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    June Sketch Challenge day 2 - Kokomi's eye, from Genshin Impact.

    I like how this one turned out. It could be better but I still like it.

    I just ordered 50 x 300gsm art card (white) and it should be here by Monday 6. I bought them and then Mum said I could've just stuck a piece of old card stock under every page I use so I kind wish I'd thought of that before buying these pages.

    I bought a folder last weekend to use as my art portfolio but I keep putting my drawings on my wall, also some are A5 & A3 so they'd not fit.

    My dad has come down with a chill and has now been bedridden for a whole day. He sliced his finger and, against my instruction, decided that, although it bled like a river, it didn't require a trip to A&E. Now we believe it's infected and is the cause of his ailment but it's the Queens jubilee and the doctors are closed. Mum rung out of hours and it's a "up to 8 hour wait for a call back".


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      So I am frustrated rn. I was watching anime and it was very good (I only know how to spell the end of the title, "moonlit fantasy").

      Anyway I was thinking I'll scan all my art and that way they'll not deteriorate over time but I needed a USB so I bought one [rather annoyed about it too].

      Now my brother pointed out I have only drawn women (or female characters) so I think I'll try drawing Kirito from SAO but as I can only draw what I see, I'll need an image from google.

      I played a little bit of Genshin Impact and watched the latest video from T.A. Outdoors YT channel and I was itching to pack a bag and go a hike but it was after 8 so I opted to buy a drink and watch the above mentioned anime. I might watch some more... "a couple of cuckoos" is supposed to be good and clips from Insta are interesting...


        Here's some images to go through:
        No idea if that character is supposed to have long hair or wears dresses. He sure gets genderswapped a lot, so I tried to take that tag out. You might have to play around with the tags yourself, if you're looking for something specific. He doesn't have the most masculine character design, so it shouldn't be too hard to draw him.


          Ah Kirito, my man. lofivelcro he's a guy and has short hair (but was genderbent in season 2 part 1). I just drew his girlfriend, Asuna and it's flarking atrocious.


            You learn from your mistakes. Look at your drawing and try to pinpoint what you can do better.


              So yesterday I didn't draw as I hadn't time b4 work. It is now 0116 on Sunday and I just finished work at 0050 so I am finally having some food. I will probably watch some anime and chill. Then in the morning I will draw something.

              Speaking of drawing, at work tonight I spoke to to a family and, the short story is they all praised my artistic talent and have even added me on Facebook. I am also now known, by name, by a 1988 British Olympic gold medalist so that's cool.


                It's now 0040 and I just finished "the strongest mage with the weakest crest" and I haven't drawn now in... what feels like forever. I must do a drawing tomorrow but my new USB pen and 300gsm paper will come so I'll wait till they arrive.

                I just learned you can pause insta stories and screen cap them. I've lost really good pictures because I didn't know this. But I've got some good ones recently and will put them on my IPad and use them later in future posts (they have artist handles on them so you can look them up).

                I'm only in 2 days this week... again. I guess it's just the boss thinking she's looking after me, cause she knows about my depression and stuff but I really need the dough, I'm looking to start investing and need £50 minimum to open an account (which doesn't sound like a lot but it's a pain to gather when you're only working 2 days a week and still need to live and the price of food has risen as well). I'll have ~£20 by Thursday this week but if I may add a bit more. My 30th is in just over 4 weeks so I am saving to go out and get myself a gift as well so there's that.

                I made a drink from my geeky bartender book, blue milk, based on the blue milk from star was OK but was a pain to make and rather plain.

                I need to start exercising and getting into healthier habits. I was just telling a co worker that I'd lost a bit of weight since starting work, I still eat pizza religiously and drink Pepsi like it's going outta fashion but my joggers, normally a large waist are loose on me. I don't track weight or anything but I've noticed my waist is smaller and a coach at the gym noticed as well.


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                  My first drawing that I didn't copy, it's entirely my own 😃 what do you think? She still needs work but as far as I am concerned this is the first step towards my goal of producing a manga. She needs a name but I haven't decided what kinda character she is but probably a Tsundere.

                  I tried drawing on my 300gsm paper and it turned out OK but then the alcohol markers kept leaking ove the lines and ruined the image so I am going to try just pencil (as with the image above) but I also ordered a set of artist pencils as colour pencil may look good for the eyes but not the whole image, then it starts to look like a kids colouring book.

