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    I wish you all well with the new job situation.
    Implementing soccer into your training sounds like a lot of fun (for everyone involved)!


      motionaction Thanks!

      I was pretty busy with the job today and registered over 21,000 steps. Coincidentally this morning I was reading a book on tactical fitness (fitness training for top level soldiers) and one exercise that was recommended was to bear crawl forward down stairs and then backwards up stairs. As it happened, a passenger's bag got stuck in a chute and I had to leopard crawl down a 20 degree incline to get it out and the leopard crawl backwards up the same incline. It was only about 3 meters, but still funny that I kind of got to do the tactical challenge.

      When I got home I did Triceps (EC) and 130 pushups.

      That workout takes dips out of the rotation so I have plyometric, pullups, partner, dumbbells, abs, kicks and wild card left for this rotation.


        Work wasn't as busy, but still had a decent amount of movement with over 10,000 steps.

        In the evening I did Express Abs (EC), Super Abs, 50 Push-Ups (EC) and Office Push-Ups. In the latter I substituted floor pushups for wall push-ups but did the remainder of the exercises on the wall. I had to add 20 pushups after to make 100.

        This took abs out of the rotation and so I am left with plyometric, pullups, partner, dumbbells, kicks and wild card


          You have such a fascinating and interesting thread. Your buy looks adorable!


            psy-D Thank you!

            I did a run this morning, though I felt a little off for the whole thing. I came back with what felt like another pull in my calf, but after hydrating and a nap it went away so it might have been just a cramp? Anyway, I did 6.4 km in 42:10, but I will have to lay off it for a bit just to be safe. It was an odd route as well, mostly residential, though I did have to cross a busy street four times.

            Click image for larger version

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            It was not such a busy day aside from that but I still made it over 12,000 steps.

            In the evening I did Push & Pull Express and Home Upperbody Tone (level I). I had to add 80 pushups to make it 100.

            This took abs out of the rotation and so I am left with plyometric, partner, kicks and wild card


              I needed a bit of a lighter day today, so I did Rule Breaker (level I, EC) and 88 pushups. For the burpees in the workout, I did full burpees with pushup, so that got me to 100 for the day. I also made it over 10,000 steps.

              Burpees covers plyometric so I have partner, kicks and wild card left in this rotation, and like last rotation, it is looking like I will not get partner done this time.


                Mostly a regular day compared to what I have been doing over the past month. Too cold to take the boys out, so we stayed at home and I got my steps in over the course of the day in the house. Step count was over 10,000.

                In the evening I did Seven Ninjas (EC) and Punch Out! (level I, EC). The pushups between the two added up to 107, so I added three more on the last set to make it an even 110 for the day.

                With kicks out of this rotation, I only have wild card left.


                  I had to squeeze my workout in with the boys around today, so I did Katana Warmup (EC) and 100 pushups. Step Count was over 11,000.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	20220225_135145.jpg Views:	13 Size:	290.8 KB ID:	842561

                  Katana counts for wild card, though this was not a very difficult workout. That finishes off this rotation.


                    Today was a rest day.

                    I did Seated Mobility for some stretching as per the usual rest day pattern and then did Upperbody Press (level I) just to break up the monotony of doing pushups. I substituted in floor pushups for wall pushups, then added 40 more.


                      Today was a work day, and thus I made it over 18,000 steps.

                      It was also day 1 of the new rotation, but as I was at work for 8 hours, I kept it light on the exercise. In the morning I did Triceps (level I, EC) and 100 pushups.

                      Triceps covers dips, so I have dumbbells, plyometric, pullup, partner, kick, abs and wild card left for this rotation.


                        I love the wall art!


                          NancyTree Thanks!

                          Last day at work for this block, but still a bit tired from the past few days, so I took it relatively easy tonight with Home Upperbody Tone (level I) and 100 pushups.

                          That leaves plyometric, pullup, partner, kick, abs and wild card left for this rotation.

                          I did a lot of steps in February (375,246) which if I had at least two more days as compared to the other months, would have put me over 400,000, which is a level I don't often reach.


                            Great step count, especially considering your weather.


                              TopNotch Thanks! There is one person specifically from the FitBit Canada group that sends me challenges almost everyday, and he only started doing so in the past month. It has helped to get the step count higher, even in a tough month to do so.

                              This morning I did a run, even though I really didn't want to. It was cold, with -12 feeling like -23 because of the wind and also snowing heavily enough. Anyway, it was the only day that I had for a run in the past week and the only day for the next few, so I went anyway. I have been planning out some routes, and finding new ones as I go, but it is still too early to start running them as most places are still somewhat inaccessible due to the ice and snow. So I kept it short, and did a 4.2 km run through a neighbourhood that was pretty boring, but served as a connection point for other runs that I have done. I did it in 29:50.

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                              In the evening I did Push and Pull Express, Abs Upgrade (level I), Express Abs (EC) and Push-Up Massacre (level I). The latter I did with a longer than two minute break between the last two sets due to an interruption. I didn't mind though, as I was not in the mood for a lot of pushups today anyway (which makes the choice a bit odd).

                              That takes out Abs and Pullups from the rotation so it leaves me with plyometric, partner, kick and wild card left for this rotation


                                Wow what a chilly weather for a run!