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    One month is AWESOME!!
    Congrats on starting in again on ReBoot, as that is an excellent place to begin anew!


      Morning Stretch
      Calf/ feet routine

      Standing Mobility

      Not much these couple days. Gonna be honest that I took a couple sip from a half bottle of beer yesterday, but then I poured that freaking thing down the sink. Not sure if that's a win and I am going to keep the streak anyway.


        That was a strong move!


          Yes it is a win! You easily could've talked yourself into drinking the whole bottle, but you didn't!

          And now stay away from the voice that tells you 1 sip is okay, if it ever comes by to trick you


            Stopping to sip is a strong move. Hugs, and continue on your path!


              Originally posted by kandy View Post
              (…)but then I poured that freaking thing down the sink. Not sure if that's a win and I am going to keep the streak anyway.
              That's a bold move and absolutely a great win! I had a similar situation in my first sober weeks but continued the streak, too. For me that incident was rather a manifestation of my decision than a relapse but i do remember that it made a strong impression on me. A bit like when you almost had an accident and that mixture of shock and relief is very present for a while.
              Keep it going…


                HellYeah NancyTree PetiteSheWolf mavie Thanks so much for your words!

                For various reasons I didn't do any workouts during the past couple days, so I realized that I was not that committed. But I did a little bit today:

                Re:Center, day 1
                2-Minute Warmup
                40 high knees, gentle
                some stretches

                I still want to do the 20k high knees challenge but I need to ease into it. There's one called 10k half jacks, which seems nice as well. I want to be on my feet, or run. I quite like the 2-minute warmup workout, too. For me currently it can be a workout for the day.

                At least I am still on track of soberiety. I believe it's my 45th day. which is wow. It's not the only thing that matters but now when I think about it I just feel grateful.


                  One month and a half, another milestone, so grats!


                    Re:Center, day 2
                    Morning Stretch
                    2-Minute Warmup
                    Epic Glutes. My legs were shaking afterwards. Hopefully I didn't screw my legs up again.
                    200 high knees, split into 5x40
                    Lowerbody stretches

                    PetiteSheWolf Thanks!

                    I also went to a kendo practice session in the evening for the first time in the past 3 months. I got bad at a lot of the movements and techniques because of almost no practice for a long time and my current low fitness level. However, during keiko (sparring section) I found that I was using my brain more and I was ABLE to use it. The ability just came naturally, and I strongly believed it's because of myself getting sober. When I started kendo I had been already drinking for 5 or 6 years, and probably addicted for quite a while, and today's experience was totally new to me.

                    My eyes were also seeing more clearly; I was detecting my opponent better, like what they might be doing next; my reaction improved; I became less anxious almost naturally; I even got one or two techniques coming more naturally like never before. It's not a great leap forward in terms of the degree, but the improvements were certainly there. Without getting sober I probably could never get them, no matter how "fit" I were, and those were all pretty important things.

                    For a long time my brain power was pretty limited, which I could tell it's because of my drinking even though sometimes I still didn't think so, as I didn't want to attribute every bad thing to my addiction and not trying to fix a problem. Also it's so chronic and embedded sometimes you just wouldn't think it's alcohol related, because for most of the time of the past couple years I wasn't even drinking 7 days a week. When you didn't have alcohol the previous night, you were not "affected" the next day in an obvious way, so even when your performance wasn't so great, you wouldn't think it's alcohol related but simply how "unintelligent" you were. It's even more true when it came to things like kendo.

                    It's definitely a surprise today, although probably no one else noticed. I feel like I can easily fall back into the addiction but with more benefits I just get more incentive and mental power to fight against it.


                      …i so feel you! All the little improvements and the recognition of them, bringing an inner smile every now and then. You are doing great!


                        Sounds really good! Applause for you!


                          Aug 5, 2022

                          Morning Stretch
                          Quick Warmup
                          Making Today a Great Day, with EC
                          Re:Center, day 3
                          Cardio Blast, day 1
                          Gladiator, day 1
                          From Walking to Running, day 1
                          ​​Night stretches: lowerbody, Neck and Back Pain Relief (EC), just trying out.

                          mavie Montserrat Thanks!

                          I haven't settled my mind on what I am going to focus on, and I just started a bunch of different things... I did most of the above after I got out of bed this morning. The Gladiator challenge and From Walking to Running seems like a great combo. Re Center is still awesome, and Cardio Blast is nice.

                          There were a lot of things that I simply didn't care during my drinking days. Now I am almost just trying to rebuild a simple basic healthy lifestyle, which is harder than I think. Besides the alcohol problem I don't really have a fixed work schedule so nothing is fixed. My appetite isn't great and I need to force myself to eat a meal at least twice a day, as I would like to put on some weight, too. If I am not watching I will mostly eat just one meal plus some snack at another time. Drink more water, sleep earlier and more, and exercise daily.

                          Shower every day. I never tell someone I don't shower every day (usually every other day I do.) That just sounds awful . In fact, during the heaviest drinking days I could go on no shower for four or five days. And I need to change clothes more often.


                            Aug 6, 2022

                            Morning Stretch
                            Dexterity, lvl3 with EC
                            Re:Center, day 4
                            Cardio Blast, day 2
                            Gladiator, day 2, the one-arm plank made me work hard. Love it.

                            I get more DOMS on my legs and arms today than yesterday, so I just do a couple light workouts and be done. No running and I think that's smarter, though I would like to.

                            EDIT: I just recalled how my strength never got pass a certain point no matter how much effort I put in. For example I never got pass the 3:30 point every time I tried the 5-min elbow plank goal. I know 5-min is not easy but it also feels like taking longer than what makes sense and there's just something wrong. Or I could never got the glute strength to do the single-leg bridge (It's always other muscles that helped making it.) Now I wonder if it has anything to do with my chronic drinking. I have enough planks going on currently but I would really like to test it out during the next round. If I make it then there's no way the success is the result of some kind of coincidence rather than being away from booze.


                              Aug 7, 2022

                              Morning Stretch
                              Daily Abs, with EC, not holding the 1min plank very well.
                              Re:Center, day 5
                              Cardio Blast, day 3
                              Gladiator, day 3
                              From Walking to Running, day 2

                              Just finished the running, feeling in love with this.

                              I have actually been following the structure of the Totals program for the past few days, so day 1 is legs, day 2 cardio, day 3 upper body, and day 4 abs. It's just that I pick workouts that I like from the database. The training plans never fit me well.


                                Aug 8, 2022

                                Morning Stretch
                                Made with Love, lvl2 with EC
                                Bubble Butt, did 95% of the reps. ​
                                Re:Center, day 6
                                Cardio Blast, day 4
                                Gladiator, day 4
                                From Walking to Running, day 3
                                Leg stretches