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A journey through the Age and lands of Pandora

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    A journey through the Age and lands of Pandora

    Welcome to my training log. Here is a shortish bio of who I am and why I train.

    About myself
    I am married to Mathilde and the proud father of two wonderful girls – Emma (9yr) and Emilie (14yr). I work as a senior legal advisor to the City Council of Copenhagen. I love to stay fit, read (mostly detective and crime novels and non-fictional books on subjects regarding international relations and history), play tabletop games (strategy and war games) with friends and to learn and challenge myself to new things.

    A major impact on our life has been our oldest daughter developing ptsd at the age of 8 because she was for the first two years in public elementary school bullied by a girl in her class and didn’t receive any help at school. Unfortunately, it also took me and my wife some time to understand what was at stake and how we could help our daughter in the best way possible. As we didn’t receive any help or cooperation from the school, my wife and I decided to have our daughter change school in second grade. Our daughter has had a hard time in school because of this. We haven’t had much help from the ‘system’ and we have had to figure out how to best help our daughter on our own. Luckily we have had support from family and friends and we have hired professionals to help us and our daughter along the way. We are on the right track and we have especially for the last 3 years experienced major progress. I have in the process learned much about myself. Darebee and the Hive has also had a huge impact helping me to tackle the stress, I have been under.

    The Hive
    For me one of the great things about Darebee, is the Hive which for me is a very special place. Everyday I get inspired by the work and stories of fellow bees. Everyone at the Hive are so nice, friendly and helpful. We are all on different journeys - our own journeys but luckily we have the support and motivation from our fellow bees and the Hive.

    Why I train
    I will allow myself to quote a fellow bee
    “Because I'm not getting any younger, and because it's always nice to be able at 40 to do things you wouldn't have dreamt of doing when you were 20. My children are a great source of motivation, and one of the main reasons why I want to be as fit and healthy as possible."

    This quote which is taken from the project also encapsulates why I train:

    "The way we see it, fitness is very much a personal quest that changes you inside and out. When you train you don’t just strengthen your body, you strengthen your resolve, forge a stronger, and a more capable you."
    My training regime
    In public school and high school, I was told that I wasn't good at gymnastics and sports. I began to believe in it and started to clown around when we had sports. It was first in my late teens and in my twenties I started to do sports on my own and found out that I was actually good at running, swimming, cycling, boxing, weightlifting etc. Still - 20 years out of high school I have this thing about gymnastics - its all in the mind but when I try to do cartwheels, handstands etc. I mentally back away. So for instance doing knee-high jumps for the Hood was like "Whoa, this is huge - I can actually do this stuff". It was a great mental boost and it was a huge step to break down this mental barrier.

    For years, I ran or lifted weights two or three times a week often interrupted with long breaks where I didn’t train at all. In 2015 I stumbled across Darebee by coincidence and this was a real game-changer for me. I began with Darebee workouts on lv 1 being totally knackered at the end of the workout. Back then, I didn't dream of doing two difficulty 4/5 workouts in a row with almost no rest time.

    Darebee has taught me how ineffective my previous training regime was compared to bodyweight training. The results and progression I have made since I became a proud member of Darebee still surprises me. But also the amount of time I have to invest to make this happen. Maybe it is age setting in…

    I have experienced the hard way that it is necessary to train consistently for a longer period of time to maintain my current level of fitness and progress. I am very fond of endurance training and I love those days where I go all in as you can see from my training log. Normally I plan my training a day ahead but make the necessary adjustments depending on how I feel on the day. Mostly I train in a school yard which is located right in front of the block we live in.

    I have taken some pictures along the way as a way to stay accountable and motivated.

    What strikes me the most is the pictures from April 2015. I thought I was in great shape then but it was obviously a case of self-deception when looking at the pictures from 2016 and 2017. A major game-changer has also been changing my diet as a result of following the NIP Diet (NIP 2017).

    The pictures reminds me of where I was when I first started out being a Darebee member and where this journey has taken me. It takes time and dedication to progress but most importantly don’t forget to have fun along the way.

    Who Dares, Wins!

    Current training program

    Here is a link to my current training program.

