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    Grats for Pathfinder!




        Thank you Montserrat PetiteSheWolf TheLibrarian TopNotch JCU Sif_Shepard lofivelcro & Fremen!

        JUL 30
        20 min. taekwondo kicking combination workout
        Splits stretching

        JULY 31
        Taekwondo practice

        AUG 1: Cardio
        7 min pre-run stretch/yoga
        1 km run, working on pace (7'27"/km)
        Splits stretching
        Hybrid Calisthenics

        AUG 2: Upper body strenght (or was supposed to be anyway. Tuesday was a bad day for me and didn't get through much)
        Splits stretching
        Hybrid Calisthenics

        AUG3: Cardio & taekwondo
        Madfit - 15 min toned arms & flat abs
        C25K, W6D2 - 34°C in the full sun just isn't something I can run in.
        Taekwondo practice
        Yoga with Adriene - Morning practice
        Taegeuk il jang up to oh jang practiced at home

        Decided to take a time off from scheduled workouts - spent a lot of time trying to come up with a proper workout plan for testing out this August. I've found that I really enjoyed the mix-up of days with weight work, bodyweight, and cardio workouts that came with Pathfinder= and I don't think many of the other programs have that, so I will be testing out a little bit of an own set-up routine based on my taekwondo schedule and goals. Did do a little bit every day - stretching, quiet and calmer workouts. Spent some time focusing on other hobbies.

        Still a little on the lookout of how long the workouts should be now that I do them on my own, and whether the routine I have set up will actually work. Of course, I have already completely switched up the first week of my own plan. But I should be able to stick to most of the rest of it, supplementing a run maybe if the weather allows.

        EDIT: Taekwondo was great! Super exhausting/high energy warmups and then prepare for belt exams. In my case that consisted on sparring in full equipment (minus headpiece). Super sweaty, but kind of exciting that I didn't block up like I did every time I've done so before. If I get my dwi chagi in as a defensive kick, my partner felt like I should have no problem with the belt test

        Consecutive days of working out: 51
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          AUG 04: Lower Body
          Madfit - 20 min No squat/lunge leg workout
          Little bit of stretching
          Hybrid calisthenics: pushups (set of 8, set of 4) & leg raises (8, 10)

          Meant to do a little more - probably a weight workout as well, but my body was definitely feeling even just that single workout, so I decided not to push it too much. Could have done more push-ups and leg raises, except my furry little helper was adamant about lying under me and was not budging. And it was near midnight, so I did not have a bunch of time left to do so.

          AUG 05: Running day
          C25K: W6D3, 25 minute run - covered 3.3 km.
          Yoga with Adrienne: MOVE day 27: strong
          Splits stretching
          Hybrid Calisthenics.
          Taegeuk practice (il jang up to sam jang)

          Told myself a lot of times in those first few minutes of the run that i should just stop because my legs were ready to give out after just six minutes and I was so so tired. I told myself I could make it to ten minutes. Then, well, if I can make it 2/5ths of the way, I should at least run those next 2.5 min to get halfway. Then well - I have to go all that way I might as well keep running further. Started at a 7'/km pace and slowed down every time I felt my legs were ready to give out. Ended at about 8'/km, but those final few minutes were definitely hell. But wooh! Made it through this run when I 100% thought I couldn't before I even started.

          Had to take short breaks during yoga to give my wrists a break, because they were not happy today. But it is the first yoga session in a while that I went all the way through. Hybrid calisthenics was on the more difficult side, I don't know why the pull ups didn't agree with me so well today. Going slow I managed to get through 5 & 3 pull-ups, less than previous days. Meh.

          Consecutive days of working out: 53


            Excellent job on the run!


              AUG 06: flexibility/Recovery
              Iron tendons: Lower body

              Wanted to do more, but I felt exhausted and felt like I needed less to give myself a chance to heal.

              AUG 07: Taekwondo
              Taekwondo practice
              Yoga with Adrienne: Deepen (MOVE, day 5)
              Gentle stretching after practice

              Taekwondo class overall went pretty well. Got a little overwhelmed at the end where I'd asked a friend to practice hosinsul with me in preparation for my yellow belt testing. Instead of just the friend, it was the friend, one of my trainers and one of the more senior trainer. Which made me feel like I wasn't given any time to fail and realize what I'd done wrong (which helps me a lot more in correcting moves than someone telling me what I did wrong), and so I was getting pretty frustrated and incapable of getting their corrections. Stopped earlier because it wouldn't have helped. Luckily, when I got home and reread my theory booklet, I realized there was no hosinsul required and that I'd misremembered that from looking at yellow-green testing.

              I finally have a date - tomorrow I'll be testing for my yellow belt. And even though I know I have all of this down I am definitely anxious. Got to figure out how to stop my tie from slipping up on my dobok. But I am so so stoked to finally be going up a band (or well - two). If a bit nervous for the sparring section of the exam. I know my taeguk. I know my theory. Just the sparring.

              Consecutive days of working out: 55


                Originally posted by BrokenEcho View Post
                I finally have a date - tomorrow I'll be testing for my yellow belt.
                Best of luck BrokenEcho


                  Yeah, you've got this.


                    You'll do great


                      Best of luck!


                        You got this!


                          Thank you so much, PetiteSheWolf, Montserrat, Fremen, and TopNotch!

                          AUG 08: Cardio/taekwondo
                          Stretching for splits
                          Taekwondo practice
                          Yellow belt exam
                          Hybrid Calisthenics

                          Did not end up going for a run because I wanted to spare my legs a little. And it was a good idea too, because my belt exam ended up being after a super intensive and highly exhaustive hour and a half of class. I definitely made mistakes, both due to exhaustion, the fact that we'd introduced new sparring techniques that class and my head was spinning and due to stress. Breezed through theory. Kihap wasn't entirely loud enough for them (though tbh, I was surprised at the loudness of it) and apparently I was looking at the ground for my poomsae which I never do otherwise. Sparring was... well. I passed. I could barely land my kicks high enough. But I managed to get my dwi chagi's in. I think because I'd never actually sparred with headgear before I was really struggling to think with that extra constant pressure on my head. So for now, working points on sparring based on exam feedback:
                          • Kihaps, make way more noise during sparring
                          • More combination kicks
                          • Add in head kicks [though - on the exam curriculum it specifically said to only land kicks on hogu)
                          So I was kind of sad/disappointed in myself because I know I can do better. However, my friend reminded me that I've been only doing it for seven months, irregularly at that, and I went up two bands total in that time in one go, and I should be proud of that. That I shouldn't compare myself to him, or other higher belts.

                          However, I passed my belt test. And next class I'll get my yellow belt!

                          Consecutive days of workout: 56



                            Did you actually have to do head kicks?
                            Regardless of how long you've been doing something, never be disappointed in yourself. Sure, you could have done better - it's called "learning" and "practising". We can all always do better. As soon as we stop thinking we can do better, we may as well just stop altogether. What you need to look at is whether or not you did the best you could at that time. Best not to compare. Look at higher belts; see how they do things, how they do their kicks better than you, and try to emulate. But don't compare.