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    2022 Plan

    I started this process about 4 years ago, with the idea of losing 100 pounds. I didn’t so much work after the first year, having lost only about 10 pounds. The next year I lost over 90 pounds, and the next year again anther 10. That said, I am not really a person who likes to look at a scale to determine health or happiness. I haven’t weighed myself in a while now (about a year) but I can still make a few observations about where I have been going. I have generally been gaining weight, though how much that is is hard to say, as I have put on a lot of muscle mass, and my body fat while more, is still within an acceptable range for me. I have probably put on between zero and one pounds per month in 2021, and I would like to stop that process. My problem is therefore mostly diet, but this also has a few layers that I need to address:
    1. Food Organization - We are still a little unsettled in the new house, and we don’t even often have an appreciation on what we have stored to eat or prepare. This makes us make poor choices.
    2. Meal planning/advanced preparation - We are also pretty bad at planning meals and almost never prepare anything ahead of time. We need to do both so that we have better and healthier options available to us.
    3. Portion Control - This is not the usual portion control, but more so that we are constantly eating leftovers off of the boys’ trays. We need to figure out better what they need to eat so that we don’t overeat
    4. Swap back in the right foods - I think it is hard to maintain a constant weight loss lifestyle, or even maintenance. Life gets in the way, and after depriving yourself of something for so long, it gradually just becomes part of diet again. That said, I think that we have too many bad foods creeping into our eating habits, and we need to work better to find what makes us healthy and happy.
    So 2022 should be mostly about the food and how our lifestyle revolves around that. I don’t really feel that I am in a place where I need to worry too much about fitness goals. I have been pretty good at maintaining a healthy fitness lifestyle, and so while I have some actual goals for 2022 (for instance, I want to run a 15 km trail near my house) these goals are more like plans. Also I am liking my new training plan, which is albeit pretty new (less than a week at this point).


      Outch, healing vibes for your son's finger!
      And good luck with your 2022 goals!


        Happy new year!

        Reading about the goals you've set for 2021 (and setting for 2022) is really inspiring to me, so thank you for taking the time to write these, and for sharing.


          Happy New Year!


            Congrats on all your 2021 accomplishments and best wishes for 2022!

            I hope your son's finger heals quickly!


              NancyTree Whirly The doctor says it should be an easy heal, just a small fracture on the fingertip. It anyway meant a fresh round of child proofing the home today. Funny though, in the store the employee thought I asked for "child perfume".

              AnnieW Thanks, same to you!

              huma Thanks, you are doing pretty good since you joined up.

              I started the day with a run, which I had intended to do yesterday before other factors got in the way. I have been tracking all my routes since I moved to the back (I keep intending to make an overlay on a city map) and today I thought that I might close a loop between two other routes that I had done. It was cold enough, -10 with a wind chill closer to -20. Strangely though, I have never seen so many runners, over a dozen on the route while running and another dozen passed on the drive to and from my starting point. I guess that it is a high volume route because it is on a path along the canal which means no vehicle traffic, and there might be a bump from people doing New Year's Resolutions, or the fact that it was a Sunday morning on a long weekend. Anyway it was nice to see so many people out. There was a big discrepancy between mapmyfitness and fitbit, the first said 5.2 km the latter said 6.2 km. I will go with the former as it is closer to the expected time for this time of year of 32:10.

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              In the evening I did 1 Minute Cardio (level I, EC) and Abs Upgrade (level III). I actually took the time yesterday to make a list of all the burpees workouts in the database (and kicking workouts, and a few others) so I will work through the list gradually as I make my way through the rotation which I have established. Today I did plyometric and abs, so I have pushups, pullups, dumbbells, kicking, dips, partner and wild card still in the lineup for this rotation. I did 100 pushups as usual too.
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                Great summary of 2021 and congratulations on being so consistent with your workouts for such a long time! Also great goals for 2022 - good luck and have an amazing year!
                Healing vibes for your son's finger


                  SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Thanks, I am not even sure what it would feel like to take an off day at this point.

                  I was mulling about going swimming today, and ended up not going, and then at noon they instituted another province wide lockdown including all fitness activities, so I am back to running, though hopefully skating becomes a thing soon. We put a bit of effort into stargazing tonight, looking for the meteor shower and the comet, but both were to no avail. Step count for the day was all right, at over 8000. Not bad for this time of year when the temperature was not more than -15 with the wind chill at any point today.

                  In the evening I did Agro (level I, EC), and L-Sit Prep. The latter was with modifications for the tuck sit hold as this is still beyond me, so I did (as with the previous time) with feet extended on the floor. I did 4-2-2 on pullups in the first workout, as my arm is still stiff and I am not pushing too far too fast. It is a far cry from the reps that I was doing last year, but I will just keep working at it.

                  L-Sit is the primary aim of my dip training, so it takes the place of that for this rotation, and Agro had side kicks as well as pullups, so that leaves me with dumbbells, pushups, partner and wild card for this rotation.


                    Hope your son’s finger heals fast.


                      PETERMORRIS966 It already seems much better, thanks.

                      This morning I started off with a 5.2 km run. The time was more consistent with this time of year as I did it in 33:10. The temperature was not so bad, -6 when I started and -5 when I finished. The route was all right as I ran between the canal and the river, though both are somewhat frozen at the moment.

