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    Vitality, Day 5
    10 Min Yoga Stretch for Shoulders & Chest, Yoga with Bird

    Self Care:
    Reading, relaxation videos, a big pot of herbal tea (chamomile, spearmint, and lemon verbena blend), and a nice phone call with mom, venting, cbd gummies.

    I've been struggling a lot this spring with caregiver stress/burnout with my 15 year old dog, Chewie. He started having mild seizures in March and my vet has me keeping a log for his appointment this month, which I can't wait for as I'm hoping we'll get to put him on medicine, as well as how waiting around for things tends to give me anxiety. He's generally always been a healthy dog so outside of these short episodes he has been fine, but I've never had to care for a senior pet before and I'm finding it more challenging than I anticipated when we got him as a puppy and all these years in between. I'm a sensitive person and the emotions have been hard, even knowing they would be, as well as just how much the worry and stress compound in the background day after day. Normally I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky, optimistic person, and so lately I just don't feel like myself.

    The episodes were really stressful in the beginning, though nothing like how alarming true seizures look, and I've had some weird stress induced issues since, like light flashes in my eye that my doc had me see a retina specialist for (but was thankfully not detachment and just stress related like I thought), and then more common things like shallow breathing, tight muscles, and reduced sleep quality. But this is all just catching you all up, and I am doing better most days lately. The episodes get easier when you know what to expect and it becomes more manageable.

    We got Chewie some cbd oil treats for dogs that people we know swear by, and I do think they're helping a lot, though he had another minor episode yesterday, which is why I'm talking about stress so much. On top of that it was stormy yesterday, and he gets itchy and restless when the barometric pressure is down I've noticed, and that has been a lot lately because it's been a very wet spring here. So basically I went to bed stressed out last night and woke up today feeling actually pretty ill.

    Thankfully, my self care efforts helped tremendously and I've seen a huge improvement in my day only a few hours out of bed so I'm very happy about that!!

    This stuff is a pretty large reason why I am back here, by the way. I was feeling pretty awful most of the time, and I was remembering how good I felt when I was able to work out before I needed my rest break. It really is true how good exercise is for stress and mental health! It's been great being back.

    Tonight wifey and I are either going to relax on the couch with vegan Ben & Jerry's and watch videos, or go out to Half Priced Books and get Indian food, and then come home and relax on the couch with vegan Ben & Jerry's and watch videos will be a nice evening either way!

    Take care bees thanks for reading my vent if you did, and I appreciate you all welcoming me back!


      Welcome back! Nice to see you again! Happy pride month!


        Good to see you again!

        All the best for Chewie. It's not an easy situation.


          Sending healing vibes to Chewie, and hugs to you!


            Thanks LizardFriend95 AnnieW and Whirly

            I'll pass on the vibes and well wishes to Chewie lol he is sleeping soundly next to me right now in his fluffy bed by my desk. Thankfully it's only 3-4 very mild episodes per month so far so he's doing well most of the time, and when he does have them they're very short, like seconds, and he is fine the rest of the day unlike some doggos who get them. For awhile it didn't even seem like seizures and looked more arthritis pain, like he just tenses up and strains his neck/face and half the time he doesn't even have shaking, but once he did fall over so we were like ah yeah that's what it is.

            We have a long streak of nice weather coming up that I am very excited about because he always seems to do better when the weather is nice.


              -Vitality, Day 6
              -Restorative Yoga For RELAXATION & Calm Mind, Yoga with Bird

              Self Care:
              Melatonin sleep aid (last night) and a good night's sleep, cat nap when I was feeling fatigued during the day, Pad Thai from our favorite vegan restaurant, fun evening with wifey

              Last night was a little rough because wife wasn't feeling well, so we skipped the bookstore for hopefully Sunday and had a nice evening in. Later we went to the grocery to pick up some things and I was happy that walking around the store didn't make me tired at all, which happens sometimes since during 2020-21 I barely went because of covid and recovery. I'm still getting used to walking more but I notice improvements like this all the time lately!

              It seems like Chewie peed on the floor by the back door last night while we were asleep. He's started having accidents this year as well but this is only like the 4th time or so. We've never had housebreaking issues with him outside of when he was a puppy but wifey's mom has this problem with her two dogs and she uses doggy diapers so we ordered Chewie some tonight lol. I don't anticipate it being too difficult to get him to wear since he doesn't mind clothes so we'll see but I'm hopeful it solves this minor problem for him.

              Today was an easy day, I was exhausted all morning from the melatonin but it did help me get a good, deep sleep so I didn't mind too much. I had a restful day and then after dinner wife and I had fun playing the new Diablo game together.


                -Walking around at Pride with my lovely wife
                -Vitality, Day 7
                -5 Min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch, Yoga with Bird

                Self Care: feeling way less stressed today, even with Chewie waking me up too early, and just enjoying this absolutely gorgeous day is enough for me. 72-75 degrees F (22-24C) 35% humidity, not a cloud in the sky. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day to be outside, for a Saturday and for Pride; last year was so hot and humid it wasn't nearly as enjoyable. Also this is only our second Pride so I'm excited to go back! Our city's is small but quaint and I like that, though we might also try to go to the big city one later this month!

