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    Wednesday, May 11
    10, Day 11- done
    1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 12- no

    Thursday, May 12
    10, Day 12 - done
    1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 12- done


      Friday, May 13
      10, Day 13 - done
      1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 13 - done


        Saturday and Sunday were long, busy days in town. On Saturday cleaned out a cluttered wall of my garage to install racks to store our new touring kayaks. The old sit-on-top kayaks are rehomed to the lake house for the family to use. I was active all day, but no intentional workouts. Sunday was a travel day with a grocery pickup added to it.

        Monday was back to work. I was still feeling lethargic with little interest in taking time for a workout. I didn't get out until late afternoon, but I did get out for a run. It was a hard start after a week off, not even walking . I cut short the first interval at 3 minutes, and divided the second interval into two halves with 30 second walk in the middle. I ended strong completing the last 4-minute interval.

        Monday, May 16
        10, Day 14 - done
        1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 14 - done
        Run, C25K W4 D1 (r4/w2/r6/w3/r4) - 34mins, 3.27 km (total 78.99km)


          Tuesday, May 17
          10, Day 15 - done
          1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 15 - done
          Walk - 32 mins, 1.5 km


            Cardio day in 10 hit on a run day. I swapped this cardio for more of a tendon strengthener in Day 17. Had a very windy run. Completed both 4-minute intervals (1 and 3), split the long 6-minute interval (#2) in half with a 30 second break.

            Wednesday, May 18
            10, Day 17 - done
            1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 16 - done
            Run, C25K W4 D2 (r4/w2/r6/w3/r4) - 35 mins, 3.43 km (total 82.42 km)


              Hey, I forgot to say “Happy Mt St Helens Day” on May 18. Can you believe it’s been 42 years? You were were probably barely conscious!😅


                Happy belated Mt St Helens Day, DorothyMH. I was out here on the Olympic peninsula fishing on the lake when the mountain erupted. It was early morning on a beautiful, calm Sunday. I experienced it as a loud, percussive boom. I don't remember any real impact from the eruption getting back to Seattle. This place is very much up-wind from Mt St Helens. That was a year before I moved to Ellensburg where people were still telling their ash stories.


                  Today, work included a Zoom training class and more technical illustration. I jumped into doing "10" and the 1-Minute Plank Challenge right after the class ended. I'm well past 15 days in both of these challenges without giving a midpoint review. "10" is working out very well for me. It's a small commitment of time when my focus is running, yet it challenges me most every day. It incudes a wide variety of exercises that I'm out of practice doing. Some of these exercises I have avoided since my Darebee restart last Autumn. It's good to test out a range of movements. It's just 10 minutes a day. I can do most anything for 10 minutes, including burpees! (there haven't been any burpees in the first half of "10", those were a DD). The 1-minute plank challenge is going great. I started doing a minute and a half on day 11. I intend to make it 2 minutes on day 21.

                  Thursday, May 19
                  10, Day 16 - done
                  1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 17 - done
                  Walk - 45 mins, 3.3 km


                    I celebrated the coming weekend by getting out for an afternoon hike. Hiking on top of running earlier in the day has me feeling tired. Looking forward to the weekend.

                    Friday, May 20
                    10, Day 18 done
                    1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 18 - done
                    Run, C25K W4 D3 (r4/w2/r6/w3/r4) - 40 mins, 4 km (total 86.42 km)
                    Hike - 1h 14m, 4.85km, el. 54m


                      The weather was forecast to be warm and dry. Instead it has rained hard now and then. I was thinking of taking a walk after I finished "10" today. As I was finishing up, doing my 1-minute plant, an incredibly load clap of thunder rolled through. I started into an extra day of "10" instead of heading outside. No hiking today because my partner has to work through the weekend. I intended to work outside, but the rain kept me inside. I finished installing new lights in the basement. It was a good accomplishment.

                      Saturday, May 21
                      10, Day 19 and 20 - done
                      1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 19 and 20 - done


                        I worked around the house on Sunday, going out for a late afternoon paddle. Monday I worked, taking a break at midday to run. I did not do "10" either days. I have fallen behind my goal.

                        Sunday, May 22
                        Kayak - 54 mins, 2.67 km

                        Monday, May 23
                        Run, C25K W4 D1b (r4/w2/r6/w3/r4) - 33 mins, 3.24 km (total 89.66 km)


                          Got myself back to "10" today with a double session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It brock up the workday very nicely. Went out for a late afternoon walk to loosen up tight muscles in my back.

                          Tuesday, May 24
                          10, Day 21 and 23 - done
                          1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 21 and 22 - done
                          Walk - 5 mins, 2.8 km


                            I was up very early this morning but still didn't get out for a run before work. It was another lunch-time run.

                            Wednesday, May 25
                            10, Day 22 - done
                            1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 22 - done
                            Run, C25K W4 D2b (r4/w2/r6/w3/r4) - 45 mins, 4 km (total 93.66 km)


                              It came as a little shock that I have not posted since Wednesday of last week. I wasn't sure I could remember what I did. Turns out I had recorded my activities. I just did not post it. I remember getting out for the run. Saturday I did nothing. I was planning heading off for an overnight hike, but postponed that plan because of rain. I did leave for that overnight trip Sunday rain or no rain. In the end rain was very slight. Hiked seven miles up the river valley. On Monday we hiked back.

                              Thursday, May 26
                              10, Day 23 - done
                              1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 23 - done

                              Friday, May 27
                              10, Day 24
                              1-Minute Plank Challenge, Day 24
                              Run, C25K W4 D3b (r4/w2/r6/w3/r4) - 40 mins, 4 km (total 97.66 km)


                                My partner and I had a nice overnight hike up the North Fork Skokomish River. The weather wasn't great, but the rain was minimal. That was enough to make it a great time spent outside. In keeping with this years theme, we saw two bears.

                                Sunday, May 29
                                hike - 3h 25m, 12km, el. 518

                                Monday, May 30
                                hike - 3h, 12km, el. 178

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