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    Another decent step count today, and with a temperature around 0 degrees, we got the boys out to the playground for a short time. Over 11,000 steps.

    In the evening I did Ultimate Fighter (level I, EC), Master of Abs (EC) and Rockin Abs (level I, EC). I had to add 10 pushups to make 100.

    That covers abs and kicks for this rotation so I have partner and wild card left.


      This morning I did a run through the neighbourhood. My running plan these days is fairly basic. Because the temperatures are so cold and most of the interesting paths in the city are snowed over, I am just focusing on the neighbourhood, running streets to find out how to get around better. So today was a 5.0 km just on streets that I haven't been on before, and therefore not a lot of interest on the route. I ran it in 29:57.

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      The temperature was not bad today compared to recent temperatures, about 3 degrees by 11 AM, so we took the boys to the good playground. It was still deep with snow, but most of the play structures were free
      enough. I got some more activity there. Step count for the day was decent at over 10,000.

      This evening we did a partner workout, one of the ones that we had done before called Pass It On. It had 8 pushups so I had to add another 92.

      We used a medicine ball for this one, so it cover wild card, so I am done with this rotation now. I might not take a rest day again until Saturday this week as I will probably do another run tomorrow.


        Ducks! How co-incidental. I had four ducks trying to cross the road in front of me after training last night. My training, that is - I'm not sure what the ducks had been up to!


          TopNotch That is neat, these ducks live in a huge colony, I see them almost every time I run through the neighbourhood, and as I live in a suburban subdevelopment, they are really the only thing interesting that I see while I am out.

          Today I planned to be at a store (Ikea) at 10AM for opening, so I designed a route that left from the parking lot and by which I would be back right before opening. The problem was that I crossed some construction on my way which diverted a pathway through a park and then I got somewhat lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood before I found my way back to where I wanted to be. So a 6.4 km run turned into a longer one, around 8.4 km by my best estimate. I did that in 51:11.

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          I had a lot of steps, over 23,000 between the run, other errands and work. The boys are now on foot in the supermarket when we go shopping, and they are literally running all over the place. For the 40 minutes that I was there today, the fitness tracker gave me credit for a "brisk walk".

          Other than that, I was relatively physical at work and did 100 pushups before I got there.


            Today was a rest day. I was active enough during the day with errands to run and keeping up with the boys.

            In the evening I did Upperbody Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, and Reset Stretch. I also did 100 pushups.


              Nice pictures!


                NancyTree Thanks!

                It was a fairly busy day at work, and pretty cold, so I was physically tired enough already when I got home. So I did only Push and Pull Express for 5-3-2-2 on the sets.

                With pullups out of the way, I now have plyometric, partner, dips, dumbbells, kicks, abs and wild card left in this rotation.


                  While looking for something else, I came across this and thought of you. Hope it helps.


                    TopNotch Very interesting thanks. I will have to try it.

                    Another fairly active day in terms of step count at over 12,000. Work wasn't as physical as yesterday, but still got some extra activity in there.

                    I was pretty tired after work today, so I just did Rock Hard Abs (level I, EC) and 100 pushups.


                      Mostly stayed at home again today as the cold weather has returned a bit. Supposed to warm up tomorrow. Step count was still decent at over 11,000.

                      In the evening I did the new dumbbell workouts, Agent of Chaos (level I, EC) and Tyr (EC) as well as Sailor (level I, EC). I had to add 49 pushups. For the first workout I did alternating biceps curls, so that I could use the heavier weight, but still did the expected reps per arm. As usual, doing the newest dumbbell workouts means that I have still completed all of the dumbbell workouts in the database.

                      I forgot to register last night, but with abs and dumbbells out of the way, I now have plyometric, partner, dips, kicks and wild card left for the rotation.


                        I didn't get up to a lot today even though I had plans to go out with the boys. Step count was still OK at over 11,000.

                        In the evening I did Triceps (EC) and Whisper (level I, EC) plus 110 pushups. I did the latter as one set training, just because I didn't feel like switching back and forth between kicks and combos.

                        I missed the chance for partner workout tonight, so I will have to skip it for this rotation, and tonight I did dips and kicks, so that leaves me with plyometric and wild card.


                          This morning was going to be a run because of the overlap between my wife's schedule and mine. I had seen that it was supposed to be well above zero, and so I planned a decent route. However, there was supposed to be some precipitation with the warmer weather, just I wasn't sure how much. When I woke up I saw that it was raining pretty consistently, so I decided on a shorter run. I ended up doing 4.4 km in 25:00. I did get a little wet, not helped by two pretty big puddle that I had to bypass and one guy on a busy street that splashed me pretty well from a puddle. Even so, it was the first time that I had run with essentially no winter gear since a few months. Temperature was around 5 degrees.

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                          I am feeling a bit worn down in general over the past couple of days though, so I kept it light today, with only Wrecking Ball (level I, EC) and 100 pushups.

                          The one workout covers plyometric so I only have wild card left for this rotation now.


                            Let's hope the worn-down feeling passes soon with your rest day!


                              huma Thanks, rest day will be tomorrow though. Although I think that I improvised well today to take it easier.

                              Since a while I have been thinking about incorporating soccer into training, more specifically as agility drills to move a soccer ball around a course made with pylons or some such thing. It is really only a summer thing, as we for instance just got another 30 cm of snow yesterday, so the back yard is off limits. Also, I have been mostly just pacing back and forth recently in the house to get my steps in as my city is under a kind of unofficial lockdown (more official today I guess) and therefore it is hard to take the boys anywhere. So today when I started getting my steps in, my older boy decided that he wanted to play soccer and set himself up at the end of the hall as a kind of goalkeeper. So while I was walking back and forth I kicked the ball to him, and then he tried to get the ball into various rooms in the house to make it harder for me. So while I hadn't set out to do any soccer ball training today (or even any time soon) I ended up doing that, and I will give this spontaneous activity my wild card designation for this week and therefore finish off my rotation. I also got to shovel the aforementioned snow before my wife went to work, which took me about 25 minutes. Step count was around 11,000.

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                              That just left pushups to do tonight so I just chose upper body workouts with pushups in them, and mostly in low rep counts. I did Savage (level I, EC), Sculptor (EC), Mayhem (level I, EC) and Herald (level I, EC). For Mayhem, I did one pushups after each 20 second hold for a total of 9 for the workout. The last workout I did as one set training. I also added 28 pushups at the end for 120 for the day.


                                Today was mostly a rest day. I did Neck Mobility and Neck (EC) as well as 100 pushups and got over 10,000 steps.