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    Wednesday, March 29
    Run (5 km) - total time; 29:54; 5,42km; 5'31"; HR 151 bpm; TE 3,4

    Power Cardio: Day 1 lv 2

    12 minutes of Stair Climbing with a weighted vest

    My legs just loved to do 100 jumping lunges and 100 jumping squats after a 5 km run


      Thursday, March 30
      WoD: Power Cardio: Day 2 lv 2

      DD: 40 Scorpion Twists done with ec


        Saturday, April 1
        Run (Hills) - total time; 34:13; 6,03km; 5'41"; HR 156 bpm; TE 3,8

        Power Cardio: Day 3 lv 1

        DD: 2 Minutes Knee Hug Balance done with ec

        I did Power Burn right after my run which I could feel in my shoulders as they were fatigued after the run. So 40 climbers and 40 push-ups per set was a tough challenge especially because the workout was a fast-paced workout so after 3 sets I was done


          Sunday, April 2

          Power Cardio: Day 3 lv 2
          Power Cardio: Day 4 (10 sets of 10 reps)

          I chose to do Day 3 again as I have decided to do Power Cardio at level 2.
          I had to brake down the 20 push-ups at the 9th exercises in smaller sets with a 5 seconds pause between each set. Again it was a tough challenge because the workout was a fast-paced workout.


            Monday, April 3
            The Astronaut with ec

            "Back and biceps Day" the Spartan Way

            Pull-ups (dead hang): 8/5/4/3/3
            Chin ups: 5 reps with a negative chin-up (60 sec rest between each rep). 1 rep (35 sec)/2 reps (25 sec)/2 (20 sec)
            5 * 20 rep dumbbell curls (2* 12kg)
            2 * 20 chest expansions done with a power stretch band
            Barbell curls: 40 reps (10 kg)
            50 side arm raises/50 raised arm circles/50 arm scissors (2*2kg)

            Lower Back Workout

            The Astronaut was done as warm-up. I did the push-ups as decline push-ups and the lunges as walking-lunges. Elbow plank, wall-sit and raised leg hold; each was done in 1 set (60 sec each).


              Tuesday, April 4 - Wednesday, April 5
              No training because life getting in the way


                Thursday, April 6
                Run (Hills) - total time; 36:19; 6,02km; 6'02"; HR 147 bpm; TE 3,1

                Power Cardio: Day 5 lv 2

                DD: 10 Reverse Grip Push-ups done with ec (did 20)


                  Friday, April 7
                  No training


                    Saturday, April 8
                    Power Skip lv 1

                    Power Cardio: Day 6 lv 2

                    DD - all with ec:
                    30 Superman Extensions
                    2 Minutes Leg Extensions
                    40 Leg Raises
                    60 Seconds Single Leg Hops on the Spot
                    40 Balance Side Lunges


                      Sunday, April 9
                      Run (Hills) - total time; 43:18; 7,58km; 5'43"; HR 154 bpm; TE 3,6


                      Power Cardio: Day 7 lv 2

                      Another Power Burn workout

                      I decided to split todays training session in two because I knew I couldn't do Power Burn right after my run. It was a wise decision as Power Burn almost broke me in the afternoon. Again I had to split the second round of push-ups into smaller portions (2*10 for the first 2 sets and then 3 * 7 for the last 3 sets). I also had to take a small break (5 sec) between the first round of push-ups and the push-up hold. I counted slowly to 20 so I went to failure for each round of push-up hold. At the end of Power Burn my shoulders/arms were literally shaking.

                      As you may know I train at a small plaza so after 200 basic burpees and 200 push-ups I just sat in the sun watching the kids playing and people walking by My brother who lives nearby with his girlfriend and baby-daughter came by with my niece and said hello. Nice


                        As you may have guessed by now if you made it so far in my massive update I'm doing Power Cardio at the moment. I have decided to do it on level 2. I will do a "Back and Bicep Day" the Spartan Way after each active rest day.

                        I will also run two times a week and do some stretching and the DD when possible.

                        My goal is to bring down my body fat %. In the last 6 month I have gained approximately 2 kg of muscle mass (from 62 to 64 kg) but at the cost of a rise in my body fat % from 16 % to almost 18 %. So my focus will be to bring down my body fat % to 16 while maintaining my gain in muscle mass.

                        Last year I posted some progress pictures on my 1 year Darebee Anniversary as a way to stay accountable and motivated.

                        Mid March I had my 2 year Darebee Anniversary so to make this a tradition as a way to stay accountable and motivated I have decided to post some pictures of my progress.

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                          The 2017 pictures look pretty good! You do look stronger, with more muscle mass.
                          I hadn't realized you were so light, though. How tall are you, if I may ask?

                          Also, best of luck with Power Cardio! Combining it with running is a pretty brave move, but I guess that was to be expected from our Danish superhero.

                          Oh, and last but not least - two years!
                          ... Looks like we joined Darebee roughly at the same time!


                            Redline - Thanks

                            I'm 185 cm. I have always been pretty light and I have struggled to gain mass. My weight was for many years 75 kg and at one point 69 kg. At the moment my weight is 81 kg.

                            One of the great things with Darebee has been its steady transformation/progression. What a great journey it has been so far.


                              Oh, right! I read your post above again and I've just realized 64 kg is only your muscle mass.
                              I thought it was your total weight, hence my amazement.


                                Redline - I thought so