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  • Sundance
    Goals 2020
    It works really well for me at the moment to quantify my goals.

    That is why I have set the following goals for 2020.

    Push-ups: 24,000 (year)

    Pull-ups: 2000 (year)

    Indoor Rowing: 625,000 meters

    Complete The Nerd Fitness "Walking to Mordor" Challenge

    Beat my training streak (230 days)

    I have set the goals based on the following focus:
    General fitness with an emphasis on strength / tone, streamline and flexibility.

    I break down my annual goals into smaller targets, which act as benchmarks for whether I'm on the right track or not.

    Targets - push-ups:
    Monthly target: 2000 push-ups
    Inter Mundos: 50 push-ups every day

    Targets - pull-ups:
    2 sessions each week
    Weekly ≥ 35 pull-ups

    Targets Indoor Rowing;
    2 sessions each week
    Weekly ≥ 12000

    Target - Walking to Mordor
    Daily ≥ 10.000 steps

    Target - Beat my training streak
    Continue with the daily WOD Inter Mundos

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  • Sundance
    Goodbye 2019
    So close and yet it should not be.

    I got the flu on December 27th and had to hold the bed for 4 days.

    On the first day of illness, I came to the realization that I had to give up the goal of reaching 24,000 push-ups in 2019 and let go of my workout streak (230 days). It was a motivating experience so quickly to let go of the two goals that I had worked hard to achieve. Could it be a sign of me getting older and wiser


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  • Sundance
    Tuesday, December 31

    No training today as I was recovering from 4 days in bed with fever.

    Fortunately, I had gotten well enough to celebrate New Year with family and friends

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  • Sundance
    Friday, December 27 – Monday, December 30

    Sick with the flu...

    Click image for larger version

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  • Sundance
    Thursday, December 26
    Inter Mundos WOD
    Power Walk Challenge: Day 20 (7min30sec march steps)
    50 Squats a Day Challenge: Day 230
    50 reps a day Challenge (push-ups): Day 230*
    40 reps Torso Twists
    60 reps Side Leg raises

    * Raised Leg 20 reps/Stacked 20 reps/Staggered 10 reps

    Total push-ups 2019: 23.758

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