                  My dad has finally been seen by a doctor and it's a urine infection so he's on antibiotics. He then asked me to buy him green masking tape (like he doesn't have enough) but I decided to buy some stickers for my phone and IPad. Dad did pay me back though.

                  I'm not in work till the weekend (only 2 days again) so this is gonna be a shit paycheck but I am determined to save up enough to open that investment account and finally be financially free (I hope) in the meantime I should probably really read my manga university book so I can make my drawings better.


                    Coloured pencils, used well, can look brilliant! Just check out what this woman does with cheap coloured pencils. You don't need expensive stuff! Especially since you're not rolling in money. Save it for things you really need.


                      Not bad for a first try, but seriously, are you studying anatomy? In that image, I'm looking especially at the breasts, ignoring the left arm for now. But the breasts are too high, they overlap (?) and are weirdly shaped. I'm no expert, but breasts are more... bag-shaped. Their basically bags of fat and tissue. That means, in most cases, they get pulled down a bit by gravity. I have a tutorial image somewhere explaining this, if I find it, I could send it to you over PM. Obviously can't post it here.
                      Aside from that, look at the collarbones and feel for your own. They're not placed like this. Or is it the collar of a shirt? In that case, forget what I wrote.
                      Study more images, especially light and shadow. That's important.
                      I'm grinding fundamentals, too, atm, and still a bit away from human bodies, but I try to get an eye for all those details, because they're important.
                      Btw, many mangaka started with Loomis, might be something to look into.
                      Keep going, you're doing well and I enjoy seeing your progress and you sticking to it.


                        I got your tutorials lofivelcro and they're very detailed. This is the tutorial book I use and its chapters.
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                        There are several pages and "parts" to each chapter.


                          So it's been a while since I've drawn, I did do some head drawing practice yesterday. I'm not losing interest but I'm starting to lose inspiration, it's easier for me to copy someone else's work than think up my own.

                          Without a teacher, this is going to be hard. I also have been feeling pretty low for a while so motivation isn't there.


                            This wasn't a goal but I've lost weight (approximately 4kg) and 3 inches off my waist. I noticed weeks ago that my boxers and joggers were loose and today I confirmed it. My waist is now just over 33 inches and will require a 34 waist which means I need a whole new set of boxers, jeans and joggers. My shirts are still the same, medium to large but I am not surprised.

                            I have been inspired to exercise and get healthier (a little shapely as I'm more balloon then washboard).

                            My new art pencils came yesterday but I got called into work, it was a somewhat busy night. We had a table of 18 American golfers in and they ended up spending over or near £1k and tipped 10% so in one night I made £23.50 in tips.

                            Now for my money I had decided to start investing but I'm starting really simple with a savings ISA. I'll probably stay with it for a while and then when I get up to about £3k I'll go for a bigger investment.


                              Tonights workout: 1 arm push up prep = I only did the close push ups and 1 arm plank.

                              We did some art BABY! And I abso-fricking-loutly love it (I am on my IPad so I don't have auto spell). I drew my OG waifu, Asuna from Sword Art Online and this IPad camera doesn't do her justice but it'll do. The original image is by MC Renders.
                              First the original
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                              My Sketch
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                                Bad news my artist pencils where thrown out. The wood was so cheap it splintered when I tried to sharpen them and the leads broke constantly. I had them at a good point but I'd sharpened 2 of them to half size in 2 days and only did 1 drawing. 2 of them had to be thrown out almost immediately as they just wouldn't sharpen and the I just CBA with the hassle.

                                So I am going to buy a proper artist set, I have found 2 suppliers on amazon and am not sure which to go with but I'll just buy a straight up pencil set.

                                I have also set up an ISA with a £60 start and I'll put £20 to £25 a week (if my wage is good) in and on June 10 2023 it'll be fully mature and [assuming I put £25 a week in for a year] I'll have over £1680. That would be awesome and then the plan is to take out £680 and repeat the cycle with £1000. The £680 will then be used to buy merch, clothes and pay my granny a nice sum for paying my subscriptions (she's paying £26 a month but I'm only paying back £20 so I'll drop a nice £250 or £300 on her doorstep)... that's the plan anyway.

                                This weeks plan of action:
                                1. Buy an art set.
                                2. Put £25 in ISA.
                                3. Pay granny for the subscriptions.
                                4. Buy a coffee powder from amazon.
                                5. Buy dad that SD card I promised 6 months ago.
                                6. Buy a few seeds in prep of the greenhouse going up (for dad).
                                7. Save a few ££ for my birthday in the next 4 weeks.