    Programs I have done (and finished)

    Here are some bookmarks to the programs I have done as well as to the NIP diet


    Gravity *** Hero’s Journey *** Total Abs *** Spartan Trials *** Age of Pandora Part I


    HiiT Advanced *** 300 Experiment (review) *** Boxer Week

    Cardio Trim Run *** Totals


    HiiT Advanced (review) *** Spartan Trials (review) *** Power Cardio (review) *** Hell Week

    Boxer Prime

    NIP Diet (a small report) NIP Diet (a final report)

    Happy training!
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    Monday, October 5

    AoP: Chapter 1-3
    DD: 40 Balance Taps
    WoD: 20 push-ups

    I chose to do chapter 1-3 just to get started
    AoP is an amazing program. It is really intense and inspirational!


      Tuesday, October 6

      No training today


        Wednesday, October 7

        AoP: Chapter 4 (lv3)
        DD: 3 Minute Elbow Plank

        I managed to continue my journey in the lands of Pandora eventhough I had another busy day


          Thursday, October 8

          No training today


            Friday, October 9

            Running/walking: 6,5 km


              Saturday, October 10

              AoP: Chapter 5 (lv2)
              DD: 60 Seconds Shaolin Plank
              WOD: Conan (push-ups done as Riddick) lv. 1
              3 sets 20 reps biceps curls (12 kg)
              3 sets/20 reps crunches done on a swiss ball
              3 sets/6 reps bench press (50kg)
              Running: 20 minutes of running

              I had a perfect start on the weekend. I woke up at 6am ready to hit the gym after a cup of coffee and a portion of oatmeal.

              I ran from home to work where we have a small gym. A perfect run through the silent streets of Copenhagen.

              At the gym I started with the WoD and then continued to the AoP. I ended my training session doing biceps curls, crunches and bench press - just because I felt on fire

              For me it was a perfect workout which released a lot of tension and stress.


                Awesome!!! I'm starting my Pandora adventure, actually. Maybe today or maybe tomorrow. Glad to see your off to a great start. Keep it up!


                  This is so awesome! Pandora needs heroes like you two Sundance and Hanna_ss15 . Good luck, and may The Force Be With You.


                    Hanna_ss15 and Elektra Thanks a lot for the encouragement :sensei:

                    Hanna_ss15 - Pandora is a great program but also a bit scary You have something to look forward to.

                    Elektra - You have shown the way :rabbit5:


                      Monday, October 12

                      AoP: Chapter 6
                      The Weekly Quest: 200 arm raises and 200 raised arm circles (with weights)
                      WOD: Riddick lv. 1 done as part of AoP
                      Running: 3.3 km (part I) and 3.6 km (part II) done as part of AoP
                      20 reps crunches done on a swiss ball
                      20 reps cross crunches done on a swiss ball
                      5 pull-ups

                      Another perfect day at the gym.

                      We have a treadmill at the gym which was perfect for todays AoP. So I started with a 3.3 km run (camp- Agora "Canis"- Bunker 201). At bunker 201 I did the Riddick workout level 1. I have to confess that I was still a bit sore and fatigued from Saturdays workout. So I had to take a few breaks and one or two of the push-ups were done on the knees After a job well done I ran 3.6 km and did 20 half jacks (Bunker 201- Agora "Canis"- Unnamed Forest). At the Unnamed Forest I did the 400 squat hold punches. These were done in combination with the weekly quest. 4 sets in total. 1 set: 100 squat hold punches/50 arm raises/50 raised arm circles.

                      I realised I couldn't get back to the camp or the Agora before nightfall so I decided to climb up in a high tree (5 pull-ups) so I could stay the night in the tree trying to get as much sleep as possible.

                      For future reference
                      Running part I: Average speed 9km/h; gradient 2.4%; total time: 22 min
                      Running part II: Average speed 10,7 km/h; gradient 2.2%; total time: 20:27 min
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                          Tuesday, October 13

                          DD: 60 Seconds Superman Hold
                          AoP (Day 4): Chapter 6 continued
                          1000 side-to-side backfists
                          85 Jumping Jacks done as part of AoP
                          The Weekly Quest: 300 arm raises and 300 raised arm circles (with weights)

                          I survived the night in the Unnamed Forest. In the morning I collected 100 honeybee hives (1000 side-to side backfists) before I headed back to the Agora "Canis" (85 Jumping Jacks) to collect my reward (scraps). I decided to buy a water bottle and some toilet paper. Toilet paper, you say. Yes, toilet paper. Maybe it was a desperate attempt to hold on to civilization as I once knew it.
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                            I'm on chapter 14 and I am super addicted to it!! Can't stop!


                              Love reading this. You guys are doing great!