Today, it is complete.

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            Congrats Shikari great job


              Any changes you'd like to report?


                I'd love to try this challenge, but I'd definitely have to lower the weight of my normal curls. I usually do 25lbs with 10 reps per arm before I get exhausted. You think maybe 10lbs or 15lbs would be good?

                Also in terms of push-ups, I can usually do ~70 before I get tired (50 minimum), so I would probably split them into 6 sets.


                  ​@Redline , some changes, yes. It takes me longer to warm up when I'm doing sets of push ups. That's pretty common. I didn't get as sore as I thought I would.

                  But once I am warmed up, it's mentally easier to confront what seems like an enormous #s of exercises.

                  My arms feel a bit weaker than they did at the start of the challenge. That's about right for heavy duty training without recovery time. But that will be better in a few weeks.

                  I could continue the challenge another 10 days, but I would stick to 10 reps every minute on the minute. Even the smallest strokes eventually fell the tallest oaks.

                  Bender B. Rodriguez , give it a try! You can knock out the push ups easy. Do 3 sets of 50, take a break, then knock out the other sets. You've got this.

                  I did the same with the curls as neilarey .I did 150 curls per arm, alternating curls.

                  For the biceps curls, I backed the weight off for the first few days, until I was doing 15-20 or so curls per arm per minute. Then I increased the weight and decreased the reps as I felt ready. I eventually did pretty heavy curls in sets of 6 to 9 per arm for however many sets it took.

                  It really only takes determination. I think this challenge is about mental strength and endurance, not just physical strength.