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    I just hit Chapter 3 (loving it by the way, good work Darebee Team!), and I see that I'm supposed to charge two spells. Does this mean charging the spells over two separate days, doing both workouts in one day, or either one depending on my fitness/energy level? I'm guessing its the last one, giving the option to play in Hard Mode, but the workout should be fine if I only do one a day, right?

    As an old timey D&D player, I'm definitely liking this program concept and would love to see what an open world version of it would be like. Count me in!


      kandy However you like. If you are going along with the story as presented, then in Chapter 1, you don't know any other spells yet.


        Originally posted by neilarey View Post
        Hi everyone
        Yes, you've already figured things out. We wanted to create something everyone can follow, even if you are not into RPG so for the seamless experience (when you already have all the spells you need to progress) you can just follow the story and only do the required spells. You only roll for probability when it's indicated BUT if you want to, you can roll every time. We did that, too, during testing - it's a lot harder but it's more fun. Think of it as difficulty levels:

        Easy Mode = no probability factor;
        Normal Mode = roll for probability when indicated;
        Hard Mode = roll for probability every time you cast.

        If you are playing on Hard, make sure you have extra spells charged up and not only the ones required.

        We also tried playing the story in Free Will Mode so you can do that, too. You can use spells you feel will work in particular situations regardless of what is required. You have a little bit of that when you are asked to use an attack or a defense spell, for example (you choose which spell to use). It's an advanced way of playing, though.

        I can also confirm that we have already thought of a sequel to Spellbound with an open world and a map. It's something we are currently testing but we also want to see the kind of feedback we receive on the Spellbound, The Story. We want to see if it's something you like, enjoy doing and if you want more of the spell-casting in your life

        Oh and yes, you use two 6-sided dice. I believe a couple of people used D&D dice but they had their own fail/success systems. You can do so also.

        I hope this makes sense and helps. Please let us know what you think of the spell-system, the story and whether you have fun or not. This will decide whether we'll allocate resources to developing this more in the future.

        Wow! Just wow!
        You can develop an entire mobile fitness game app with this.


          dontmindlosing I think you should stick by how to have fun, within the basic design of the program. If you like to start over if you're 'game over', you should do that.

          I personally are with kandy . You found a whole spell book after all. It's just about having fun exercising, it's not that serious (if you charge the silent spell, you have to do 5 sets of a couple dozen lunges, that's not very silent or invisible eather, so you'll be discovered before you charged the spell, so luckily it's not real)


            LongSlowBurn its options B. You can do one workout a day or multiple workouts in a day. One chapter a day or 2. This is one of those programs that you take the journey how you want, more so than a structured program with rest days built in.


              Thanks for a great new programme, Darebee Team!


                This looks like a very entertaining program.


                  Me when Chapter 2 says the book has my name on the cover:


                    neilarey when you are told to pick 2 workouts to store in chapter 5, then in chapter 6 your told to do a specific workout, what if you have that workout stored from chapter 5. Do I have to redo the spell and then cast it so I still have it saved. Or can I just used the already stored spell that was asked of me.


                      Hi Bbybear712 if you have the spell charged, you cast it and move on in the story. You don't need to do the workout again. That's the gamification part of the program, sometimes the odds are in your favor, sometimes they are not

                      I hope this helps!


                        Absolutely thank you neilarey


                          For some reason I've had the idea of doing this whole program in 5 days. Ignoring the fact that the die were not in my favor, as I've gotten 3 fails out if the I think 6 rolls the program prompted me to do, it was an emjoyable way to torture my body and train my mind. For a level 3 program that is designed to be done one chapter a day, with the exception of the days with multiple spell castings, I would call it too easy. It could use a dificulty scaling, such as lv 1 - 5 sets to charge, lv 2 - 7 sets to charge and lv 3 - 10 sets to charge a spell, or something along those lines.

                          As a feedback on the program, I very much like the DND idea of it, but as in DND, railroading isn't fun. Even a small amount of choice could make the whole experience more enjoyable. The text could also be improved by adding more to it. It seemd that i was flying throughout the world. Small paragraphs of description or non-plot dialogue would help with the immersion.
                          There were a lot of storytelling chiches, but at the end of the day everyone loves to slay the evil king, so that wasn't an issue. I actually enjoyed it very much that we got to see the dragon at the beginning of the story.

                          All in all, i would place it under Age of Pandora (my all time favorite fitness RPG), and Carbon and Dust, along the same level as zero hero.

                          That being said I did very much enjoy powrring through this on little more than sheer will alone, amd I would like to thank everyone at Darebee for the amazing content you have provoded us, now and along the years.
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                            Thank you for the feedback Aaron Jon Morgan It is very much appreciated!

                            Just a quick note:
                            Incredibly enough, the reason we cut the text (we had to actively shorten it) is because we keep getting negative feedback on the length of the chapters for our previous RPGs. I would like to hear more on that from others as well. Perhaps we should have kept it longer as in our previous programs but it's something we need more feedback on. Personally I would also like the story to be more involved but that's me, I have to go with the majority when we make these decisions.

                            Thanks again


                              neilarey I loved the text from previous rpg programs. I'm 7 chapters in and I agree I wish there was more text and world building as well. This is not bad that theres less, because I'm still enjoying the story and the workouts and structure. Just I Know I would have enjoyed more story. my husband feels the same way. He likes it but he wishes there was more story.


                                Im up to chapter 7 and so far am loving this new program! The idea of "charging spells" is really great, and makes this an interesting and versatile program! Thanks darebee team!