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    If anyone is interested, my Pilates instructor did a 12 Days of Christmas Circuit for standing and floor Pilates moves.

    The 12 Days of Christmas Pilates

    Per the song, do each exercise for the start of each verse and work backwards through the days. Surprisingly good fun.

    The Standing Set

    1 Roll Down
    2 Side Bends (Each side)
    3 Second Tip Toe Hold
    4 Deep Squats
    5 Mountain Climbers
    6 Wide Squats with Heel Lifts at the bottom of the squats
    7 Lunges
    8 One second leg holds (Stand on one leg with the other raised engaging your core)
    9 seconds Hip Flexor stretch (Alternate each time)
    10 Cossack Squats
    11Seconds Running on the Spot
    12 Arm Circles in each direction

    The Floor Set

    1 Shoulder Bridge
    2 Sit Ups
    3 Leg Scissors
    4 Table Top Hip Wipers
    5 Second Glute Stretch (Each Side)
    6 Table Top Leg Raises (3 each side)
    7 Knee to Elbow Crunches
    8 Pilates Breaths (Or do 100's for 8 seconds)
    9 Leg Circles (Each Leg and try to remember to alternate clockwise/anti-clockwise)
    10 Dead Bugs
    11Bicycle crunches
    12 Arm Circles (In each direction)