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    Originally posted by Redline View Post
    ... and scary!
    What are you guys made of, neoprene?
    my coldest water experience was something around 6 degrees... but this was a mixture between swimming and jump-walking through it...
    (in regular running clothes, no neoprene)


      Originally posted by Sundance View Post
      Sunday, December 4

      I started the day winter swimming in Copenhagen Harbour. The water is now 3*C. For me the season began 3 weeks ago and I swim either Saturday or Sunday morning so I can enjoy the sunrise over the harbour. There is a sauna at the harbour bath so it is pure luxury

      You scandinavians are so weird. I like my water warm thank you very much.


        Wednesday, December 7
        Boxer Prime: Day 4
        Advent Calendar Day 7
        DD: 60 Seconds Raised Arm Circles. Complete with ec (60 sec each way)

        Thursday, December 8
        No training today

        Friday, December 9
        Boxer Prime: Day 5 lv1
        Advent Calendar Day 8+9
        Totals Day 16+17
        Fit Christmas Day 5 lv3
        DD: 40 Climber Taps. Complete with ec


          Saturday, December 10


          Sunday, December 11
          Boxer Prime: Day 6 lv1
          Advent Calendar Day 10+11
          Totals Day 18
          Fit Christmas Day 6+7 lv3
          DD: 25 W-Extensions + 20 Matrix Tilts. Both with ec
          Darebee Christmas Tree 2016: 50 Push-ups

          Catching up

          Monday, December 10 - Tuesday, December 11
          No training today

          Wednesday, December 14
          Darebee Christmas Tree 2016: 20 Push-ups


            Thursday, December 15
            No training today

            Friday, December 16
            Darebee Christmas Tree 2016: 430 push-ups

            Saturday, December 17
            Advent Calendar Day 12+13+14+15+16+17
            Totals Day 19
            Fit Christmas Day 8+9+10+11 lv3
            DD: 60 Seconds Half Bow. Complete with ec


              Here is a quick update on my training plan for December. As you might have guessed I have decided to do Boxers Prime and to participate in all the Christmas Activities going on at Darebee. Boxers Prime Day 4 was one of the toughest workouts I have done for a long time. A huge amount of push-ups in a short period of time. I had to do some of the push-ups on my knees and especially my lower back was sore for a few days afterwards mainly due to bad form on the last couple of sets.

              I also wanted to participate in decorating the Christmas tree and I had decided on a dumbbell. I had planned to do some push-ups every day but it never happened I was not sure if the dead-line was at midnight on the 16/17 or if Saturday was within the dead-line. So I decided to do the remaining push-ups Friday. I did 25 push-ups every hour from 6am to 10am but then forgot all about it, so it left me with 305 push-ups at 10.40pm Friday night 1 hour later I had reached 500

              Yesterday (Saturday) I started the day with some winter swimming. Redline - just me and the water - no neoprene

              BuurmanSven I have to confess that most of my friends and family think, I'm a little bit crazy stepping out of bed at 6am on a Saturday morning to go winter swimming in the harbour with water at a temperature slightly above freezing point

              And lpf - you have to try it some day

              After winter swimming I went to the gym at work where I had a lot of catching up to do so I'm a bit sore today so I think I will take it easy today

              Have a great day!


                Originally posted by Sundance View Post
                I have to confess that most of my friends and family think, I'm a little bit crazy stepping out of bed at 6am on a Saturday morning to go winter swimming in the harbour with water at a temperature slightly above freezing point
                Only most of your friends and family? You are crazy but keep rocking it


                  ... I guess most of them actually voice their concerns, and the remaining few are just too shocked to react.

                  And yeah, the Power Days in Boxer Prime are insane. Sooooo many push-ups.


                    Sunday, December 18
                    Boxer Prime: Day 7 lv1
                    Totals Day 20 lv3
                    Advent Calendar Day 18
                    Fit Christmas Day 12 lv3
                    DD: 50 Squat Hold Side Bends. Complete with ec
                    Snow Fight: 7 burpees

                    Monday, December 19
                    DD: 60 Seconds Calf Raise Hold. Complete with ec (2 min)
                    Advent Calendar Day 19
                    Boxer Prime: Day 8 lv1
                    Snow Fight: 23 burpees
                    Random Workout Challenge 8.0: Power Run lv 3 with ec
                    Totals Day 21 lv3

                    Tuesday, December 20
                    DD: 5 Minutes Punches*. Complete with ec
                    Advent Calendar Day 20
                    Boxer Prime: Day 9 lv1 *
                    Snow Fight: 43 burpees

                    * Done on a heavy punching bag


                      Wednesday, December 21
                      DD: 40 Modified Scissors. Complete with ec
                      Advent Calendar Day 21
                      Boxer Prime: Day 10 lv1
                      Snow Fight: 60 burpees

                      Run (Hills) - total time; 38:39; 6,27 km; 6'10"; HR 152 bpm; TE 3,5

                      Thursday, December 22
                      No training today

                      Friday, December 23
                      No training today


                        Saturday, December 24
                        DD: 40 Infinity Circles + 20 Push-Ups with rotations. Both with ec
                        Advent Calendar Day 22 + 23 + 24
                        Boxer Prime: Day 11 lv1
                        Snow Fight: 40 burpees

                        Sunday, December 25
                        DD: 4 Minutes Speed Bag Punches with ec
                        Boxer Prime: Day 12 lv1 (high knees substituted with jump rope skips)
                        WOD: Power Skip lv1 with ec

                        Run (Hills) - total time; 33:30; 6,00km; 5'34"; HR 156 bpm; TE 3,7


                          Monday, December 26
                          Boxer Prime: Day 13 lv1
                          WOD: Power Skip lv3 - 10 burpees as active rest before each set
                          Totals Day 22 (Burpees with Push-Up)

                          For the last few days I have enjoyed jump rope skipping. So again today I did Power Skip. For Totals I had to do 80 Burpees. I did 10 reps before each set of Power Skip and I chose to do them with a push-up.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Preparation for Boxer Prime (bob and weave 5 minutes after the photo was taken a hail and thunderstorm broke loose. It lasted for 10 minutes. It was a beautiful experience as there was a lull before the storm and a beautiful red glow in the sky. The lightning wasn't directly above me so it only meant a short break while the thunderstorm drifted away.


                            Tuesday, December 27
                            No training today

                            Wednesday, December 28
                            DD: 60 Balance Back Kicks and 40 Raised Leg Circles. Both with ec
                            Totals Day 23

                            Training today was tough. It´s funny how you on some days can do 300 push-ups and at other times find it difficult to do 70


                              Thursday, December 29
                              Boxer Prime: Day 14 lv1

                              Run (Hills) - total time; 37:46; 7,12km; 5'18"; HR 157 bpm; TE 4,1


                                Friday, December 30
                                DD: 50 Lunges with Twist + 50 Sitting Twists. Both with ec
                                Boxer Prime: Day 15
                                Power Skip lv1

                                I didn't read the instructions properly so I did 10 sets of drill 2 before switching arms (20 sets in total instead of 10).

                                I wouldn't risk an injury to my lower back so for drill 5 I did 10 push-ups instead of 30 before shadowboxing as I couldn't do more with proper form. I did 10 more push-ups at the end of drill 5 and Power Skip lv1 as penance

                                Power Skip was also a good way to loosen up my muscles after another power workout in the Boxer Prime program.