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    Saturday, December 31
    DD: 20 Staggered Push-Ups with ec
    Boxer Prime: Day 16 lv1


      Sunday, January 1
      DD: 3 Minutes Leg Raise Hold with ec
      Boxer Prime: Day 17 lv1
      (I did 30 sit-ups and sitting twists as active rest between sets in Boxer Prime)
      Totals Day 24
      Stretching: Iron Bar
      No Sugar Challenge: Day 1

      Run (Active Start) - total time; 37:04; 6,09km; 6'05"; HR 150 bpm; TE 3,3

      Happy New Year my fellow bees
      Last edited by Sundance; January 2, 2017, 08:55 PM. Reason: Updated with the No Sugar Challenge


        A happy New Year to you too, Sundance !

        Are you planning on doing HIIT advanced on top of Boxer Prime?


          Thanks Redline - Yes that's my plan

          It fits perfectly doing the first 10 days of HIIT Advanced with the last 10 days of Boxer Prime. I find that the first 10 days of the programs are not too hard and time-consuming whereas the last 10 days are pretty hard. So it fits perfectly doing the first 10 days of a program on top of a program I'm finishing.

          Also, my fitness level dropped during October and November mainly because my training was very infrequent. During December I increased the volume, intensity and frequency of my training sessions and I'm almost back to my 'High Season' fitness level I'm pretty sure HIIT Advanced will contribute nicely to my fitness level


            Well, I'll be able to start HIIT Advanced on Wednesday. Is that OK with you?


              Yes, that is perfect - I'm looking so much forward to it. First time I'm doing a program with a fellow bee


                Originally posted by Sundance View Post
                Yes, that is perfect - I'm looking so much forward to it. First time I'm doing a program with a fellow bee
                I'm looking forward to it as well. Sharing programs is always a lot of fun, and great for motivation!


                  Monday, January 2
                  DD: 60 Seconds Plank Punches
                  Random Workout Challenge 8.0: Overdrive lv 3 with ec and 30 sec rest
                  Boxer Prime: Day 18
                  Totals Day 25
                  No Sugar Challenge Day 2

                  During November and December I have eaten way too much chocolate, crisps and candy. So I started on the No Sugar Challenge yesterday. So no more chocolate, crisps and candy for the next 15 days. I will allow myself a dessert on Fridays which is my rest day. This I have learned from Sly (Sylvester Stallone). Besides the health benefits it is also a great way to save some money.

                  What do I say to chocolate? Not today


                    Tuesday, January 3
                    DD: 2 Minutes Squat Hold with ec
                    Boxer Prime: Day 19 lv 1
                    Totals: Day 26
                    No Sugar Challenge Day 3

                    Boxer Prime was tough today partly because I felt worn out from yesterday's training but also because the workout consisted of up and down planks - Every set consisted of 2 * 30 reps for a grand total of 180. After the first 30 I had to break them down in sets of 10 with a small pause between each set.

                    I find 'Up and down planks' extremely hard because it places quite a load on my aerobic performance (VO2 Max) as well as it puts pressure on the upper body. So I was pretty proud of myself doing 180 reps - defying gravity for a short period of time


                      Wednesday, January 4
                      DD: 60 Seconds Reverse Plank Hold with ec
                      Boxer Prime: Day 20 - Drills done on a heavy bag
                      HIIT Advanced: Day 1 lv 3 with 1 minute rest between sets
                      No Sugar Challenge Day 4
                      Pull-Up Challenge Day 1 (3 dead-hang pull-ups in one go)

                      Today I started on HIIT Advanced with Redline Look here for more info

                      I did HIIT Advanced last year in January and I really like the program.

                      Every HIIT routine in this program is meant to push you out of your comfort zone, force your system to adapt and do it fast shedding all of extra weight that is holding you back.
                      It is a great motivation to do the program with Redline

                      I also began on the Pull-Up Challenge lv1 The idea is to do the Pull-Up challenge lv1 and lv2 - going for the 20 Pull-Ups in one go.

                      Today's training session was tough but fun.


                        I probably should work on my pull-ups as well...


                          Originally posted by Redline View Post
                          I probably should work on my pull-ups as well...
                          me three... ahm too...
                          Well, at least I add pull-ups to the back and biceps days... so I do them regularly...


                            I do a few pull-ups as a finisher when I'm near a pull-up bar It also gives my back a nice stretch


                              Thursday, January 5
                              DD: 50 Side Bridges with ec
                              Boxer Prime: Day 21
                              HIIT Advanced: Day 2 lv 3 with 30 seconds rest between sets
                              Pull-up Challenge Day 2-3 (both done in 1 set)
                              No Sugar Challenge Day 5
                              15 in a Row!: Day 5

                              I started todays training with a 5 km run on a treadmill as part of Boxer Prime. After Boxer Prime I did HIIT Advanced

                              Run: total time; 25:50; 5km; 5'10"; elevation change: 2,1 %


                                Friday, January 6
                                HIIT Advanced: Day 3 lv 3
                                Totals Day 27-28
                                No Sugar Challenge Day 6
                                Pull-up Challenge Day 4
                                15 in a Row!: Day 6

                                I had to throw in the towel half-way through the 1 set of Boxer Prime Day 22. I didn't have the energy for 9 sets of push-ups of 30 seconds each. So I decided to take an active rest day instead and substituted Boxer Prime with Totals.