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    Friday, June 23
    Walking throughout the day: 10.696 steps (9km) - goal: 10.485

    NIP: Day 26
    7.30am: 2 eggs - 11.00am: Yogurt with 3 slices of banana + 1 slice of melon - 3.30pm: Lamb + pointed cabbage (leftovers) - 5.30pm Protein Shake - 7.30pm: Sushi


      Saturday, June 24
      Boxer Prime Day 16 lv 2
      Power Punch Express

      NIP: Day 27
      6.40am: Breakfast (see photo) - 9.30: Protein Shake - 2.10pm: Lunch (see photo) - 6.00pm: Minced meat (chicken) with salad (see photo) - 10.00pm: Yogurt

      Boxer Prime: The 10 min of jump rope skipping was done in 5 sets of 2 min with a short break between each set. It was a first time I did 10 min of consecutive jump rope skipping. I managed to do 120 jumps every 60 sec. The 40sec Hold was really shaky and I lost my balance quite a few times For the last two sets, I had to let my raised hand rest on my thigh instead of having it raised in front of me to keep my balance.

      Power PunchI was fatigued after Boxer Prime as especially the jump rope skipping had taken its toll but as I still had some energy left and wanted to do some push ups I chose to do Power Punch. In every set I did different kinds of push-ups: Diamond + regular + wide + raised leg + staggered.

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        Sunday, June 25
        Random Workout Challenge: Sand Snake lv 3 with ec (no rest between sets)
        Boxer Prime Day 17 lv 2 (30 sec rest between sets)

        NIP: Day 28
        9am: Breakfast (see photo) - 11.30am: Protein shake - 5pm: Lunch (see photo) - 7.00pm: Crispbread with cheese (pre workout snack) - 11.30pm: Minced meat with salad (same as dinner Saturday)


          Monday, June 26
          Hell Week: Highway to Hell lv 3 with ec (30 sec rest between sets)
          Boxer Prime: Day 18
          DD: 30 Cross Reach Sit-ups with ec

          NIP Diet: Day 29
          9.30am: 2 eggs - 1pm: Minced Meat (chicken) + salad - 7pm: Crispbread with cheese - 10.30pm: Minced meat (chicken) + salad

          Hell Week began today. 7 days with new exciting level 5 workouts.

          Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo


            Tuesday, June 27
            Hell Week: Hell-forged lv 3 with ec (no rest between sets)
            100 Side-leg raises
            DD: 4 minutes speed bag punches with ec
            Bicep Curls: 3 * 20 (2 * 12kg)

            NIP Diet: Day 30 (Last day of the NIP Diet)
            7.00am: 2 eggs - 1pm: Parma ham + salmon + scrambled egg + cottage cheese + avocado - 5pm: Protein Shake - 7pm: Crispbread with cheese - 9pm: Tenderloin with green salad + pointed cabbage

            Last edited by Sundance; July 1, 2017, 04:41 AM. Reason: Adjusted rest time for Hell-forged


              Wednesday, June 28
              Hell Week: Hades lv 3 with ec (30 sec rest between sets)
              DoA: Day 43
              DD: 40 Climber Taps with ec
              Washboard Abs lv 1

              I finally managed to do DoA Day 43 (400 side-leg raised during the day). Boxer Prime Day 19 has to wait because of Hell Week. My shoulders and arms are not ready to tackle 240 up and down planks after 3 days in Hell


                Thursday, June 29
                Hell Week: Persephone lv 3 with ec (30 sec rest between sets)
                Huntsman lv 2 with ec


                  Friday, June 30

                  DoA: Day 44 lv 2 (no rest between sets)
                  Daily Abs
                  DD: 50 Jump Knee Tucks with ec
                  DD: 60 Balance Back Kicks with ec

                  Hell Week: Hellbound lv 3 with ec (1 min rest between sets)

                  I tried to tackle Hellbound in the morning but I had to abandon the workout as my core and shoulders were still fatigued from yesterday's workout. 12h of rest time was not enough. So I tackled DoA instead (High knees were done as jump rope skipping) as well as Daily Abs + 2 DD. I managed to do Hellbound in the evening instead. It was pure Damnation and I had to muster all my willpower to tackle it on lv 3. I managed to do 8-10 push-ups in each 20sec slot which I was pretty proud of as they came after 40 sec of climbers and there was literally no resting time for the shoulders because of the Superman hold.


                    Final remarks on the NIP Diet
                    Phase 3
                    I have used phase 3 to experiment with my diet so to maintain being in ketosis after the NIP diet ends. I have eaten 2 larger meals and 3-4 minor meals during the day. I have restricted my intake of carbs to a small bread or a crispbread during the day. My weight is now at 76kg and my BF% is somewhere around 12,5-13,5%. I have registered a small drop in my muscle mass - around 1.5kg.

                    For me this raises the interesting question: My main focus is bodyweight training. Could the drop in muscle mass besides the diet partly be a result of me having lost 6kg which therefore naturally lowers the intensity of my workouts? This would be a natural conclusion on the face of it.

                    Post NIP Diet
                    For now I will continue with a ketogenic diet after the NIP diet to maintain the positive results. This is a deliberate choice because I feel so much better on such a diet. So I don't renounce certain foods but will just continue with my current meal plan. I still don't eat pasta, rice or fries and don't snack during the day. I have eaten 2-3 slices of bread during the day mainly because I love freshly baked bread with butter and cheese or salami

                    We are on holiday for the next two weeks so it has been more difficult to maintain a ketogenic diet. When eating out I have mainly eaten a steak and a salad. It will be interesting to see what results the holiday has when we come home.

                    I have posted a few before and after photos.

                    Thanks neilarey and Darebee Team for such a great diet plan which for me has been a game changer.


                      That is awesome progress!


                        Wow, great job Sundance! I think you're one of the few Bees who actually enjoyed (?) and benefited from the NIP diet. And I spy a new haircut as well...


                          Thanks TheLibrarian and Ann-Core Yes, who should have thought that but I enjoyed the NIP diet a lot. It was interesting to see what effect it would have and to make interesting meals with just a few ingredients.

                          And yes a new hair cut as well. Some attribute the weight loss to the hair cut and not the diet


                            Originally posted by Sundance View Post
                            and to make interesting meals with just a few ingredients.

                            and then they look really delicious too - who would have thought that (with only a few ingredients) - you teased me a lot with your pictures




                                Saturday, July 1
                                Hell Week: Hell Raiser lv 3 with ec

                                2000 push-ups: Day 1
                                Jump rope: Day 1
                                DD: 60 squats with ec