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Push ups and countless possiblilities

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    Push ups and countless possiblilities

    Since push ups are a great foundation for a lot of other excercises, and they are fun to do when you notice your making progres it's good to know that there excist 'countless' possibilities to do variations of the movement. Some will be harder than the basic push up, and every variation will target/focus more on different parts of your body. To work your way up to a basic push up read:

    Easy ways to make your push up harder is to perform it slower (more isometric) and to perfom it with less contact points or to make those contact points instable by placing your hands on an excercise dome or a ball. So your body has to work harder with balancing itself.

    I'll try to keep this topic as updated as it can be, if you know a variation which we didn't name here, post it and i'll add it to the list.

    We'll try to categorize the push ups in level I, II and III (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

    Level I
    - Wall push ups
    Easier than a basic push up, by doing it against a wall you reduce the weight.

    - Incline push ups
    Placing your hands on a table, bench etc. so your upper body is elevated. Reduces the weight a littile, but less if you compare it to wall push ups.

    - Knee push ups
    Instead of supporting on your feet and hands you support your body weight on your knees and hands. Important to keep your body in a straight line.

    - Basic push up
    As you all know it great foundation for your overall fitness!

    - Tapping push ups
    Do a basic push up, if your up tap your shoulder/hand. This makes the excercise more isometric and improves your balance.

    - T push ups
    After doing a push up, point one of your hands to the sky. Do another push up and point to the sky with your other hand. This variation will target your obliques and shoulders more than a basic push up. You can make it even heavier by push up on dumbells and bringing the dumbell up.

    - Arm raise/thigh tap push ups
    Push up followed by a thigh tap or a arm raise (raise your arm in front of you so it makes a straight line with your upper body). Improves stability and will make it more isometric.

    - Scorpion/leg raised push up
    While pushing up bring your leg up, switch legs when doing the second push up.

    - Push up on dumbells
    Push up while on dumbells, allows you to get deeper, will hit more triceps.

    Level II
    - Knuckle push ups
    Push up on the knuckles, know to all martial artists here probably.

    - Plyo/power push up
    explosive push up, get your hands of the ground for a while. Harder if you clap your hands or tap your chest.

    - Staggered push ups
    One of your hands is placed more forward than the other, don't forget to practice it with both hands.

    - Slow negative push ups
    Go down slowly in about 5-7 seconds and get up fast.

    - Cross body push ups
    Bring down your leg under your body, other than in the video you could twist your upperbody more and perform it with a bend or straight leg.

    - Outside leg kick
    Like the cross body, you kick with one of your feet under your body.

    - Side to side push ups
    Slightly wider hand placement, push up to right or left side.

    - Push up + row
    Push ups on dumbels, add a back row after push up.

    - Spider man push ups
    While pushing up bring one of your knees forward

    - Reversed/pseudo plance push up
    Turn around your hand 180 degrees so your fingers point to your feet.

    - Alligator push up
    Push up, when up do two small steps forward on your toes.

    - Dragon walk push up

    - Diamond push up
    Place your hands against eachother, works your triceps and inner chest even harder.

    - Wide push up
    Wide hand placement, you'll hit your outside chest more.

    - Tiger push ups

    - Elevated push ups
    Place your foot on a bench, or something higher than the ground. The higher the more it works your shoulders. You could also place them on an aerobics ball for extra instability.

    - Pike push up
    Works the shoulders

    - Side to side push ups

    - Isometric push up
    When your down hold for 3-7 seconds and get up, don't rest on the ground!

    - Hindu push up

    - Medicine ball push up
    Push up with one hand on a medcine ball, when in plank position roll the ball to your other hand and perform the next.

    - Wall asisted hand stand push up
    Handstand against a wall, push up.

    - Instable push up
    Perform push ups with your feet or hands on an excercise dome. Picture shows one hand, you could do it with two 'sky is the limit '

    - Fingertip push up
    Push ups on the fingertips

    - Weighted push ups
    Add weight with a vest, a partner lying on you or some loose weights.

    - Push ups with a resistance band
    Use a resistance band to make it harder for yourself to push up.

    - Push ups on suspension strap
    You could also place your foots in the strap, make it high lower or higher.

    - Both feet on kettlebell or medicin ball
    Balance is a lot harder.

    - Spartan push ups
    Staggered but explosive

    Level III
    - Typewriter push ups
    You can also perform this on round dumbells, just roll one of the dumbells away from you and get it back.

    - Handstand push up
    Push up while in handstand, requires crazy balance

    - Clapping push up/muay thai push ups
    Clap after pushing up, next level clap behind the back.
    Explosive push up

    - Double and triple clap push up
    Clap in front of you than after your back and if you can clap again.

    - Aztek push up

    - Superman push up

    - One arm push up
    Push up on one hand

    - Jack lalanne push up

    - Crucifix push ups

    - Plance push up
    Can also be perfomed on fingertips and dumbells

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    Thanks for this guide!
    Level 3 is really impressive!!!


      Facta_non_Verba these are fantastic! thank you very much!


        where I come from they call the Hindu push ups "dive bombers"


          Nice! There are many of these that I didn't know!
          Spartan push ups are missing though :


            Thx Dafur they look like staggered but more explosive


              Check it out!