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    Wednesday, October 14

    DD: 40 Super Lunges
    AoP (Day 4 cont.): Chapter 7 (option B - attempt to fight it)
    Running: 5.6 km done as part of the AoP
    WoD: Stretching for runners + Lower Back Workout
    The Weekly Quest: 100 arm raises and 100 raised arm circles (with weights)

    After getting my scraps at Agora "Canis" I headed for the Lighthouse. Almost there, I was chased by a huge creature. I attempted to fight it. I think it threw it off balance that I confronted it instead of turning tail and run . It gave me a few precious seconds - just enough to reach inside the Lighthouse safely :bunny14:


      Thursday, October 15

      DD: 100 Jumping Jacks
      AoP: Chapter 8 (lv3)
      2 hours of horse-riding

      The DD was a perfect warm-up for the AoP. A nice low-intensity full-body workout with some stretching involved. AoP is getting really intriguing!

      I also went horse-riding with my eldest daughter at the Cliff of Møn. It was an amazing experience for the both of us :lol:


        Friday, October 16

        No training today.


          Saturday, October 17

          DD: 100 Shoulder Taps. Didn't make ec in the morning - 2 sets of 50 after AoP. So I had another try in the evening - made 100 in one go.
          AoP: Chapter 9
          WoD: The Huntsman as part of AoP
          Running: 5.6 km done as part of the AoP
          The Weekly Quest: 200 Jumping Jacks

          After the Lighthouse I ran to the Resistance Camp and from there to the Mines. I was in a hell of a fight at the Mines. See below

          For me it is a mental challenge to do the combos in the right sequence as well as keeping track of how many I have done. If I'm in doubt whether I have done a combo or a set I have to do it again just to make sure.

          To complicate todays WoD in AoP I decided to do it on lv2 and to do the push-ups as described in the workout the Huntsman on lv2 to target the muscles from different angles and workloads. So I ended up doing 48 combos in one go instead of 40 :bunny14:


            Sunday, October 18

            DD: 2 Minutes Punches.
            AoP: Chapter 10 (lv2)
            55 Jumping Jacks as part of the AoP (Mines to the Mountain Cave)
            The Weekly Quest: 345 arm raises
            WoD: Biceps curls: 3 sets – 20 reps (2*15kg)

            A nice combination of upper and lower body workout exercises


              Monday, October 19

              DD: 100 Flutter Kicks.
              AoP: Chapter 11 (lv2 - 7 sets with weights)
              Running: 3.5km (part I) and 1.6km (part II)
              WoD: The Huntsman (lv2 - 5 sets) as part of AoP
              WoD: Ab Crunches (lv1) - crunches, cross crunches and long arm crunches done on a swiss ball
              WoD: Pull-ups – 4 sets with weights (9/3/4/2/2)

              A perfect training session with a lot of strength exercises. I could really feel the energy flow

              I ran from the Mountain Cave to Base Camp (part I) where I improved the defences. Again I got confused so I ended up doing 7 sets instead of 4 After AoP I did the Ab Crunches and some pull-ups. I ended the session with a small jog from the camp to the Dreamers’ Temple.

              For future reference:
              Running part I: Average speed 10,7km/h; gradient 2.1%; total time: 19:47 min
              Running part II: Average speed 10,3 km/h; gradient 3,3%; total time: 9:31 min


                Tuesday, October 20

                I tried the DD (20 Plank Tricep Extensions) but failed.

                No training besides this attempt. I could really feel my abs after yesterdays training session...


                  Wednesday, October 21

                  DD: 2 Minute Wide Leg Plank
                  DD: 20 Plank Tricep Extensions
                  AoP: Chapter 12 option B (lv3) and Chapter 13 option B (lv 3)
                  85 Jumping Jacks as part of the AoP

                  I failed the DD (20 Plank Tricep Extensions) yesterday because I couldn't get the range of motion right.

                  So I had another try today after 24h of visualisation and a serious look at the video I managed to do 10/5/5 still struggling with proper technique. I had to raise one arm slightly before the other. So this was an unexpected tough challenge as it hit the muscles from a new angle. It was also difficult to crack the code regarding proper form

                  Again I ended the session with 55 jumping jacks (Dreamer’s temple to Base Camp)


                    Thursday, October 22

                    No training today


                      Friday, October 23

                      No training today


                        Nice rest days. Enjoy them :up:


                          Thanks Elektra

                          I really enjoy AoP as I can go all in

                          Monday and wednesday was pretty intense so it was nice with two rest days. Also because it is difficult for me to find time training Thursdays and Fridays.

                          So it was a perfect preparation for the weekend.


                            Saturday, October 24

                            DD: 3 Minute Wall Sit
                            DD: 2 Minute Raised Leg Hold
                            AoP: Chapter 14 lv3 + Chapter 15 (800 overhead punches)
                            WoD: Huntsman lv2 as part of AoP
                            WoD: Pull-ups 10/7/9/7
                            Running: 3,5 km as part of AoP
                            85 Jumping Jacks as part of the AoP

                            What is a more perfect start on the week-end than an intense training session in company with Darebee

                            So another reinforcement of Base Camp. I ran to the Agora "Canis" after I had improved the defences. From the Agora I headed to the Unknown Forest to collect 100 squirrels and then returned to the Agora to collect my pay.

                            For future reference:
                            Running: Average speed 10,3km/h; gradient 2.1%; total time: 20:33 min


                              Sunday, October 25

                              DD: 40 Plank Walk-Outs
                              DD: 2 Minutes Arm Scissors with weights
                              AoP: Chapter 16 - option A
                              Running: 3,5 km as part of AoP
                              WoD: Standing Abs -

                              I must say AoP is a real cliffhanger!

                              A quick run from Agora "Canis" to the City Pits where I had to fight Boris (5 minutes jab+cross on a heavy bag) to win the scraps for Dicer. It felt great to do some heavy bag work.

                              Also, I managed to complete the last two days of DD with ec after AoP and finished todays training session with Standing Abs.

                              My running times has improved with AoP mainly because I have been forced to run more often which has been great. I must also confess that I often run to the next location after finishing a chapter just to read the next chapter

                              For future reference:
                              Running: Average speed 11,3km/h; gradient 2.2%; total time: 18:37 min


                                Monday, October 26

                                DD: 40 Climber Taps
                                Running: 3,5 km as part of AoP
                                Random Workout Challenge 4.0 - Samson

                                So today (Monday) I was nominated in the Random Workout Challenge 4.0 for the Samson Workout.

                                I have wanted to try the Samson Workout for some time with the aim to compare it to the Conan Workout. For me both workouts are fun and a tough challenge.

                                In my opinion Conan has more emphasis on the upper body whereas Samson has more emphasis on leg work and the cardiovascular system/aerobic performance (VO2 Max).

                                I can recommend both workouts. For me which one to choose on any given day depends on whether you will focus on upper body (Conan) or on a combination of strenght and aerobic perfomance (Samson).

                                So I started with a 3.5km run as part of AoP (City Pits to Mountain Pits) before doing the Samson Workout. I did it on an empty stomach so I got pretty dizzy at the end - my bad

                                Samson results

                                Set 1: 10/15/50/100/50/30/100/20
                                Set 2: 9/15/75/100/50/30/100/30
                                Set 3: 8/15/100/100/60/30/100/30

                                It was tough :bunny14:

                                For future reference:
                                Running: Average speed 11,3km/h; gradient 2.2%; total time: 18:37 min