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    Friday, August 5

    Recovery Run - 30 min
    WoD: Avenger lv 2. Done with ec

    My legs and achilles tendons were pretty sore after yesterday's run. It got better during the day as my legs and achilles tendons were warmed up. One of the lessons learned from Cardio T Run was the benefits from recovery runs. So in the afternoon I went for a short recovery run. After the run I did the Avenger Workout. The squats and lunges also helped stretching my legs. Again I experienced much lesser soreness from a day with active recovery.

    Running: total time: 30:00min; 4,68km; 6'25"


      Sundance Congrats on finishing Cardio Trim!!


        Yes, Sundance, that's is an awesome job indeed, with a very tough program to boot!

        Your comments on active recovery are very interesting - sometimes, a hair of the dog that bit you is really the best cure. And I mean that in a very healthy, totally unrelated to drinking way, of course.


          Congratulations Sundance . You're doing an excellent job indeed, and have gone so far in so little time... That's just great . Keep on rocking.


            Congratulations on finishing, Sundance !


              Thanks val.lavigne86 Redline Elektra nappunkitty >|<

              I began at work last Monday (August 8) and the last two weeks have been busy with work and kids starting at school. So I haven't had much time for training or logging in. Hopefully I will find time to update my check-in thread in the week to come and catch up on the activities in the Hive.

              I have used the last 2 weeks to consider what to do in the Autumn. I will not start on a new program as I don't have time to both follow a program and do some of the workouts which I have on my to-do list. Boxer Prime is the next program I want to do but it will have to wait until I gain more time

              I have decided to keep on running (not literally speaking ) and after some consideration I have decided to make a training plan which is a combination of the Ranger/Gladiator/Knights training plan. I will use the Cardio T program as inspiration for my running. The overall goal is Strength and Tone.

              So here is my training plan

              Saturday: Power Run + Strength Workout (L1-L3)
              Sunday: Runners Prime/Long Run + Ab Work (L1-L3)
              Monday: Recovery Run + Strength Workout (L1-L3)
              Tuesday: Stretching + Ab Work (L1-L3)
              Wednesday: Power Run + Strength Workout (L1-L3)
              Thursday: High Burn / HIIT Workout (L1-L3)
              Friday: Strength Workout (L1) + Ab Work (L1)

              I will also continue to do a stretching routine as a cool down after my running.

              It is my intention to make a weekly plan in the weekend and use the Weekly Schedule in my profile as a calendar.

              Lets see how it goes


                Well, considering your current firness level and your results with CTR, it looks like a great plan indeed. If you manage to stick to it, it should yield excellent results.


                  Saturday, August 6

                  WoD: Olympic Workout
                  WoD: 15-minute Morning Workout

                  Sunday, August 7

                  DD: 40 Leg raises. Completed with ec
                  WoD: Ironclaw lv 3
                  WoD: Total abs lv1

                  Monday, August 8

                  No training today

                  Tuesday, August 9

                  DD: 2 Minutes Knee Hug Balance. Completed with ec
                  Running - 30 min
                  WoD: Dash lv2
                  4 min side splits

                  Running: total time: 30:54min; 4,94km; 6'15"

                  Wednesday, August 10

                  No training today

                  Thursday, August 11

                  Random Workout Challenge 6.0: Olympic Workout

                  Friday, August 12

                  No training today

                  Saturday, August 13

                  Running - 71:21 min

                  Running - total time: 71:21min; 13,32km; 5'21"

                  10km: 50:51min; 5'05"

                  Longest run for years

                  Sunday, August 14

                  Recovery Run
                  WoD: Kamikaze lv1

                  Running - total time; 32:42; 5,01km; 6'31"; HR 147bpm

                  I chose to do Kamikaze as an active recovery workout. I can highly recommend Kamikaze as it was a bunch of fun.

                  Monday, August 15 - Friday, August 19

                  No training


                    Thanks Redline - I hope so

                    I stuck to the program yesterday and it felt great especially after a 5-days break from training.


                      Time flies and it has been another two busy weeks

                      I haven't had much time for training mostly because I have had little spare time which has been late in the evening. Training late in the evening is not an option for me at the moment because training tells my body to stay awake at a time where my body is ready for sleep

                      But I have played Pokemon Go with my children so I have been walking a lot these days Most days at least 10k steps

                      It is still my intention to stick to the program.

