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Website Design Changes - June 2017

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    Well I'm looking to be the only one who's going to whine about the new design... I loved the black ribbon on the top. And I really miss it. The darker theme is the more I like it actually.
    I like the contrast of the old design, and now the site seems too sweet, fluffy and smooth for me. Where is my hardcore? Where has the sweaty-bloody-tearful part gone? Now it looks plain and dull like a newspaper or something like that.


      I really appreciate the consistency and how overall, the feel and theme of the site did not change that much. I agree that the darker tone had more of an edge, felt a little more motivating when I saw it open on my browser, I do kind of miss it - but idk, a little change is good to me personally, and the light colors do suggest more of a welcoming, more open feel...especially good for The Hive, if not the front page, where I expect things to be a bit more bold.
      All in all, you can't please everyone with a new design. But great innovation nonetheless, Darebee is Darebee whether light or dark.


        I've looked at the Home Page using Chrome, Firefox, and Apple's Safari. Registration is off with all three.
        I looked at the Daily Dare and there's a headless body "doing" Side Leg Raises.
        And the "New Releases" seems to be topless, as well.
        All three browsers. But ... not IE.
        That said ...
        I agree with those who like the old "bar". I can learn to deal.