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    Not at the moment - I thought about getting back into stretching after 30 Days of Yoga fiasco 'cause I clearly need it, but by the time I finished today's execution and remembered - ran out of juice. Will try this workout in the evening though, thanks!


      Alt-right raises are great for the back, too. They're not called Alt-right raises, of course, but... eh... opposite left-right arm leg raises or something. These here:
      Click image for larger version

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      If you put some effort into stretching your leg and arm, they're damn great for your back muscles.


        Ah, the ol' Superman routine. Will also try separately!
        The fact that this move is included in calendula's suggestion (this one) is cool. Not sure weather to go with the "great minds" quote or "The Hive"'s obvious hive-mind theme.


          112.8 kg and no sleep today! Pain is still present with virtually no change.
          Not much else to tell, except that a gym - as in "not climbing gym" - membership is in the works.
          Let's hope it works out.

          Mornin' : Lower Back -> Quick Warmup -> AoS (Day 11) -> Total Burn (Day 11, lvl I) -> Core Strength (Day 3, lvl III)
          Evenin' : 8k steps walk -> Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching


            Idea for your back pain:
            Start working on your glutes and thighs. Seriously. Especially the glutes. Do shoulder bridges, if you can. Push up with your feet and really tighten those glutes. Feel with your hands if there's something happening. Do lying side leg raises, like Jane Fonda way back before your time. Etc.
            Weak glutes can lead to back pain, even more so when you use them mostly for sitting on them.


              112.7 kg / 248.4 lb, but I was severely dehydrated after sleeping for what... 15 hours? Darn. Need to get myself one of those Rube Goldberg machine-alarm clocks.
              So yeah, with dehydration accounted for it's probably in the 113 kg / 249 lb ballpark.
              Thigh-glute thing is a thought, wish I had read it before exercising.
              Will find something along those lines next morning. Or day. Or this night, if I decide to forego sleep again...

              Davening : Lower Back -> Quick Warmup -> Total Burn (Day 12, lvl III) -> AoS(Day 12) -> Everyday Stretching -> Core Strength(Day 4, lvl III) -> Lower Back
              Commentary : No fast cabaret-esque leg moves today, so my back allowed me to push level III of Total Burn. Groovy.


                113.5 - still the same ballpark. No sleep today - I have a big event tomorrow, so the plan is to power thorough today, wake up like a normal person and try to keep in line from there. With some help from light sedatives, if needed. Couple of thoughts and questions.

                1) Naked enthusiasm gone, brain is working again. I'm a fat guy. During high-knees and similar sections I was going all-out, practically running in place. Always thought that my knees will grind to dust first, and after noticing them still being there - got a tad bit overzealous. But body is a spring in it's entirety - all that weight dropping had to find some weak spot. Latissimus dorsi, in my case (I think) - also feet joints. I need to focus more on developing those areas without overworking them. Also that butt thing - makes sense that it'll cushion and align everything upstream. I'll do march steps instead of high knees and other explosive jumpy things for now. Will try to make up the "burn" difference with an exercise bike.
                Wanted to find something for glutes today, but I just have no energy left in me.

                2) Looks like I'm still at the same place as far as weight goes. Time to crack down on nutrition hard. My understanding is that I have to keep myself in 100-500 calorie deficit AND eat about 1.5 g of protein per kilo of weight in order to maintain muscle mass. Correct? Also I'm a bit hazy on the amount of actual calories I need. 2500-2800 to maintain current weight seems like a LOT when I try to conjure up meals in my head... But I am probably low-balling it without realizing.
                Also not sure how to pack 168g of protein in there.

                Morvening : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching -> Quick Warmup -> Arms of Steel (day 13, level III) -> Total Burn (Day 13, level I) -> Core Strength (Day 5, level I)
                Commentary : Excuse the lack of hyperlinks, can't force myself to do them today for some reason :.D


                  There are a lot of values floating around concering protein. There's 1.6g of protein per pound of weight if you want to build muscle, the same for kilo of weight per muscle, etc. etc. I would shoot for around 1.1g per kg of weight. If you're going by 115g, that's a good start.


                    Roger. Now the hard part - actually counting those damn molecules...

                    Yesterday : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching -> Quick Warmup -> 40-50k steps.
                    Commentary : Had no time for the rest of the routine - but that was one mighty good walk. Only downside is - can barely stand on my feet today. Ground to dust.
                    That little stunt got me from 112.8 kg to 112.2 kg.
                    How will I exercise today? Hell if I know...


                      Poorly. I will exercise poorly.

                      Dayning : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching -> Come Back Stronger (9kg, lvl III, EC)
                      Commentary : My feet just can't handle most moves in Quick Warmup/Total Burn/Arms of Steel combo, however ironic the last one is. Can't even pedal on the exercise bike - but I did Come Back Stronger in such a way that it was almost cardio. Let us hope it will suffice for today.


                        Not sure when you achieved it but congrats on a 15 day streak!!


                          Yeah, congrats on the 15 days. Whatever you do, consistency is key, so just keep at moving.


                            Achieved it couple of days ago, ja.

                            Actual honest-to-god morning : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching -> Quick Warmup -> Total Burn (day 14, level I)
                            Commentary : Do not know how I will continue TB with blisters on my feet and joint problems after high-knees, as minor as they are.
                            Also looking at the video - I had no idea that step-jacks are to be performed that fast. Takes the wind out of my sails a bit. Can't even keep up with the trainer, let alone push beyond lvl I. And that realization makes past progress feel like nothing to boot. All that time I was doing it incorrectly. Wunderbar.

                            I realize that exercise at the beginning is more about creating a routine - but still. Looks like I've bitten off more than I could chew.
                            I am pondering sun-setting TB for now and switching to something with less potential for injury.
                            Question is - am I being clever or trying to avoid hard work?

                            Actual honest-to-god evening : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching -> Arms of Steel (day 14) -> Come Back Stronger
                            Commentary : Arms of Steel was challenging - I still have to do push-ups on my knees and I fall at the end of plank rotation sets - but it is at least doable. Also I noticed that with Come Back Stronger... I really dig exercises with a low rep count and some kind of weight. Like... They get my heart pumping and sweat flowing just like everything else - but feel way better for some reason.


                              Woke up being 111kg. Time to ruin it with a party!

                              Morning : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching -> Quick Warmup -> Training bicycle on the "6th" difficulty setting. Out of 8. And they are non-linear. So... No idea how much actual work it was.
                              Commentary : Had no time for much else, sadly. I pondered doing HIIT, but most of the ones I found involved high knees or other hurty stuff.

                              Soon-to-be-evening : Nothing. Maybe a modest walk. But we are sending our comrade to serve the Fatherland, so... I expect to loose some progress. Will try to restrain myself though.


                                Good party. Much pizza. Too much Al Gul.

                                Morning : A random assortment of moves to shake off the hangover. Something akin to Quick Warmup with extra steps.
                                Commentary : Al Gul is poison.

                                Day : Lower Back -> Everyday Stretching
                                Commentary : Al Gul is devil.

                                Evening : Come Back Stronger (lvl III, 60s rest)
                                Commentary :
                                I am thinking about finding other dumbbell exercises - it's just that I only own one. Secured some funds for the gym membership, so that won't be a problem for much longer.
                                Al Gul is to be avoided at all costs.