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    Damer Thanks for your very explanatory answer!


      A question inspired by the answers you gave in this thread: my goal is to keep improving my overall fitness level and re-start losing weight. I've been doing Darebee programs for 1.5 years now and I feel my overall fitness has improved considerably! So first of all thanks for that! One of the guides talks about the benefits of training twice a day, morning and evening. How does this go together with not combining programs for best results? There are only some programs that have part 1 and part 2 which I suppose could be split between morning and evening.
      Would following two programs be ok if one was for example cardio focused in the morning (like Total Burn), and one focused on strength for the evening? But in that case, how to best do a general fitness program like the Olympian for example? Could it be done in the evening instead of a pure strength program?



        thanks Damer !! it clarifies all!


          Anek these are all great questions. They give us the opportunity to revisit what exercise does and how we lose weight. This works at many different levels. The very obvious one is the classic energy in/energy out. This is true to a small extent. If we eat more than we burn it accumulates in our body as fast storage. But as our article on metabolism makes clear, the base metabolic rate we experience does not fluctuate with age and remains fairly steady throughout our life with very small changes due to exercise. So exercise, really, is simply a way to regulate the body's expenditure of energy and when we expend energy because of exercise we benefit not just from the energy we have spent but also from the additional cellular, neurochemical and biological changes that take place as part of the adaptations we trigger. Our article on weight loss shows that losing weight has to be a long-term goal that helps us become more active and fitter and it is the increased level of activity and fitness we experience that then affects the way our body handles food.

          Obviously, we also have to make better food choices, not necessarily be becoming obsessed with counting every calorie or macronutrient but be becoming, overall, more conscious of the food we choose to eat and its effects.

          So, all this now brings us to your direct question: how to train twice a day and benefit the most from this activity. When the goal of increased physical exercise is short term (like, let's say training for a race) we can put up with any amount of discomfort because we know it is temporary. So fatigue, hunger etc are easy to overlook short-term. When, however, we have a long term goal like getting fitter, losing a little weight and feeling in more control of our body the calculus changes. We have to do all this in a way that allows us to feel good which exactly what our guide is stressing. As I already mentioned if you do two programs together the chances are that there will be some conflict between them that will undo a little of their specific aim, overall however you will increase endurance and feel fitter regardless because obviously the two programs done concurrently will load your body more than one does. So, my answer to whether you should do something like this in this instance is do it, but listen to your body so you don't get overtired and become discouraged and stop, which would defeat the aim you are trying to achieve.

          You would have more control if you did a program and a workout, doing one in the morning and one in the evening. That way you can pick the workout depending on how you feel and still be able to follow the program which is way more prescriptive.

          Olympian, like every other program we release is best done on its own, whenever you feel like it. With maybe an add-on program if you feel the need for extra activity or an additional workout later in the day.

          I hope I have answered all your questions.


            Thanks Damer! Makes sense. I take it that one should consider if the feel-good effect of doing two programs per day is higher than the benefit-undoing conflict of doing two programs per day, then overall it's fine.


              Guys you have been awesome as always. I am going to lock this thread now. You can get back to it at any time if you want to refresh your mind on what we covered or you can point other people to it when you come across their questions and you feel they will benefit from it. I will see you soon enough as Total Warrior is undergoing final trials. Stay safe and strive to be awesome!