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    Thursday, June 8
    Random Workout Challenge: The Bottom Line lv3 with no rest.

    NIP: Day 11 (Phase 2)
    07.30 2 eggs - 10.30 Greek Yogurt - 1pm Chicken + lamb + greek salad - 5.30pm kylling - 2000 Tuna (canned) + Parma Ham 10.30pm yoghurt

    Today I was nominated to RWC with The Bottom Line. It was a first time but not the last that I did this workout. I was pressed for time so I squeezed it in at the office between two meetings.


      Friday, June 9
      Boxer Prime: Day 8 lv 2
      DoA: Day 36 lv 2
      DD: 100 Side Leg Raises. No ec.

      NIP: Day 12
      07.30am 2 eggs - 10.45am Yogurt - 1.00pm Chicken breast + green salat 5.00pm Protein Shake - 7.00pm Chicken + green salad - 10.00pm Skyr

      My legs felt really heavy today. So I did 50 side leg raises in one go but my legs just said "no more" when I changed legs. So the last 50 reps were done in smaller portions.


        Saturday, June 10
        Boxer Prime: Day 11 lv2 (60 sec rest between sets)
        DoA: Day 35 lv 2
        DD: 60 Seconds Raised Arm Circles + 100 Side Leg Raises. Both with ec

        NIP: Day 13
        08.00am 3 eggs + slices of cucumber + tomato - 1100am Skyr + melon - 1.00pm salmonsalad + plaice + pointed cabbage - 7.30pm Chicken patties + pointed cabbage 10.30pm Skyr


          Sunday, June 11
          Boxer Prime: Day 9
          DoA: Day 37 lv 2
          Man down

          NIP: Day 14
          08.00am 3 eggs + slices of cucumber + tomato - 10.45am Skyr + melon - 1.00pm salmonsalad + plaice + chicken patties + pointed cabbage - 4.00pm protein shake - 7.30pm hake + green beans 10.30pm Skyr


            Monday, June 12
            Pendragon lv 2 with ec (30 seconds rest between sets)

            NIP: Day 15
            7.30am: 2 eggs - 1.00pm: Skyr + melon - 4.00pm: Hake + green beans - 7.00pm: Wok (Chicken + pointed cabbage/broccoli/onions) - 10.30pm: Skyr

            I didn't have time for my programs today. So I chose to do Pendragon as an active recovery workout after this weekend's training sessions. The push-ups were done as regular push-ups and diamond push-ups.


              Tuesday, June 13
              Walking throughout the day: 15.274 steps (12,89km) - goal: 10.011

              NIP: Day 16
              700am: 2 eggs - 1100am: Yogurt - 5.00pm: Egg wraps with chicken + 3 chicken drumsticks - 8pm: Chicken+ pointed cabbage/broccoli/onions (leftovers) - 10.30pm 3 slices of cheese


                Wednesday, June 14
                Walking throughout the day: 16.068 steps (13,53km) - goal: 10.211

                NIP: Day 17
                0930 2 eggs - 1400 Egg wraps with chicken + avocado + green salad - 2000 Ham + steak - 2230 3 slices of cheese + Yogurt


                  Thursday, June 15
                  Walking throughout the day: 10.955 steps (9,24km) - goal: 10.415

                  NIP: Day 18
                  7.30am: 3 eggs (scrambled) - 10.30am: Protein Shake - 1.30pm Smoked salmon + fillet 7.30pm Lamb + avocado + green salat + pointed cabbage


                    I finally got time to update my training log from my makeshift training diary.

                    Hopefully I will have time to make a more detailed report on my experiences with NIP later today. I will also post some pictures of the food I have been eating. It will give a picture of my diet during the NIP Diet and the transformation of my meals during phase 1 and 2.

                    I will also do some thread catch-up

                    Have a lovely Sunday my fellow bees.


                      Your schedule seems to be bursting atm, hopefully you can return to your programs soon.


                        A small report on my NIP diet
                        Here is a small report on my experiences with NIP so far. I have reached phase 3 and have 7 days left.

