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    calendula Only the good ones Sheogorath can stay away. Don't need his nonsense.

    Had a bit of a busy day but in a good way. Due to my injury and not being able to get out of the house as much I used to I've done some research into ways to get more involved in my hobby than I already am. Exciting stuff.


    Stretch and bird dog exercises

    35 min swim

    Watched Shaun of the Dead while doing hobby painting




      How I went throughout my day.

      According to my watch I got 9 hours of sleep. Lots of REM and light sleep but no deep moments. Might be why I dragged through my day. All I did exercise wise is my short walk. Had a treatment session. Spent the rest of my energy making dinner for my family. Tried to recover energy by reading and playing a few games. I will end my day by flossing and then getting some rest.

      I hope everyone has a good day


        Did lots of exercising yesterday. Today my Dr. gave me some specific areas to work on as well so I did a couple of workouts for that. My arms are feeling it already. Might get some wiggle arms by the end of the week

        I'll probably look at another site I use sometimes (Fitness Blender) to find other workouts to spice things up as I have found myself needing extra levels of stimulation these days. Otherwise. I become an anxious or depressed bee which is no fun.


        Swim - 45mins
        Went to the park
        Short walk with my dogs
        Met step goal


        Orientation day Level 1 (actually did all three sets for it!)
        Easy Leg (just one set of each)

        I will go for my short walk later on

        until tomorrow...


          Wow sounds like a great swim and I wouldn't worry about using another site - I'm feeling the same lately. Sometimes I just want someone on a screen to exercise with me, rather than look back at the PDF images of exercises and reps Being active out in the world through walking, swimming, and so forth helps a lot too.


            calendula Having someone else suffer with you and the "company" does help. I also try and get out into the world as well because I have noticed a difference with my mindset vs being cooped up inside.

            Yesterday, I stretched, had my adjustment, did some yard work and then cleaned my fish tank and room while I waited for my lunch to digest Three hours later I was done with all of that. Had to force myself to do my exercises but I knocked them out before I relaxed.
            Orientation Day Level 1
            Easy Leg (one set of each)
            No walk but I did floss

            Today, so far, I did my stretching and decided to do One More Shot (Level 1). I'm not really feeling a swim but Ill try to do my walk.


              I've been forcing myself to sit down and do some art these past couple of days. I've been enjoying that and am excited to try learning new things like shading. I've found digital art is very forgiving and that's helped my confidence quite a bit.

              Yesterday I did my stretching and was in the pool for an hour. I didn't do my walk because of the long pool swim but that's the plan for later today.

              So far, I did my stretching and Journey Before Destination, Level 1. It was a fun mix up of some movements I have done in past workouts so I quite enjoyed it. I may end up warming up to strength workouts after all I went for my small walk and did some hobby work to end my day.


                Just a short post today. Did my walk, the first day of Square One (Level 1) and a couple of other back workouts. And did some hobby work. Had some other things come up so I don't have much left in my tank for tonight.
                Good night everyone


                  Yesterday, I didn't do much for working out besides a short walk in the morning and evening. I spent lots of time doing my hobby work, painting two of my models. One of which has lots and lots of tiny spots I'm doing one by one. My hobby work is customizing model horses. When I was growing up and even now to some degree I have felt that I needed to hide or limit my hobby as it's outside of the norm for most people. The other day I watched a video of someone else in my hobby and realized that I shouldn't be so scared about sharing what I enjoy, outside of my outdoor activities.
                  So! I've been collecting model horses for over a decade now. A long time ago I tried my hand at customizing a couple but the results weren't pretty. But... now that I have all this time on my hands, I decided to pick it back up again. My digital art also tends to revolve around horses but I would like to try and expand to other subjects as well.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	392.6 KB ID:	864753Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	854.6 KB ID:	864754
                  (A little example of what I do. The dark horse is the original Arabian horse I bought, the picture on the right is the one I am repainting. It's not perfect but I'm enjoying it and it's keeping me busy)

                  Today, I did day two and three of Square One (Level 1) for both. I did one set of both days and then took my rest. I'll update later as needed.

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                    This horse is bloody pretty
                    You have gold in your hands!


                      I like your hobby Aldomine! I imagine it to be very pleasant to focus on something as delicate and beautiful.


                        Froud and Montserrat Thank you very much to both of you It definitely can be to try and bring to life a new paintwork on the models and learn from your mistakes as well

                        Had a family outing today but I was able to do day four to Square One (Level 1).