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    Hi there, here's my very first check in!

    I discovered the Darebee website a few days ago and have been reading up on some of your posts here. They are very motivating, which made me decide to create my own thread.

    Being a bookseller and also a philosophy student I have a very sedentary lifestyle. I realized that over the past years a lot of physical activity has gradually disappeared from my daily life. As a child, of course like all other children I was very active without even thinking about it. Then, when I was a teenager, I was still participating in all sorts of different sports. But not long after that, other things got priority and I have not been particularly mindful of my physical health since.

    It would be very nice to change that pattern. I am looking to lose some weight, get in better shape, learn some new skills, but most of all I want to make physical exercise a daily habit again. Get away from my desk and start moving! And I think that the Darebee workouts might be just the thing for me. I started one last Sunday, doing the Foundation program, level II. It seemed like a good place to begin, and I am loving it so far. Lots of great workouts, programs and guides on the website - so much to explore! I am genuinely curious to know what progress I can make. I have no idea!

    (A bit of a wake-up call: no more than a few sets of squats, part of the second day's workout, were enough to give me very sore legs for the past day or two, so much so that I could barely descend the stairs. On the other hand: I must say that I secretly enjoyed the discomfort. It gave me the impression that I had put some effort in!)

    Very enthusiastic right now - hopefully I can keep that up. Also, looking forward to becoming a member of the community here - let's see where this all leads to!

    Greetings all, enjoy your day,

    • about an hour of cycling
    • evening's walk in the park

    Hello and welcome!




        Hi and welcome, I hope you'll enjoy your stay and succeed in making exercise a part of your life.
        Don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear, we all like to help if we can.


          Thank you Anek, TheLibrarian, lofivelcro! I have already seen that the atmosphere is very friendly on these forums.

          Today's uneven plank hold proved too hard to finish in one go. I really have no idea what I can or cannot do at this point, so it is interesting to find that out. About 60 seconds was the max for me, did that plus 3x 40 seconds after that first one. So room for improvement there!

          Also, I injured my right foot when I dropped some heavy garden equipment on it this evening. Hope it won't bother me tomorrow.

          • evening's walk in the park


            Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here


              Thanks calendula, I'm pretty sure I will!

              Again, I could not complete the Daily Dare in one go. It is just too much for my leg muscles at this point. I bounced for 60 seconds, then 40, and then another 40. Very good practice though.

              It's been great sunny weather lately, so it's nice to exercise outdoors. Should be able to do that for much of the summer and fall, which is awesome.

              I am also pleasantly surprised that there are so many ways to exercise your body that (at least, at my level of fitness) don't need any extra equipment or special facilities. No need for a gym in the near future!

              • changed the bedsheets (quite an exertion!)


                You can get pretty far with your bodyweight alone, especially if you have a place to do pulling motions, like a door bar or something. If you're creative and know what to do, you could get quite fit and build strength without ever setting foot into a gym.
                Half the fun of working out like that is exploring your options and, as you get fitter and stronger, to do more and more. Hope you'll have a lot of fun while doing so.




                    lofivelcro Yes, exactly. It really is a journey!

                    Fremen Thanks!

                    Today I did manage the Daily Dare in one go. I did not feel a lot like superwoman though, more like a stranded seal!

                    But hey, I did it!
                    And I'm still loving the program.

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                      What I think is really working for me, is that every new day of this program focuses on a different part of the body from the previous. That way, even though for instance my legs are still tired from yesterday's training, I can still do ab exercises and not hold back. There's always some part of my body that is feeling kinda tired or sore, but this way it is more of a nice feeling than it is a problem.

                      Somebody has obviously thought about this!

                      Still enjoying myself...!

                      • evening's walk in the park
                      • cold shower (trying to make a habit out of that, too)


                        Belate welcome to the Hive If you even need advice we are all here to help out amazing work so far by the way keep it up


                          BlackButler Thank you, indeed so many nice people here!

                          Today was the first day of a rather busy two weeks to come, with several assignments for my studies that have to be completed. I will try to stick to my exercise routine nonetheless. Today all went well!

                          • 1hr bike ride and 30min walk commuting to university


                            I managed today's Daily Dare in one go but I think that I could have performed it better. All these exercises are new for me, so sometimes it takes a while to get used to them and perform them in an optimal way.

                            It is nice to learn all these new movements and explore what the body is capable of.

                            I have also been reading up on a lot of older posts on the forums here and found quite a lot of interesting information, and also inspiration there. Will keep me busy for a while!

                            Hope you all have a nice day!

                            • 1hr bike ride and 30min walk commuting to university
                            • cold shower


                              With a bit of hesitance I want to add another challenge to my program. Nothing directly to do with exercising, but I feel that somehow it is connected or that I can make it be connected to working out.

                              I very much want to stop ruining my fingernails. It's not so much that I bite them, it's more of a compulsive fidgeting. And my hesitation in mentioning this is in the fact that I have tried for years now to stop doing it and still I have not succeeded. But I don't want to fail this time, and I believe I won't. I am hoping that the motivation that I now have in working out can also be used for fighting this nasty habit.

                              I can leave my nails alone for maybe a week or so, but as soon as they get to be a little bit longer, or less smooth, I start scratching them. I don't know if it is some kind of anxiety or just a bad habit, just that I've been doing it for a long, long time and that I have tried loads of times to stop. I mostly do it when I'm reading or watching TV, I am not always immediately aware of it, and I think it mostly happens when I'm not in the best shape. (Just as you eat candy or slack off on your workout when you're feeling low.)

                              So...starting tomorrow, I'll add it to my posts as an extra challenge. All good suggestions on how to handle this are more than welcome!

                              Workout went well, by the way...!

                              • 1hr bike ride and 30min walk commuting to university
                              • cold shower
                              • evening's walk