                        Overall the NIP diet has been a game changer for me. I have never followed a special diet before so I was pretty excited to see how my body would respond to the NIP diet. I am now running on fat (being in ketosis) instead of carbs and I am really happy with the positive effects of this change. So happy that I have used phase 2 and 3 to experiment with my diet so to maintain being in ketosis after the NIP diet ends. For now I will continue with a ketogenic diet after the NIP diet to maintain the positive results.

                        Besides, a site which has been a help during the diet was
                        It offers good explanations on ketosis and intermittent fasting as well as a lot of recipes.

                        My body fat % has gone down from 17,8% to 12,6%
                        My weight has gone down from 82.15kg to 76.2kg.
                        My muscle mass has gone down from 64.2kg to 63.3kg

                        During phase 2 I also started to enjoy the positive side-effects of a ketogenic diet:
                        Improved energy levels and mental focus;
                        Weight loss (body fat %);
                        Increased physical endurance
                        No sugar crashes - so no irritability, mood swings, brain fog and fatigue because of sudden drops in the blood sugar levels.

                        Phase 1
                        I did some preparations for the first week - I cooked a lot of vegetables and grilled a lot of chicken breasts. This was a great help to maintain the diet.

                        My meals during phase 1 were more or less: 2 eggs for breakfast; yogurt as a morning snack; chicken or lamb (200g) + green salada for lunch and dinner; protein shake as an afternoon snack or post-work snack; yogurt as an evening snack. I drank plenty of water during the day - more than I normally do.

                        For the first 7 days I ate a lot of vegetables (asparagus; broccoli; green beans; green salad) for lunch and dinner. A lot more than I normally do. My wife had told me to be prepared for this which was a great help. The portions got smaller after a week or so. I also registered that my daily protein shake was neccesary to maintain my current musle mass.

                        I also noticed it takes longer to feel full (roughly 1/2hour) after a low-carb meal so it was important for me to eat before I was really hungry.

                        Especially the first 7 days were tough as I felt hungry in the morning and in the afternoon. Some days, I could feel I was training on empty and didn't have the usual energy for my long training sessions.

                        But overall I felt good - it was much better to run on a constant low blood sugar level during the day instead of experiencing carb peaks. I didn't experience any side effects besides being hungry and drinking more water than usual.I also found the diet easy to follow as it fits my daily doings and the meals could be incorporated in the family dinner plan. My family has also been very supportive. I scheduled my training so I had started to digest my lunch and it gave me plenty of energy for my training session.

                        Phase 2
                        I tested my ketone level after 10 days by using a strip. It showed that I was in ketosis burning fat for energy. I used phase 2 to experiment with my diet and meals with the goal of maintaining being in the state of ketosis. For example, I used a slice of melon to give flavour to my yogurt instead of eating a bowl of melon or fruit. I also used a tomato as a sidedish for my scrambled eggs. For lunch I also made myself a small tapas plate. But I always adhered to the principles of the NIP diet and to a ketogenic diet keeping my meals small and simple. They were also based on no carb and protein rich food. I tried to make the dishes look delicious so the diet wasn't to taxing. During phase 2 I have also experimented with intermittent fasting. Not in a orthodox way. I have maintained a 2hours minimum between meals but have often abstained for food for a longer period of time (4-6 hours during the day). If I got hit by a hunger 'wave' I chose to ignore it and drank a glass of water with lemon or a cup of coffee or tea.

                        Final remarks
                        I have tested my ketone leves twice during the diet to make sure I'm in a state of ketosis eventhough my protein intake is higher than recommended for a ketogenic diet. This I think comes down to two factors:

                        1. For the first week I wasn't in a state of ketosis, so I had to rely on protein for fuel.
                        2. My current fitness level.

                        After 10 days or so I felt fuller on lesser portions which also resulted in a smaller protein intake. This was more or less coincident with the time I reached ketosis. So I think it has been a natural adaption going from carbs to fat for fuel. I have noticed a slight reduction in muscle mass which I attribute to the fact that my eating pattern was more irregular.


                          Here is some pictures of my meals to illustrate my diet.


                            I love reading this keep up with your journey


                              Originally posted by Sundance View Post
                              Here is some pictures of my meals to illustrate my diet.
                              ok, you are hired as cook - you can start on the morrow


                                More pictures