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Fitness Log Template / Feedback Needed

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    Fitness Log Template / Feedback Needed

    Hi everyone!
    We created a printable fitness log and we would love to hear your feedback on it!
    Please let us know if this is something you find useful, which elements you like and which ones - not so much. What would you add or remove and why.
    Thank you so much in advance!

    Click image for larger version

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    P.S. Once we finalize it, we'll create the download file.

    Very nice I really like the look of this. Is it going to be on pdf only?

    The only thing I think I'd change is the heart drawing to a BPM slot for tracking your heart beat during cardiovascular exercise.


      I personally would like a word version too so I can track my progress on my pc


        I love it!

        Just realized my suggestion doesn't really fit into the "100 days of change" theme, but I still leave it here, maybe you can use it: Personally I'd like some kind of monthly overview tracker similar to the daily dare tracker, but with bigger fields so one can either just cross the days of or write something in it. Maybe you could make it a 31 day tracker with an empty "month field". I've used calendars for this in past but having a Darebee themed one would be cool. Something about seeing the workouts done/planed over one month gives an additional sense of accomplishment/sense of control then daily tracking for me.


          neilarey, this is very cool;

          Rissa, i really like your idea!


            I have only one thing to say
            I can't wait for the final version!


              This looks great! I agree having a spot to put BPM would be good, but that could even be the heart if it's large enough (it's a bit hard to tell from the thumbnail). Otherwise, I just looked over it a few times and couldn't think of anything else I would add.


                Wow, that looks cool! Maybe add tracking steps and km/mi?


                  Looks good


                    Reminds me of something years back... Love it


                      I liked it, it is clean and easy to understand... I've never thought about muscle measurement, I'm not sure if it could help the motivation or not... but the muscles worked is awesome!!

                      I'm not sure if it could be used as a model for our online logs, but definitely it gives me some ideas how improve my logs


                        It looks very detailed but easy to follow.


                          I am a noob to darebee, but this looks great!

                          Thank you for all your hard work, the darebee team are legends


                            Great idea. I think it’s highly useful. Thank you for asking feedbacks. It’s already in good shape but here are what I would change/add:

                            1st page: A place for Daily dare with extra credit. This can be done by simply adding another similar page. Or maybe divide the square in two parts (like upper part for DD / lower part for EC). I think it would be more consistent with the web-site as the actual tracker also offer counting for EC.

                            2nd page: I believe the mood needs 5 options. In the current version, it says if I’m not happy , I should choose sad. (Well, it doesn’t look like sad but since it’s below the average I feel it represents sad. I won’t fell bad to chose this option if it would be in the 3rd place. But in the 2nd place I would feel like it’s a bad day. And there is no neutral option.

                            3rd page: The sleep time is good idea. It’s important but its timing and quality are also important. (I know Darebee team is aware of this as there is a challenge for it). Something like might be included sleep time (starts/ ends). Or maybe a rating similar to “rate the day” can be add. But this suggestion requires the reorganization the page and it might disturb the symmetry of the page. Of course, the users can simply put those info in the notes, if they want.

                            4-5th page: I know this is me being obsessive, still I will write it. In the measurement pages, I would prefer left arm / right arm in the same line as they have a common line. Of course similarly for thighs and calfs. (Or maybe add another line but then it might be crowded.)


                              Looks great! I have had trouble keeping a log bc I haven't found one I liked. This has all the elements I'd want in clean, organized template. I ran it by my daughter as well. She keeps a log, not so much for workouts but overall mental health, ie things she eats can drastically affect sleep, or if she worked out or not can change the next days anxiety levels. She said this would work well for that.

                              Don't know if this would be a useful Add or just something someone could put in the Notes section on their own.

                              Outside time