                We had so much fun! We walked around a lot and and got a lot of fun stuff and talked to so many nice people, and I don't hurt at all for walking around so much!
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                  -Vitality, Day 8

                  Self Care:
                  Fun day with wifey, delicious Indian food, new books and getting rid of unwanted ones, movie night

                  We had such a great weekend, it really felt amazing to be able to do so many things! It's been far too long since I've been able to be so active and it is making me very happy right now.


                    -Vitality, Day 9
                    -Restorative Yoga for When You Feel Like Doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, Yoga with Bird

                    Self Care:
                    Got woken up by Chewie 2 hours early today and spent some time trying to roll with it but I'm just way too tired to do anything today, though I'm finding it so hard to fall asleep for a nap as well. Got up from my second failed attempt and took the most relaxing shower ever, and I'm going to do this very peaceful yoga practice, take a cbd gummy to help me feel more relaxed (new to trying these but I think they're working pretty good so far), and try again. Hopefully attempt number 3 is successful and I can get some rest so I can at least do stuff this evening.


                      -Vitality, Day 10
                      -Restorative Yoga Shoulder Stretches For Tension, Yoga with Bird

                      Self Care:
                      this instrumental song right out of bed (had a kind of depressing song stuck in my head for like 2 days, so I listened to this til it was gone lol), cutting back my caffeine intake until my stress with Chewie is resolved, melatonin sleep (last night), chat with mom today

                      I did manage a short nap yesterday once my wife got home but it didn't help a lot, though the evening was still nice, just kind of felt like a wasted day. It difficult being that tired. Some days I can go off 6 hours of sleep just fine but then other days it just wrecks me, and Chewie hasn't made it easy to get a full 8 the last few months. I'm a light sleeper and he either keeps me from going to bed or wakes me up for a variety of different reasons, but we have some things this week that should help- mostly diapers and a new hot spot spray for his arm that he won't stop licking.

                      Today is much better though. Chewie woke me up early again but I was able to fall back to sleep probably thanks to last night's melatonin. It's been a nice morning so far, a little sleepy since it's overcast and might rain later and I haven't had any coffee but I'm feeling pretty good today. Also I was really sore through my back and shoulders when I woke up but I'm feeling decent now with just some light stretching so that's good.

                      Wifey is getting a bottle of moscato tonight and some really good hummus so we might make some falafel wraps for dinner.

                      ps. Today's yoga felt magical for my sore neck and shoulders!


                        -Vitality, Day 11
                        -5 Min Beginner Friendly Morning Yoga to Start Your Day, Yoga with Bird
                        -Counting Victories Challenge - Writing, Day 1

                        Self Care:
                        I finally got to sleep in and make up some sleep!

                        My wife got reason to believe that once they hire someone for her position and her new promotion kicks in, she should be able to start working from home! We've been wanting that for her for ages and I am so excited, it's gonna be so good for her and her mental health, and also for me not only because I'll get to be with her more but also because she'll be able to take Chewie out of the bedroom in the mornings where he can stay with her and stop waking me up early every day! We also have a half dozen house update plans we want to have done this year that will be a lot easier to manage with both of us here.


                        Also, the stuff I got for Chewie is coming early so both things should be here today! I can't wait to try out the itch spray, poor fella has had such a rough spring but also all the licking is driving me crazy. I'm hopeful this will make it better for him.

                        My wife is out of town with a coworker today, and his wife made us spicy tofu! She is a vegetarian herself but she knows we are vegan, and my wife talks about food a lot with this coworker because I cook a lot and he is a foodie. Also they know how crazy I am about spicy food so I can't wait to try it, apparently it's "Asian level" spicy lol! Gonna be so good! And such a thoughtful gesture, so sweet!

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                          Nice things to look forward to!


                            ps. So I tried some of the tofu while I was making breakfast and it is so good! I can't wait to have it for dinner, maybe with some kimchi ramen or something. Also has a nice heat flavor but I didn't think it was particularly spicy heh heh like they were afraid we wouldn't be able to eat it

                            He is going to see if his wife will part with the recipe for us!

                            Montserrat haha yes! I'm so happy!


                              **Addition to my Check-in Post for today**

                              I'm starting the Counting Victories Challenge, and I'm going to use it to help me make progress on my novel. I've been semi-stuck in the last act for awhile now; I took a long break during the pandemic/my recovery, and I started working on it again about a month or so back. I started with reading and re-editing the last couple chapters I had written before the break, and now I am all caught up on those tasks but I've been struggling with my mental health so much the previous two weeks that I just didn't have the ability to focus on writing. I found this challenge and thought it would be a great idea to help me start a goal of writing at least a sentence a day, in an effort to get out of this rut. So it'll either help me get started and I'll be able to get over inertia and write, or else it'll add up over time as I struggle to get back into this process because even a little bit of progress each day is better than no progress at all.

                              And in fact it's already working well as I was able to write a decent bit more than 1 sentence today.


                                Good luck on your novel! Hope you can continue making progress!