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    Wednesday, April 20

    DD: 50 Side Plank Crunches with ec


      Thursday, April 21

      DD: 30 Seconds Jumping Lunges with exec


        Friday, April 22

        DD: 2 Minutes Uneven Plank with ec
        WoD: Incinerator Workout lv2 (punches done with 2 * 2,5 kg dumbbells. I also did 10 push-ups during the 10 sec push-ups)

        WoD: Tank Top lv1 (punches and plank rotations done with 2 * 2,5 kg dumbbells. I also did 20 rotations instead of 10)


          Saturday, April 23

          So I finally managed to catch up on my backlog

          I have taking it fairly easy this week mainly because I could feel my body needed some rest. My knees have been aching and my arms and shoulders have been sore. Though I wouldn't abandon my goal for April so I chose to do the DD's every day so I could fulfill my goal of training every day in April

          Yesterday (Friday) I chose to do a light workout to get started again. The incinerator and Tank Top seemed perfect for this and it was great to throw some punches and do some push-ups I did it outside in the sunshine with an amazing view. Afterwards I just lay on my back watching the sky and clouds pass by >|<

          Lets see what the weekend brings

          Onwards Have a great day


            The view is indeed amazing, Sundance.

            Did you hurt yourself (knees and soreness) or is Military Fit so brutal?

            I like how you consider doing the Incinerator and Tank top as a way to "ease" back into working out.

            Have a great day yourself.


              Ann-Core - MF is indeed brutal.

              I think the reason for this is the combination of dynamic and static exercises which zaps your energy right away But also because of the intensity of the push-ups (power, clapping and dragon push-ups) and squat jumps and jump knee tucks. I haven't done these exercises before so I think my ligaments and tendons are challenged by these new movements and need some more recovery time. Yesterday (Sunday) I did MF Day 12 and I could already feel an improvement.

              This said I can highly recommend MF if you are looking for a program which definitely brings you out of your comfort zone


                Saturday, April 23

                DD: 2 Minutes Acrobat Hold with ec
                Military Fit: Day 11 lv2 (squats done with 2*2,5 kg dumbbells)

                First time I did the Dragon Walk (dragon push-ups). I got the hang of at the third set and became quite fond of it at the end


                  Sunday, April 24

                  DD: 2 Minutes Sitting Punches with ec (feet above the ground)
                  Challenge: Push-Up Ladder Day 16
                  Boxing Week: Day 1 lv3
                  Military Fit: Day 12 lv2

                  The challenge was done as 8 sets of 100 punches with a field lap of running (300m) after every set. I did the challenge with my youngest daugher. She was on scooters and I had to try to beat her. It was great fun

                  I did a bonus round at the end. Boxer Speed was great and made me heavily out of breath to MF Day 12 MF went really well. I tried to visualize myself as a living spring when doing the different exercises. The idea was to do the exercises as fluid as possible.


                    Monday, April 25

                    Challenge: Push-Up Ladder Day 17


                      Tuesday, April 26

                      DD: 3 Minutes Bounce and 100 Jumping Ts - both with ec
                      Boxing Week: Day 2 and 3 lv3 - both with ec

                      Day 2 was pretty intense


                        Wednesday, April 27

                        DD: 30 Wide Grip Push-Ups
                        Boxing Week: Day 4 lv3 with ec


                          Thursday, April 28

                          DD: 2 Minutes Calf Raises with ec (did 4 minutes)


                            Friday, April 29

                            Challenge: Push-Up Ladder Day 18
                            Boxing Week: Day 5 with ec and Day 6 no ec

                            The challenge was done as 9 sets of 100 punches with a field lap of running (300m) after every set. The punches was done with dumbbells (2*2,5kg).

                            I was almost giving up on Boxer Abs (day 6) halfway through the first set (the butt-ups was killing me). But I took a deep breath and persevered. Though I had to quit ec on this one
                            Last edited by Sundance; May 4, 2016, 03:51 AM. Reason: I had written the wrong day for the challenge: I changed it from 17 to 18.


                              One more day and I have fulfilled my goal for April - 30 days of consecutive training! Yeah


                                Saturday, April 30

                                DD: 30 Walk Out Push-Ups with ec
                                Boxing Week: Fight Night - Day 7 lv3 with ec
                                WoD: Power lv 2 (2*7,5kg dumbbells)
                                Military Fit: Day 13 lv2

                                Final day of Boxing Week. You can se my entry here

                                Also I managed to fulfill my goal for April - 30 days of consecutive training

                                It's been real satisfactory to have this goal as it has motivated me to get some training done every single day even on days where I was tired. Just doing the DD felt great. It helped me feel empowered and gave me a lot of positive energy

                                So I have set myself the same goal for May