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    Sharpen Your Blades & Join The Kaizen Crew!

    Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. —Abraham Lincoln
    Sometimes, we think that we don't have time to take care of ourselves because we want to hammer out reps or force ourselves into some activity to make ourselves feel "busy," or "productive." This usually gives us poor results.

    The reality is you don’t have time NOT to take care of yourself.

    DISCIPLINE and TAKING ACTION towards your goals is important, but
    taking time to SHARPEN YOUR BLADES is essential as well.

    When you feel like there's too much friction or darkness in your life, this might be a sign that you've been using your blades repeatedly without taking care of it. Instead of trying to plow through the resistance, take a small amount of time from your day to sharpen your blades again.

    You have FOUR BLADES in your life that needs sharpening: PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL

    The PHYSICAL BLADE is important because if you’re tired and sick all the time, you’re not going to be very productive, no matter how much you work.
    The SPIRITUAL BLADE is important because it grounds you and reminds you who you are and why you do what you do. A rusty spiritual blade can make you cynical and burned out.
    The MENTAL BLADE is important because stimulating unused parts of your brain can give you insights and ideas that can loop back into your success and well-being.
    The SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL BLADE is important because it helps reduce stress and is also a way to learn ideas from others and refine our own.

    A few example activities for each blade,

    working out, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, naps, cold showers, etc.

    meditate, journal, study philosophy, self-reflect, spend time in silence and solitude, practice gratitude, spend time in nature, etc.

    (if you guys are interested in meditation, here's a playlist that I use every morning: it's some stoicism quotes with a gentle background music called burning bush by hans zimmer.)

    read books, write your thoughts, write something about a topic you're interested in, listen to podcasts, join an online discussion thread, watch documentaries, take an online course, etc.

    spend time with friends and family, make new friends, dump toxic people from your life, have dinner with significant other, practice self-compassion, listen to music that makes you feel happy, etc.

    These four blades are interconnected. You can't pick one and ignore the three. They're all equally important. Each blade influence one another.

    If we feel good physically, we have mental clarity and control of our emotions. If our social/emotional life is good, we'll have more energy to take care of ourselves physically.

    If you only fix the surface, you won't get through hell. You're a machine. Just like a lever. That's all you are, man. YOU'RE NOT. To push as hard as you can, you have to be mindful of the machine that's pushing. That lever starts to get rusty, the machine is going to end up dying. You have to be able to heal yourself. You have to be able to recover yourself. It can't be something that you continue to do and do and do. There has to be a recovery process for your mind, your body, your soul, your spirit. So those are tactics, but those tactics must be oiled up. That machine has to be oiled again to go back in it. —David Goggins


    ⬇️⬇️⬇️ If you would like to join this crew, here's a template for your posts:


    1 - did 100 push ups
    2 - meditated in the morning
    3 - read one chapter of a book
    4 - videocalled my grandparents

    Current Blade Quality: [+PHY 120], [+SPR 126], [+MTL 123], [+SCL/EML 115]

    Additional notes or story that you want to share with the community:

    __________________________________________________ ________


    tweaks and twists: 1


    I wanted to create a "samurai" community thread but this thread is welcome to all classes ^_^


    This idea is adapted from Stephen Covey's book. Nowadays, Sharpening the Saw is what lifestyle bloggers would call “self-care." Sharpening the Saw is an idea from Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" that I have applied in my fitness, career and personal life. I want to share this to all of you, and it's fun to have a community helping each other improve and be accountable.

    1 - Did 100 push ups, (50 in the morning, 50 in the afternoon)
    2 - meditated in the morning
    3 - listened to a podcast of jay shetty
    4 - chatted and video called some college friends

    Current Blade Quality: [+PHY 1], [+SPR 1], [+MTL 1], [+SCL/EML 1]

    There, I'll start.






          Wow, blade report, I love the idea.
          Welcome the Hive


            Thanks! I'm trying to mix it up and meet others in the hive cuz I'm getting pretty bummed out counting reps and staring at the same four walls every day. 😂


              hi and welcome!


                Welcome, great introduction


                  Welcome! I like the direction you are going with this.


                    Welcome! I'm a big fan of well-sharpened kitchen knives


                      Hello and welcome!


                        Impressive first post, how's One Piece these days? Haven't watched/read it for 15 years or so.
                        And welcome, hope you'll have fun and a good time here.


                          its been an awesome ride. if i could erase my memory id delete all the episodes from my mind and watch it all over again lol.
                          i actually fell off from one piece as a kid because I saw it for the first time in TV and all these other OG animes(dragon ball, yu yu hakusho & slam dunk) were also broadcasted and I got distracted lol. I only started watching it during college(2013) and I haven't stopped after that.


                            DAY 2 BLADE REPORT
                            1 - did 3 sets of active hangs to failure, 100 reps of push ups, 100 reps of leg raises
                            2 - meditated in the morning
                            3 - listened to joe rogan podcast
                            4 - had an online dance cypher session in zoom with my team mates from my college dance crew

                            Current Blade Quality: [+PHY 2], [+SPR 2], [+MTL 2], [+SCL/EML 2]

                            Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!


                              DAY 3 BLADE REPORT
                              1 - did day 4 of Hero's journey
                              2 - spent a few minutes outside to look at nature
                              3 - listened to a 40min talk about music & "fake stoicism" by Elisha Long
                              4 - watched my favorite show and listened to some relaxing music

                              Current Blade Quality: [+PHY 3], [+SPR 3], [+MTL 3], [+SCL/EML 3]