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Exercising towards a better tomorrow!

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    Either you have a teeny tiny housemate or those are really big owls!
    I quite liked Clive Cussler, but only really the earlier books, like Raise the Titanic! and Iceberg. The later and longer books were just too wordy. Dirk Pitt is kind of a James Bond-MacGyver-Indiana Jones hybrid. He becomes annoying...


      I love the first owl


        I really like the second and forth ones!


          Awesome pictures! Those owls are amazing!


            JCU Sif_Shepard​​​​​​​ lofivelcro​​​​​​​ TopNotch - There's a lot of nice one's I didn't get the chance to take a photo of. It's been a lot of fun doing this art trail, it's a shame I missed the ones they did in the past (Pigs and Elephants), but I was nowhere near fit enough to do all this walking!

            ​​​​​​​TopNotch - That sums up my issues nicely. The book I'm reading is huge, but very little has happened, it's mostly just describing how awesome Dirk Pitt is! I may try another he's not in, see if that works better, if not they can go back to the charity shop.

            Another day of exercising:-

            50 Side Kicks (EotD) done (In one go),
            Days 23 and 24 of Plank done,
            Arms 360 done (3 sets with Housemate, no Tricep Dips though),
            Day 81 of 90 Days of Action done (3 sets).

            Going to try and get the Art Trail all wrapped up today, see y'all Sunday!


              Got the art trail finished! A big chunk of the final section was all uphill, so I'm glad I had yesterday to rest my poor legs!

              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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              And another week of exercise done:-

              60 Knee to Elbows (EotD) done (In one go with Housemate, she just did the elbow part!),
              Days 25 and 26 of Plank done,
              Day 82 of 90 Days of Action done (Who knew bouncing on the spot could be so tiring),
              Biceps & Triceps Light done (3 sets with Housemate).

              Got two craft fairs to go to today, so I'm going to be busy! See y'all tomorrow!


                The second owl looks like it has seen things no sane creature should ever see. I can't stop laughing, thanks for sharing those


                  I had to go back, lofivelcro, but you're entirely correct!

                  Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!


                    You're welcome! JCU lofivelcro

                    Start of a new week, bit of a light one today as I've finally caught up with the Plank Challenge and don't have the space for the Daily Exercise:-

                    Day 27 of Plank done,
                    Day 83 of 90 Days of Action done (3 sets, had to take quite a few breaks with these, the ab bits were hurting my ribs and the plank bits were hurting my toes),
                    Chest and Back Light done (3 sets with Housemate).

                    Trying out new recipes for dinner tonight, Prawn Po Boys with a Banana Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert, hopefully they work out, see ya'll tomorrow!


                      Another day done!

                      Chest & Shoulders Light done (3 sets with Housemate),
                      60 Shoulder Taps done (In one go),
                      Day 28 of Plank done (Finally getting better at these Up & Down Planks, I can do 10 in one go now!),
                      Day 84 of 90 Days of Action done (3 sets. So tiring! Didn't help that the timer doesn't stop at the end so I just kept Punching!).

                      Yesterdays recipes worked out great, except the bananas went grey when cooked, going to hide them under the bread next time! Still got some pudding left over to go with tonight's dinner (A very summer appropriate dish of Toad in the Hole ).

                      Doing some Wednesday exercises for a change this week, so I'll see y'all tomorrow!


                        Up & Down Planks are tough. Persistence does pay off, thankfully!


                          Ninshubur - Yep, hopefully my progress doesn't reverse now that Plank month is over!

                          A rare Wednesday of exercise:-

                          50 Squats (EotD) done (In one go),
                          Forearms & Triceps Light done (3 sets with Housemate),
                          Days 29 and 30 of Plank done (Really surprised I got the month done! Admittedly, I can't hold a 4 minute Plank in one go yet, hands get too slippery, but I reckon I could manage it in the colder months, so I'm counting it as a win ),
                          Day 85 of 90 Days of Action done (3 sets).

                          No exercising tomorrow, gotta take the Housemate to a very early hospital appointment, so I'll see y'all on Friday when I start a new monthly challenge:- 2000 Push-ups!


                            Congrats on Planking!




                                Congrats on a month of planking!