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    Originally posted by Aether View Post
    It's American
    Hmmm, I looked through the site and have not found a single name or address. In the EU (or in the UK) that would not be legal afaik. In their Terms of Service the governing law is stated as India. A search of their mother company Zenixha Co.just comes up with the one mention on the Teyvat factory site.

    Take care.


      Andi64 thanks for the info, maybe I'll stick to amazon but I'll buy 1 item and check it.


        Looking at the prices, especially of the Hoodies, they're way too cheap for official merchandise. You also don't find anything on them on the internet, no info about where they ship from, and they never mention Genshin Impact, but only Awesome Genshin Products. This reeks of scam. Stay away. If you want cheap Chinese unofficial merchandise, stick to Aliexpress.

        As for reading to improve your vocabulary: It doesn't matter what you read, as long as it's slightly above your current level. Everything goes. Fantasy, wikipedia articles, magazines, whatever catches your fancy.

        And witchcraft: Look into Wicca if you're interested. It's based on old traditions from England, Wales and even Ireland.


          lofivelcro I'd already removed them from my search engine and Instagram. I'll just use amazon for now.

          As far as my vocab, I have a book series that I'm interested in, the first book I already have is called "the song of the marked" and I have listened to it b4 and it's really good. There are 3 more books in this series atm so I'll read them.

          As far as witchcraft, it was a passing fancy. I don't really think it's an interest, just that a character I play as in Genshin is a witch and it mad me wonder what witchcraft is like nowadays. I watched a video by "the green witchcraft YouTube.


            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220621-130816_Gallery.jpg Views:	6 Size:	158.7 KB ID:	858881Tried my new charcoal pencils today. I'm not sure how I feel about it, on one hand it's OK but on the other it makes a hell of a mess if you're left handed. My hand is black and there's finger marks all over the image. I think I may not get any more charcoal pencils, I'll try their color pencils next but the pencils were not expensive (£11) and they felt expensive, I was throughly impressed. Oh also this is my first male character drawing.


              Click image for larger version

Name:	Anos Voldigoad.jpg
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              I decided to remove my 100 burpees and 50 push ups badges because I feel I can't claim them any longer as I can't even do 15 push up now and haven't done a burpee in idk how long.
              As such I am going to aim to collect a few badges, because I've been a Hive member since 2018 and only ever managed 2 or 3 badges. I'll try to do all the badges and donate a little when I earn a badge like Kanary does.

              I want, no, I need to do something about my overall health and fitness. I've decided to start with level 1 programs because I have no base to start with yet.

              So to start with I'll do arms of steel chair edition program and one of the push up challenges.


                Go for it!


                  I. Could. 😢.

                  I drew this really good drawing of Rias Gremory from high school dxd (it's nude and there's nipples so won't post it) because I was bored. It was really good, proportions were better, almost perfect and I thought "I'll add some shading to really make her pop". We'll the only things I had were my charcoal pencils and I got started then I noticed that it a) looks terrible and b) there's a big black smudge on her face. Her breast outline is even hidden.

                  Now it's not a "stick it to my wall I'm so proud of it" but I'm still proud of it so I put it in my portfolio. It also isn't finished, I started colouring and forgot to finish her hair. It's also my second drawing of the day so yay.

                  I'll edit the image and post it but it's hard to make out.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20220621_231901.jpg
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                  Montserrat I'll do my best but I have a terrible record of sticking to plans of any sort.
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                    Arms of steel: chair edition day 1
                    daily push ups challenge day 1

                    I was going to try the 50/50 meal plan but I was thinking that I need to start using my food and drinks books so I am starting with miso soup but I will need to buy online so I won't be able to make it until I get paid and then the ingredients are delivered. If you are interested, here's the book I'm using:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20220622_133237.jpg
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                      I finally did it. I downloaded Ibis Paint X on my phone and did some practice. I plan to use this app as a supplement to my physical drawing but it'll allow me to make multiple copies and change the colours without having to redraw a picture.
                      Here's a painting of a girl from Shikimori's not just a cutie I did to practice, I also tried my Rias drawing but I deleted it
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220622-182235_Gallery.jpg
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ID:	859011This is exciting


                        That book's surprisingly good, thanks for mentioning it.
                        If you want to start cooking Miso Soup, you'd need miso paste and dashi broth. Both are somewhat expensive, so... ever tried soy sauce? Do you like fish? Because miso tastes a bit like soy sauce, salty and fermented, and dashi is a broth made out of tuna flakes. Just a heads up, before you buy expensive ingredients and don't like the flavour. In both cases, look for products without additional flavourings.


                          No problem lofivelcro
                          I may not do miso as I also like the tempura recipe. I'll alter it as I won't have a lot of the stuff available and I need an oil thermometer also but it sounded tasty when I read it.
                          I hope you enjoy the food in the book, I'm going to try doing 1 recipe a week from either the cook anime or geeky bartender book.

                          I've also been playing with digital art and really enjoying it. Rn I've only repainted an image but I was just making sure my stylus is good. I'll be working on my own art from now on. Shame I went and bought new shading pencils before downloading the software.


                            So first I want to say that I am so lethargic today, I don't want to workout as I could sleep but also my new shading pencils came so I'd like to draw. I've been trying to paint on my app and it didn't look nice. I then decided to try drawing on it using both the in app renders and drawing (didn't like it).

                            I downloaded a pdf on basic Japanese (spoken and writing) but it would be easier to buy the book so depending on how much I spend on new cloths (yay weightloss) I might buy it.

                            Mum bough me Japanese steam buns today so I am looking forward to trying them, they're duck filled.

                            I now have £110 in my ISA, I'm ahead of my schedule. I bought another Genshin badge, a new T shirt and new boxers. I also had to buy dad bamboo canes, he paid me back for them though.

                            I didn't buy the basic Japanese workbook so I will just read it off my IPad and write katakana and hiragana in a Genshin book I bought.

                            All in all I am happy with this 😊 but I need new medical supplies for my first aid kit lest my dad slice open his finger again and I not have any bandages, it barely worked last time so I'll have to hit up the chemist tomorrow.

                            I also need to develop so e way of saying I am going to do something at a certain time, like a time table in school.

                            I also cleared my room, polished the TV stand and my PS4 and brushed the floor. Got rid of old stuff I didn't need and have walked 6410 steps so far.


                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220623-195303_Gallery.jpg
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                              Here's another repainted picture. I just coloured her hair, the shadows and her white shirt. I am not a very good drawer on either paper or on my phone yet so when I feel up to it I repaint images from anime but I want to paint a photo of myself (take a photo and then repaint it) for my avatar. I like the possibilities that digital art opens to me but I feel a bit fake if I don't draw a bit of it myself.

                              I've tried to paint today but just cba and I have work this weekend.


                                I did another drawing and although I think it looks quite beginner, it does look OK.
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220624-225946_Gallery.jpg
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ID:	859263
                                I do a physical copy template and then take a picture and copy it on Ibis paint X. I also downloaded an app called Genshin Planner which keeps track of all your characters levels and weapons levels as well as listing ascension material for both weapon and character. It is quite a nifty app, wish I knew about it earlier.

                                I'm now going to watch Dawn of the witch and any other anime that have been released then maybe I'll do some more painting on my picture.