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    Hey Klabautermann! Nice to meet you. When I did my mindfulness course, the teacher recommended books by Professor Williams very highly. I never got around to them, perhaps I will now!

    Because I need a bit of encouragement and structure in things like this I've started a Zen meditation programme.

    I'm doing it with this programme:

    Sadly, the site is no longer active I think, so not all of the functions work, but you can follow along with the course.

    I started yesterday and did a five minute sit.

    I'm going to record every day I meditate here and I wonder if anyone would like to join in as an accountability/encouragement group?

    If so, then:


    Have lovely days my friends. x


      Today I meditated.


        Originally posted by colinclean View Post
        Today I meditated.
        Hey, me too!

        How does everyone here meditate? I need a backrest, and sit up cross legged. I’ve heard of people meditating sitting up in straight-backed chairs.


          Meditated too, I think a four days streak (forgot to meditate Sunday , guess I was feeling still too hyper from the run, LOL).


            nice one, Jane! And nice one, PSW!

            I am experimenting. For most of the time I've sat in an upright chair, following the advice from HeadSpace and from the course I did.

            As part of this zen programme, I have bought a cushion. I did the kneeling posture with it that is discussed in this video:


              It's really important, for the sitting meditation, to try different chairs / cushions / adding eventually cushing or towel under your knees until you find the right posture. Good work, colinclean . I personally use a small meditation bench, and when not at home, play around with cushions.


                One of the reasons I would like to do yoga is so that I can eventually improve my meditation posture: even with a lot of cushions between my knees I find the front of my legs (quadriceps?) is very tight! I do really need to bring some flexibility work into my exercise regime - ideally yoga.

                Any tips gratefully received - I see I have to do a reclining hero pose this evening in back and core so that might help!


                  colinclean , can you get into Reclining warrior?


                    Hi Ann-Core! I don't know.

                    Do you mean reclining hero?

                    If so, no! Not by a long way - I've just tried. In fact, even hero pose is very uncomfortable.


                      Yeah, sorry, I meant Reclining hero (Supta Virasana). The picture is somewhat non-traditional, usually the knees are hip-width or together. Anyway, stay in a modified Hero pose (Virasana) for now (depending on skeletal variations, it's not possible for all people to do Supta Virasana or unmodified Virasana - myself included - and "going further" is not always a wise choice). Use a blanket under the knees for comfort, put a block/book under your sitbones/pelvis and maybe a second blanket/towel between the sitbones and calves or ankles. The point of this pose is to have a straight back (your personal neutral spine) so that you can channel a comfortable, proud hero, with his gaze and chest directed forward. Everything else fits around that and the posture should be modified until comfortable for a reasonable amount of time. Remember to breathe.

                      Here is Adriene's video (in case you haven't seen it), the first part explains the use of props for this pose quite well. Moving of the calf flesh is not necessary (and may not be wise, check for yourself).

                      In terms of tight thighs (jeeez, what a tongue-twister), sometimes the problem is tightness, sometimes lack of strength. You will have to figure that out for yourself.


                        I can check in and say:

                        I meditated today! (5 minute zazen sit)

                        And thank you, Ann-Core, that's a really useful video. I will be trying this out for a while. I have a good mat, the cushion goes between my knees as the support and I'm nearly there. I'm actually quite comfortable doing the pose. It's just getting out of it that hurts! Ha! I think I have minor issues with all of the joints in my legs - possibly the result of old soccer/football injuries, maybe just stiffness and age - and I'll keep working on them.

                        So, I think I'll probably alternate the kneeling pose with seated meditation and keep working on this sequence to improve my flexibility. There are some other things - hip opening - I can also add to this. I'm glad to have this, Ann, so thanks again, as I've just said on my thread that I want to do more yoga.



                          Very early morning, and after yoga.

                          I like that the Insight app shows people who are meditating around the same time!


                            Nice one, Jane!


                              Yoga will also help with breath awareness. Reclining hero pose is tough for me and I find stretching out my quads difficult.
                              I think I'm on d7 of my current meditation streak.
                              happy sitting Bees. OM


                                Om, Rathgar!