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    I can understand how this was not nice, and particularly exhausting because in the end you couldn't catch the dog.

    I once chased a cat that I had at the time and that had run away because something had frightened him. I remember how I did all I could possibly do to catch him and how I felt sooo tired and depressed when all my effort had been for nothing.


      Montserrat That's so sad, I can only imagine how hard that must have been for you. And it's so difficult when your efforts are for naught when you can't just explain to them that you're trying to help. In our case it's one of those things where I'm just not convinced that it worked out better because we stopped to try and help the dog because I don't know that we really did anything but stress her out even though we tried so hard to give her food and water and shelter, but I have to believe it's better that we at least tried. She was calm around us for awhile but eventually ran away and stuck herself under a car mover truck and we spent forever getting her out from under that so she wouldn't get run over. Some other people came to help us too and they were so nice and so was the person driving the truck but it was just a crazy situation.

      I wrote and edited down the story so many times because I didn't super want to talk about it since it's a downer topic but it was majorly relevant to my activity for the day, and I kept cutting it back because I was so drained and it sounded so much like venting and rambling that I eventually just deleted most of it. Felt so weird about the whole day. One of those days I wish could get a redo.


        Yeah, these days happen, unfortunately.

        Hang in there!


          Montserrat Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm alright though, been processing and we're doing okay, being fine with doing what we could. Today is a new day and it has been pretty nice, and it feels good to get some rest.


            Rest Days

            Self Care:
            Got great sleep last night and even had a really good nap this evening. Still a bit sunburnt but feeling really good today

            Today was Chewie's vet appointment, finally, and it went very well! Our vet was very impressed with how healthy he looks for a 15 year old dog, and basically said don't change anything we are doing for him. He did not recommend meds as apparently they say that if you can keep the seizures down to twice a week on meds they're working well and he doesn't have them anywhere near that often and they're so mild that we shouldn't be concerned about it as it stands. We also showed him the cbd treats we've been getting for Chewie and he was really interested in them, saying that we can keep using those if we want because he has been doing so much better. He asked some questions about arthritis but he has been getting around so well lately that these cbd treats seem to be really helping him. All in all it was a great visit and we feel a lot better about our little buddy.

            Thanks to my sister in law we actually heard more about the stray dog, apparently she is still in the area we got her in, and other people have tried to help her yesterday and today. They also didn't have success and multiple people are trying to get the local shelters to send trained people to come pick her up. It makes me feel so much better that more people are getting involved and that we did actually do some good getting her to a safe spot. She seemed like a sweet dog (despite not wanting us to get too close she was content to be in our presence for a long time), and maybe this will get a happy ending after all.


              That is some really comforting news x2!


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                Happy summer solstice everyone!

                We just found out that the stray was rescued! And thank goodness too, it's 93F/34C outside today and she has a black coat. I am so relieved!!


                  That is great news!


                    Montserrat It is, I'm so happy! My sister in law sent photos from the facebook group she's in where she's been getting all the updates (she posted photos too when we found the dog while we were calling around trying to figure out what to do) and it's definitely her. Makes it all worth it to see she's going to be okay. The rescue service that took her in should be able to help her; she's not a big dog and with some training and a safe space she should go on to have a happy life.


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                        Very Belated Welcome back! Loving the thread buddy keep up the amazing work Good Luck on your new journey


                          Aww thanks BlackButler! I really appreciate it! It's been going great so far, and I'm happy to be back


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                            Still really loving Total Burn!

                            Me today, and it's not even that hot here lol ... I had coffee for the first time in awhile hahah


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                              -6 hours of helping wife's mom move shit out of her basement

                              Today was another Saturday that was a lot of work, but it went a lot better this week. Also with the work being done in the basement this time I was super nervous about struggling with the stairs, and the first two times was pretty rough, but weirdly it actually kind of got easier going up them after a couple times? Weirdest damn thing lol I never expected that!

                              I have a feeling I'm gonna have sore quads and glutes tomorrow though lol


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                                Very sleepy today, but I'm not sore at all so that's a win!