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    Saturday, January 7
    DD: 2 Minutes O-Pose Hold + 50 Around The World. Both with ec
    Boxer Prime: Day 22 lv 1
    HIIT Advanced: Day 4 lv 3 - no rest between sets
    Totals Day 29
    15 in a Row!: Day 7

    It was a wise decision to take an active rest day yesterday.

    To quote myself from over at Redline
    "I did HIIT A Day 4 after Boxer Prime Day 22 Today was just one of those days where I felt like So after Boxer Prime I was warmed up and ready for a fast-paced HIIT workout. Day 4 was done on lv 3 with no breaks. I managed to do 15 push-ups for the first 4 sets - then 13 reps for the next 4 sets and 11 and 12 reps for the final two sets. Afterwards I was like


      I have to agree that's definitely a heroic performance!
      And yes, with 2 programs being done at the same time, (active) rest can be all the more important.


        Sunday, January 8
        DD: 40 Folded Crunches completed with ec
        Boxer Prime: Day 23 lv 1 (1 set)
        HIIT Advanced: Day 5 lv 3 - 10 seconds rest between sets
        Totals Day 30
        Pull-up Challenge Day 6
        15 in a Row!: Day 8
        No Sugar Challenge Day 7

        Run (Hills) - total time; 32:38; 6,02km; 5'25"; HR 159 bpm; TE 3,8

        It was a challenging yet fun run today as the trails were covered in snow which had turned to ice.

        Burpees and me, we just have a thing I like the rhythm and flow so 10 sets of basic burpees for HIIT A was just my thing. I did them after a 6 km run and managed to do 20 burpees per set for a grand total of 200. As it wasn't enough I did Totals Day 30 with 100 burpees after a short period of rest. Boxer Prime was technique training today. I only did 1 set mainly because the combos took a long time time to perform. I will finish the last two sets before I finish the program...


          Monday, January 9
          DD: 2 Minutes High Knees completed with ec
          HIIT Advanced: Day 6
          WOD: Punch Out level 1
          Pull-up Challenge Day 5+7+8
          Finisher: 40 squats/40 lunges/40 leg-raises
          15 in a Row!: Day 9
          No Sugar Challenge Day 8

          Today was a much needed active rest day.


            Tuesday, January 10
            Boxer Prime: Day 24 lv 1
            HIIT Advanced: Day 7 lv 3
            15 in a Row!: Day 10
            No Sugar Challenge Day 9

            Drills 2+3+4+5 was done on a heavy bag.

            To quote myself from over at Redline

            Today was a and day. First I did Boxer Prime Day 24 (Power Day) followed by HIIT A Day 7 lv 3 with 1 minute rest between sets. I managed to do 4 push-ups with a shoulder tap per 10 second period. All in all with Boxer Prime and HIIT A combined I managed to do 470 push-ups in 90 minutes. This would have been impossible two years ago.

            So yes I must confess, I have in the course of two years time become a solid member of the Darebeeholic group


              Wednesday, January 11
              DD: 40 Single Leg Pulse Squats completed with ec
              WOD: Fire Fighters HIIT
              Stretching: P.S
              Pull-up Challenge Day 9
              15 in a Row!: Day 11
              No Sugar Challenge Day 10

              I had to skip HIIT A today. Our gym at work is located at the Copenhagen Central Fire Station and we share it with the Fire Brigade. They were a man short for the WOD which turned out to be a HIIT Power and Cardio workout - 30 min with almost no rest (plank walk-outs/up&down planks/high knees/jumping lunges/jump squats/box jumps/push-ups etc.). They asked if I would like to join them which I happily accepted. After 30 minutes of training I was like and It was a lot of fun and comradeship. But I didn't have any energy left for another HIIT workout.


                Thursday, January 12
                DD: 3 Minutes Side Splits
                HIIT Advanced: Day 8 lv 3 with 1 minute of rest between sets
                15 in a Row!: Day 12
                No Sugar Challenge Day 11

                HIIT A was tough today after two days of intense training (Tuesday and Wednesday).