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                      In the evening I did Strength and Power and then a workout from the Partner Workout book. For the first workout I took more than the required rest time between pushups, as I find it hard to do sets of 20 with only 20 seconds of rest. I used the 20 pound weights for the shoulder presses, but used the 15kg weight for the other two exercises. The partner workout was called Pass It On and we used a 4 pound medicine ball. The exercises were woodchopper, ball slam, forward/backward lunge & pass, sit-up & pass, side to side pass, sit & pass, lateral lunge & toss, uneven pushup and roll, and seated pass with rotation. All of these simply require doing a common exercise and passing the medicine ball back and forth. We did 8 reps of most, but a good workout to do together. Hopefully we can build up reps and weight.

                      I did 5 uneven pushups, and 60 for the first workout so I added 35 more.

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                      Strength & Power had dumbbells and pushups, and the medicine ball counts for wild card in the partner workout, so that complete this rotation for me. Tomorrow will be a lighter day and then start over.


                        The frozen water looks beautiful 😊
                        and that partner workout book seems cool 😁


                          NancyTree Yes it is interesting, not a lot that is out of the ordinary, but interesting to see how they match two people together.

                          I was at home with the boys today, but the weather was decent for this time of year (around -2) so I bundled them up and we went to the playground. I didn't get much of a workout there, other than lifting up the boys to platforms, who could normally climb them if not for snowsuits. Step count for the day was over 8000.

                          Today was an off day as per the new rotation. I did the new yoga workout, Glow Up (EC) and 100 pushups. Probably a good idea that I put in some stretching/yoga workouts. I don't do them enough and I feel pretty stiff in a lot of areas. I am not sure if the EC is right on this one, but I did indeed take less than 1 minute between sets, or more accurately I just did what the top part said and moved on to the next side when I was done with the other. I couldn't get that second move in this one, not flexible enough.


                            I did a run this morning, 5.4 km in 33:09. As the snow clearance in the city is a bit unreliable, instead of the more interesting routes, I have mostly been running connections between other routes, trying to join them all together. Today that meant a pretty boring route (not a single thing of note that I could take a picture of, my first pictureless run), just through my neighbourhood and then down what is essentially the shoulder at the side of a highway. The highlight of the route was probably just running under the flight path of arriving aircraft to the airport and therefore having a couple of planes fly over top of me. The temperature was -7 with a wind chill around -11, though it was worse on the way back as the wind picked up, was at my front and it also started snowing.

                            We went for a walk later on a path through a forest which had the added supplemental exercise of pulling the boys in the sled. As the gyms are closed (and specifically the pools) I also picked up a log there, so I can do wood chopping for cardio sometimes instead of running. Step count for the day was over 14,000.

                            In the evening I did Imperium (level I) and No Equipment Biceps (EC). I was happy enough to have some text messages to interrupt me during the first workout, so that I didn't have to go for EC. Even with all the pushups that I do, doing so many so fast is still a challenge for me. Also not sure how in the description that you are supposed to do the first 6 exercises without going to the ground to switch. I maintained the plank at least for the first three exercises. I did 10 pushups earlier in the day, so I ended up with 110 for the day.

                            Those two workouts both involved pushups, so I still have plyometrics, abs, pullups, dumbbells, kicking, dips, partner and wild card left in this rotation.


                              It is cold out now, -17 at the moment and I think the daily high was around -10. As with last year at the same time with another lockdown, it is hard to get a decent step count in if I am not able to go for a run. Step count for the day was still ok considering, at over 7000.

                              Tonight I did Protect & Serve (level I) and Eye Of The Tiger (level I, EC). When I went through the database a few days ago, I noticed this first workout as it is the only one in the database that has pop-ups in it (though there might be more, I wasn't really looking for them at the beginning.) I figured that I would give it a shot though as they look kind of interesting, and are supposedly something that people have to train towards doing. They are a bit more difficult, and required me to visualize what I was doing before each rep. Interesting exercise though, as it incorporates some plyometric movement into a deep squat, though I guess technically that you don't need to push up out of the squat. I added 10 pushups between each set of the second workout to add to the 60 from the first one.

                              I made the list of burpee workouts to satisfy the plyometric segment of the rotation, though pop-ups count as well (not to mention that this workout also has jumping squats). So I am done plyometric as well for this rotation and so now have pullups, partner, dumbbell, dips, kicks, abs and wild card to do.


                                Another cold day out, but I still managed a decent step count with over 9000 steps throughout the day.

                                I have a bit of DOMS from the pop-up workout last night, and as this is the only viable day that I had to do a partner workout with my wife for the next while, I decided to take it relatively easy tonight and do a partner workout with her. As opposed to the previous partner workout that we did, I got this one from a library download that I found. We did two exercises to start. The first one was called King Of the Bosu, wherein we took turns standing on the Bosu and catching the 4 pound medicine ball. The second was a chest press hold, and high plank, where I held my wife's legs in the air for her to do a high plank while I was lying on my back.

                                After this we did a workout called core blitz. This was only 5 exercises, and we were supposed to repeat it, but we only did it once each. This included wheelbarrow walk (with partner holding legs), stability ball situp and pass, leg throws (lying down with legs perpendicular, partner pushes legs down), plank and bridge (partner does a bridge with feet at lower back while the other holds the plank) and hand supported double boat pose (not really so hard, just a boat pose with bottoms of feet touching.) My wife didn't do the plank for the plank and bridge, when I did it I did 5 pushups, but they were not so easy.

                                I added 95 pushups after to make it to 100.

                                Tonight counts for wild card (because of the equipment used, and also odd movement from the wheelbarrow), partner and abs (though maybe a little light for an abs workout), so I have pullups, dumbbells, dips and kicks left for this rotation.