                      Saturday, August 20

                      Power Run: 2 min run / 2 burpees with jump knee tuck * 10 + 2 min sprint

                      Running - total time; 33:11; 5,33km; 6'31"; HR 153bpm

                      WoD: Colossus lv2

                      Sunday, August 21

                      Runner Prime: 10 km

                      Running - total time; 1:14:02; 12,18km; 6'05"; HR 148bpm

                      WoD: Five Minute Plank

                      Monday, August 22

                      Recovery run: 30 min

                      Running - total time; 36:27; 6,38km; 5'43"; HR 151bpm

                      WoD: Cerberus lv2

                      Tuesday, August 23 - Friday, August 26

                      No training

                      Saturday, August 27

                      Power Run: 2 min run / 2 burpees with jump knee tuck * 11 + 2 min sprint

                      Running - total time; 35:34; 5,77km; 6'10"; HR 150bpm

                      WoD: Minotaur lv1
                      I loved todays training. I did Minotaur just after my run. So after 3 sets I was like

                      I did dead-hang pull-ups and got 1: 6/3/4 2: 4/3/3 3: 2/2/2

                      Sunday, August 28

                      Runner Prime: 10 km

                      Running - total time; 1:05:02; 12,46km; 5'13"; HR 161bpm

                      WoD: Good morning, abs

                      WoD: Top to bottom

                      Monday, August 29 - Friday, September 2

                      No training.


                        Hey! It's funny, we've often been doing the same workouts lately! Well, they're new and hot, so of course, it's only natural to want to try them.

                        Minotaur looks scary as hell, though. No wonder you "only" did it at level 1. Great job!


                          Saturday, September 3

                          Power Run - 2 min run / 2 burpees with jump knee tuck * 12 + 2 min sprint

                          Minotaur lv1 (1: 6/3/3 + 3/2/2 + 2/2/2)

                          Running - total time; 38:01; 6,02km; 6'19"; HR 150bpm; TE 3,5

                          Sunday, September 4

                          Restitution Run

                          Total Abs lv1 (old version)

                          Running - total time; 44:23; 7,5km; 5'55"; HR 145bpm; TE 3,1

                          Monday, September 5 - Friday, September 9

                          No training


                            Thanks Redline - Minotaur is one of my favorites workout at the moment - 9 sets of pull-ups after my power run just pushes me to my limit and beyond

                            I'm still trying to get back into the groove after starting on work 4 weeks ago. Monday to Wednesday is 3 long days with work and family obligations so these last couple of weeks I have been too exhausted to work out in the evening. I have walked a lot (+10k steps every day) so I haven't gained weight. But I can feel it will soon take its toll.

                            I will continue with my program but I'm considering to have an optional program with 3-5 small exercises for those days where I'm to tired to do my main program

                            Have a great Sunday my fellow Darebees


                              Originally posted by Sundance View Post
                              I'm considering to have an optional program with 3-5 small exercises for those days where I'm to tired to do my main program
                              Yes, that's a very good idea! Even stretching or casual training can work here.

                              And I've often noticed that starting "small" can often lead to a full workout, because energy often comes back to you gradually as you warm up. But knowing in advance that you're in for a long, hard session when you're already tired and short on time can be paralyzing and lead to... nothing at all.


                                You are so right Redline

                                So this has been my mantra for the last two weeks: "one more step - one more set - one more minute"

                                It has been a great help and I'm slowly getting back on track.

                                Here is a quick recap of my efforts

                                Saturday, September 10

                                Thor lv2 - First three sets done with my weighted vest (9kg)

                                Sunday, September 11

                                Running - total time; 33:27; 6,02km; 5'33"; HR 155 bpm; TE 3,6

                                Black ops lv1

                                Monday, September 12

                                No training

                                Tuesday, September 13

                                Arms of Steel lv3

                                Wednesday, September 14

                                Running - total time; 44:12; 8,35km; 5'18"; HR 162 bpm; TE 4,7

                                Thursday, September 15 - Saturday, September 17
                                No training

                                More to follow