                  Friday, January 13
                  DD: 40 Circle Crunches + 3 Minutes Uneven Plank. Both done with ec.
                  HIIT Advanced: Day 9
                  WOD: I Aim To Misbehave lv 3 with ec
                  15 in a Row!: Day 12
                  No Sugar Challenge Day 13

                  A much needed active rest day!


                    Saturday, January 14
                    HIIT Advanced: Day 10 lv 3 (10 sec rest between sets)
                    RWC 8.0: Dragon Slayer lv 3 with no rest
                    WOD: 6-minute abs (sit-ups done with 2.5 kg weight disc)
                    15 in a Row!: Day 14

                    Today I was nominated to the RWC with Dragon Slayer. Especially the one arm climbers and pike push ups were tough

                    Luckily - I had done it once on lv3 so I knew what to expect. It felt easier this time mainly because my form was better because of practice

                    After RWC I managed to do HIIT Advanced on lv 3 with 10 sec rest between sets. 6-minute abs was done as a finisher.


                      Great job, as usual!

                      I've already wanted to give Dragon Slayer a go, but I find the one-arm climbers very hard to do properly without losing balance. How did you handle them, if I may ask?


                        Sunday, January 15
                        HIIT Advanced: Day 11 lv 3 (no rest between sets)
                        WOD: The Giant (20 sec rest between exercises and sets)
                        15 in a Row!: Day 15

                        HIIT A was nice and easy today. So as I had some energy left I decided to do the Giant. It was a fun workout which I can recommend. Squats was done as jumping squats and lunges was done as jumping lunges. I managed to do 20/15/10 push-ups and elbow plank was done in 1 set. Next time I will throw in some bicep curls.

                        I did some stretching as a finisher. I normally do some stretching as a finisher but often forget to write this I have become much more flexible and I can now almost touch the ground with my fingers when doing a forward bend (20 cm short).

                        I have taken a short break from the No Sugar Challenge. Yesterday I had a Banana Split as a treat for managing Dragon Slayer...Today my parents visited us and I had a piece of cake. But besides these treats I haven't been eating crisps, candy or chocolate.

                        I reached the 15 in a Row badge today. So now the challenge is to maintain it


                          Redline - I go into a one arm plank stabilizing my body through my shoulder and by strengthen my core. When I have found my balance I just move my feet I do it on thin yoga mat to spare my palm.

                          I just did 20 on each arm to figure out how I do it


                            Monday, January 16
                            DD: 60 Bicep Extensions completed with ec
                            HIIT Advanced: Day 12 lv 3 (no rest between sets)
                            15 in a Row!: Day 16

                            To quote myself from over at Redline
                            HIIT A Day 12 was done on lv 3. I skipped the 30 sec active rest (light jog) between the exercises as I was short on time. I did 1 min of jump rope skipping after each set instead. HIIT A Day 12 is a variation of The Grinder which also happens to be one of my favorites But still I wasn´t really motivated for training ... and it was difficult to resist my sofa - it was calling like a siren
                            Regarding the No Sugar Challenge: It was my wife's birthday so I had a piece of cake Who can say no to


                              Tuesday, January 17
                              DD: 30 Boat Folds completed with ec
                              Boxer Prime Day 25 lv1
                              15 in a Row!: Day 17

                              Boxer Prime was Abs Day. The first 3 rounds of sit-ups were done with a weighted plate (2.5 kg) and all rounds of sitting twists were also done with the same weighted plate.

                              I can't do V-ups properly. So instead I did them as Tuck Ups. I have given it some thought and read some articles. To do V-ups properly I think, I have to work on my midline stability as well as practice hip flexion and extension.

                              So I will start practice on my hollow position and see how it goes

                              I will follow the instructions in this video


                                Wednesday, January 18
                                DD: 30 Half Shrimp Squats completed with ec
                                Hiit Advanced: Day 13 lv 3 - 30 seconds rest between sets
                                WOD: The Giant
                                Stretching: Shoulders Stretch + hollow position (3*10 sec)
                                15 in a Row!: Day 18

                                The Giant
                                Squats was done as jumping squats and lunges was done as walking lunges. I did 20/15/12 push-ups and elbow plank was done in 1 set.