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    Sunday, January 31

    Hiit Advanced: Day 4 lv 2 - Done with my 9kg weighted vest
    AoP: Chapter 40. Collecting scraps. (40 plank walk-outs - done as part of HiiT)

    I had another great training session with my youngest daughter Emma.
    Emma decided to do the Shieldmaiden workout lv1 while I did the Hiit Advanced Day 4 lv2.
    I was still sore from the day before so I decided to call it a day after Hiit Advanced and AoP


      Originally posted by Sundance View Post
      Thanks Elektra - Please, don't tell anyone but I have bought a vest with the possibility to add extra weights - 18 kg in total
      I knew it!!! . And little amazon of yours is turning into a real excersice machine. Tell her that I want to recruit her for my amazon army.


        That's great! How old is your youngest daughter, Sundance?


          Redline - Emma is 6 years old. She is doing some of the exercises in a modified version - for example push-ups is done as knee push-ups.

          It is great fun training together and for me it is a great motivation watching her smile when she's exercising


            Elektra - Emma is excited about becoming a member of your Amazon army


              Monday, February 1

              DD: 400 Backfists
              Hiit Advanced: Day 5 lv. 2 - Done with my 9 kg weighted vest

              Total: 168 basic burpees My legs and shoulders were shaking at the last 2 sets and my lungs were screaming for air


                Tuesday, February 2

                DD: 50 Side Bridges
                Hiit Advanced: Day 6 lv. 2
                WoD: Enemy Lines+ lv2
                AoP: Chapter 40. Collecting scraps. (200 squats - done as part of Enemy Lines)

                Hiit Advanced was a perfect warm-up to Enemy Lines+. Punches were done with 5kg dumbbells and bicep curls with 12kg dumbbells. Plank leg raises and side plank was done as 20sec/20sec.

                I enjoyed doing Enemy Lines+ and it is highly recommendable.

                I tried to go for ec (15 push-ups) but I had to take a short pause (5sec) between slow climbers and the second round of push-ups. For the last 3 sets I also had to do the last 3 push-ups as knee push-ups. I must say it was push-ups to failure My legs and especially my arms were still trying to recover from the last couple of days training

                So no ec but it is a great feeling to know that I still have strength gains to make to complete the workout with ec


                  Wednesday, February 3

                  DD: 2 Minutes Boat Pose Hold
                  Hiit Advanced: Day 7 lv. 2 - done with my 9 kg weighted vest
                  WoD: Express Abs lv3 - done with my 9 kg weighted vest
                  AoP: Chapter 40. Collecting scraps. (200 squats)

                  AoP was done as active rest (20 squats) between sets of Hiit Advanced. The last 60 squats was done before and after Express Abs.


                    Thursday, February 4

                    DD: 200 skiers (no ec)
                    2*20 bicep curls (2 * 12,5kg)

                    I didn't have much time for training so I chose just to do the DD and some bicep curls


                      Friday, February 5

                      Rest day


                        Saturday, February 6

                        Hiit Advanced: Day 8 lv. 2 with push-ups - done with my 9 kg weighted vest
                        WoD: Guts lv2 - done with my 9 kg weighted vest and 2*12,5kg dumbbells
                        AoP: Chapter 40. Collecting scraps. (100 squats - done as part of Guts)

                        I can highly recommend the Guts Workout formerly known as the Berserk Workout.

                        To put it shortly, I must say that I was challenged by the Hiit workout and the Guts workout.

                        To put it shortly


                          Sunday, February 7

                          DD: 50 Squats Hops on the Spot (ec) - done twice with my 9 kg weighted vest
                          HiiT Advanced: Day 9 lv. 2 - done with my 9 kg weighted vest
                          WoD: Sherlock lv 1 - done with my 9 kg weighted vest

                          I was short on time so I did the Hiit Advanced and the Sherlock workout without any rest between the sets. I got a bit dizzy at the end because of the high pace - though nothing to worry about


                            Monday, February 8

                            DD: 50 One Arm Climbers (ec)
                            Weekly Quest: 100 split squats done as part of Conan
                            HiiT Advanced: Day 10 lv. 2 - no rest between sets
                            WoD: Conan lv. 2 (push-ups done as the Huntsman lv2)

                            I enjoyed todays training session as it was a happy reunion with Conan and the Huntsman

                            The session was brutal and unforgiving. It reminded me of the old capital punishment: Dismemberment

                            Pull-ups/chin-ups: 1:7/5; 2: 6/3; 3:5/3; 4:4/2; 5:4/2


                              Tuesday, February 9

                              DD: 100 Basic Burpees (ec) + 60 Seconds Push-Up Plank (ec). Both with 9kg weighted vest
                              Weekly Quest: 60 sec wall-sit with 9kg weighted vest
                              HiiT Advanced: Day 11 lv. 2 with side-to-side lunge - no rest between sets and with 9kg weighted vest

                              I had planned for a light active recovery training session after yesterday’s gruelling session. But today’s DD wanted it differently

                              The burpees were done as 4 sets of 25 reps with 10 sec rest between sets. Me at the end


                                Wednesday, February 10

                                DD: 200 Knife Hand Strikes (ec)
                                Weekly Quest: 100 squats done as part of HiiT Advanced
                                HiiT Advanced: Day 12 lv. 2 – done with 9kg weighted vest

                                HiiT Advanced was done as the Grinder Workout lv3 with ec

                                The Grinder workout has become one of my favourite workouts. It’s a perfect combination of upper and lower body exercises and cardiovascular training. Especially exercises 6-8 challenges me and puts me out of breath. For me, shoulder presses is a tough nut to crack which I think is caused by the cardiovascular element.

                                Today, I added a new component as I for the active rest twice ran up and down a cellar shaft. My legs and shoulders were trembling at the end

                                Cellar shaft