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Healthy body, healthy mind - my struggle to regain my mental health

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    Healthy body, healthy mind - my struggle to regain my mental health

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    So the deal is to build a "overall health" habit. Healthy body, healthy mind as Ganyu says.

    My goal is to do at least 4 of the suggestions I have set out for myself, they are: No / minimal caffeine (I'm a caffeine addict), Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (I have a habit of missing my meals), 8 glasses of 💧 a day (I very rarely drink water), Eat 3 - 5 fruit and/or vegetables a day (I don't eat fruit or veg), 5 to 10 minutes of exercise a day, Don't sit too long, Brush teeth daily and in the evening (including using my teeth whitening powder) .

    Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? I'll try. Will I fail? Probably especially "sitting too long" when playing Genshin impact.

    Side hobby
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    Good Luck on your journey!


      Good luck and have fun.


        Good luck buddy we're rooting for you


          Trbrat75 TheLibrarian​​​​​​​ BlackButler thanks. I will also be posting a lot of Genshin Impact pictures as that's what is currently motivating me.

          The 2 in the above photo are Ganyu and Keqing (2 of my favourite characters to play as).

          Today I'll not be following my suggestions as I have already drank 4 cans of monster.


            Good luck on the new leg of your journey!


              Good luck


                I'm in work today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday so I'm going to get a good paycheck next week.

                Good thing as I need money for the various drinks glasses and mixing ingredients I need.

                I'll be making a 🍸 called Exquisite delicacy (purple rain).


                  My bullet journal / drawing book has arrived.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  And my "how to draw anime for beginners" book should be here tomorrow. I also bought a "comic panel" book for my brother to practice in. He's already pretty good at drawing.

                  I am also going to make my first 🍸 later b4 work.


                    So I didn't get to make that cocktail because I had no mixer.

                    Work was rough but I survived... just 4 more days to go.

                    I got home from work but I snapped at my dad. I'm not going to apologise because I know I am right. I'm just going to stop getting a lift to work and going to the gym and he'll not get money from me.

                    I did some drawing now I am in bed and here's one of the drawings I did:
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                    It's not perfect, the eyebrows are too "ugh" and don't fit the character I ended up with. I was going for "vampire eyes" but I need work. You should see a full face my brother drew but he's got an artistic talent at drawing. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

                    NOW as far as my "healthy body, healthy mind" is concerned... it's going OK. I'm not so much "nutritionally healthy" as much as I am trying, I'm trying to build healthy lifestyle habits like brushing my teeth, looking after my appearance and just getting the basics right.

                    I am probably not going to brush my teeth as it is 0017 hours (and I'm in a foul mood).


                      A foul mood shouldn't stop you from giving your teeth at least a quick brush. Discipline is key and what should help you sticking to what you need to do even through a foul mood. Consider getting a mouth wash, or just a bottle of wodka for those days you don't feel like it. Take a sip of mouth wash, keep it in your mouth, brush quickly over your teeth and rinse. I use wodka mixed with tea tree oil.

                      The shape of the eyes look good, btw. From what I've read, it might benefit you to copy manga panels in the early stages as long as they're of different styles. It'll help you get a feeling for how faces are constructed, to build muscle memory, and to find your own style with more experience.
                      Studying various types of pencil strokes might help, too. I have some theoretical knowledge from reading forum posts of artists, but aside from sketching construction plans I don't have any experience myself.


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                        I drew a face and it's the best face I ever drew.
                        I'm still not very good as I have to turn the book as I draw the circle but I think, for an absolute beginner it's pretty good.


                          Click image for larger version

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                          My drawings from yesterday and Friday. I was impatient and couldn't wait for my Manga University books so I drew the wee person but he's kinda disproportionate.

                          My Manga University books came yesterday and I had a look at how to draw manga: basics and beyond and flark me sideways it is detailed, like why did I not by it in 2020?

                          I also got a book from Manga University for different panel styles.

                          EASTER SUNDAY 🐣 oh no I'm gonna die today! I'm in at 2 till end so I am not repeating yesterday, I am having a stuffed crust pizza b4 work so I can stave off my hunger.

                          I am also using a hair health hack, rubbing E.V. Olive oil in my hair and then washing it out. I learned it from a style YouTube person and my mum asked my granny and she heard of it so it must be a very old time trick.


                            Good luck on the new goals. Try to prioritise teeth-brushing. No matter how tired I am, I always at least brush (and floss) my teeth. I can fall into bed with a clean conscience (as well as clean teeth) and it makes me feel a little bit better. A foul mood is no reason to punish yourself - which is what you're doing, risking cavities. A habit has to start somewhere and continue no matter your mood.


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                              Hey guys I just made my first cocktail tonight. Now I am thinking about making another, non-alcoholic drink from my Geeky bartender book. I am not planning a big expense thing rn but I was thinking about starting making videos of the drinks I make - but then I think to myself "I've got nowhere decent to shoot" so maybe just an Instagram page would be best but then I'm wasting my YouTube account... I need to 🤔 about this and come up with an 💡 of what I can do.

                              *pondering* *deep in though*