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    Belated Welcome!

    You sound like you're off to a great start!


      JCU thank you! How could I not with such amazing encouragement from the bees 🐝


      Today again an early update, because we're getting overnight guests and they arrive in an hour! (Yes, I only had 4,5h sleep due to late night baking and needing to get ready early!)

      Daily dare today was something I was able to do, finally again! 😂

      I liked the workout if the day Centurion (Level 2)! It felt like I'm completely able to do. Yea, maybe not compleeeetely? I did again wall push-ups. Why are there push-ups everywhere? Everywhere!

      plank challenge day 9 and touch your toes challenge day 4 also successfully finished! 💪

      As we're visiting the zoo later I'm not worried about my step goal, but I'll edit the checkmark later after reaching the 5k!

      daily dare
      workout of the day
      plank 30 day challenge - day 9
      touch your toes challenge - day 4
      5k steps

      Have a nice day! And don't forget to drink enough water!


        Damn, you're going strong. I have trouble following what you're doing because it feels like you're doing A LOT. Good job, hope it was fun at the zoo


          lofivelcro I tried my best! But now I was "lazy" due to my monthly friend "menstruation pain". This time it was really bad... I hope I'll be able to workout again!

          ​​​​​​Zoo was really amazing and a lot bigger than I thought it would be!


            hello and a belated welcome! (: