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    Those are amazing results :confused:! You're doing extremely good, and I don't know why, But each time I read your post looks to me like you're going so fast... AMAZING... really


      Thanks Elektra

      I’m also surprised on the results and progression I have made since I found this amazing site in March and began to focus on bodyweight training instead of traditional weightlifting. But also on the amount of time it takes

      For years, I ran regularly or lifted weights two or three times a week often interrupted with breaks with no training at all. The last 8 months has really taught me how ineffective this training regime has been compared to Darebee.

      I have often thought it enough training two or three times a week. So for the first few months I was training daily for ½ hour but realised that it wasn’t enough if I wanted to reach some of the goals I have set for myself (getting more fit and lean). After I have begun +1 hour of daily training I can really see progression.:rabbit4:

      So the results have surprised me but also the time I have to invest to make this happen. Maybe it is age setting in :heh:

      And I must stress the amount of time is only a result of my own goals but is definitely worth investing especially because the programs, DD etc. are a lot of fun.

      I love those days where I go all in with the training as you can see from my training log :rabbit5:


        Well. We've been in the Darebee programs for the same amount of time, and I was just thinking the same thing last week. So I share you oppinion about Darebee :up::heart:


          Last week I decided to start doing the 30 Days of Strength program and the Upper Body+ Challenge.

          The reason being that I really enjoy going all in on AoP and I have a great time doing it at the gym at work. Most of the time I have the gym for myself – please don’t tell anyone :heh:

          It is great to have time alone and only have to concentrate on training while listening to my favourite music. The only problem being is that it is hard to find the time at the end of the week. That’s why I have started on DoS and Upper Body+ so I can do these workouts at home on days where I’m short on time. So I don’t aim to do AoP, DoS and Upper Body+ on consecutive days.


            Tuesday, October 27

            DoS: Day 1 (lv2)
            DD: 20 Air Circles - 20 circles on both legs - clockwise and anti-clockwise


              Wednesday, October 28

              No training today


                Thursday, October 29

                DD: 40 Squat Front Kicks
                WoD: The Haunted Hive Halloween Special


                  Friday, October 30

                  DD: 3 Minutes Balance Stand


                    Saturday, October 31

                    DD: 20 Dragon Push-Ups
                    AoP: Chapter 17 (lv3)
                    DoS: Day 2 (lv3) Pull-ups 7/7/4/2
                    WoD: Express Abs (lv3)
                    Running: 3,5 km as part of AoP
                    Weekly Quest: 500 flutter kicks

                    Another perfect start on the week-end with an intense training session in company with Darebee :rabbit4:

                    For future reference:
                    Running: Average speed 11,3km/h; gradient 2.2%; total time: 18:50 min


                      Sunday, November 1
                      DD: 2 Minutes Raised Arm Rotations - Did it with weights and split the time clockwise and anti clockwise
                      AoP: Chapter 18 (10 minutes of heavy bag boxing)
                      DoS: Day 3 (lv3) - push-ups done as Huntsman WoD
                      Upper Body+: Day 1 (2*16 kg dumbbells + push-ups done as spiderman push-ups)
                      Running: 3,5 km as part of AoP

                      Another great training session. First time I tried spiderman push-ups and I improved my running time. AoP is a cliff-hanger :rabbit10:

                      For future reference:
                      Running: Average speed 11,7km/h; gradient 2.1%; total time: 18:04 min


                        Monday, November 2
                        DD: 40 Plank Jump-Ins
                        DoS: Day 4 (lv3)
                        Upper Body+: Day 2 - 40 Chest expansions (2*2,5kg dumbbells)
                        Weekly Quest: 50 shoulder taps/60 lunges

                        A nice and easy training session. It felt good after two days of high intensity training


                          Tuesday, November 3
                          DD: 2 Minutes High Knees
                          AoP: Chapter 19 (lv3) - option A
                          DoS: Day 5 (lv3) - push-ups done as classic, wide, diamond, raised leg, staggered
                          Upper Body+: Day 3 (2*12,5 kg dumbbells + push-ups done as spiderman push-ups)
                          Running: 3,5 km as part of AoP

                          Running: new personal record (Mountain Pits to the Swamps) :bunny14:

                          For future reference:
                          Running: Average speed 11,9km/h; gradient 2.1%; total time: 17:52 min


                            Wednesday, November 4
                            DD: 30 Shoulder Tap Push-Ups
                            Upper Body+: Day 4 - 44 Chest expansions (2*2,5kg dumbbells)

                            I didn't have much time to train today. So I ended up doing a light training session. The DD was tough because I was fatigued from the last couple of days training sessions


                              Thursday, November 5
                              I couldn't find time to train today.


                                Friday, November 6
                                I didn't have time to train today.