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    JCU, SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Fremen, lofivelcro, DorothyMH, CaptainCanuck, TheLibrarian, huma, NancyTree, TopNotch, Beat_Samurai, TheGrayLynx
    Thank you very much for the badge party. It's great…

    Steps: 7K
    Foundation Day 9 - Level 3, no rest
    wall push-ups Challenge Day 22 - 70, 70, 70 sec
    EOTD 50 back leg raises
    30 days of yoga Day 2
    10 min. meditation

    Foundation looked easier than it was today. The repetions add up and i felt my arms quite a bit towards the end. I'm not sure if i really like the yoga program, at least day 2 was a bit odd. I mostly chose it because i am keen on badges and then I want to incorporate more yoga to my routine. It's too soon to judge anyway, so let's see.


      Steps: 10K
      Foundation Day 10 - Level 3, no rest
      EOTD 40 windmills
      wall push-ups Challenge Day 23
      30 days of yoga Day 3
      10 min. meditation

      Good but exhausting day…


        Steps: 5K
        1h Cross training course
        Foundation Day 11 - not yet
        wall push-ups Challenge Day 24 - not yet
        EOTD - nope
        30 days of yoga Day 4
        10 min. meditation

        …long weekend ahead and I'm happy about it.


          yayyy for the long weekend


            Steps: 8K
            Trust Yoga Sequence - yoginimelbourne
            30 days of yoga Day 5
            Foundation Day 11 - Level 3, no rest
            10 min. meditation
            wall push-ups Challenge Day 24 - 60, 60, 60 sec
            anywhere abs - with EC

            The yoga session was a great one and despite feeling like I'd prefer to stay on the couch at first i got a bit done once i started.


              The first step is the hardest! Well done!


                Thanks, Anek

                Steps: 11K - walk in the autumn forest
                Foundation Day 12 - Level 3, no rest
                wall push-ups Challenge Day 25
                Shine yoga flow - yoginimelbourne
                30 days of yoga Day 6

                I spent half of the day in the kitchen, preparing an indian meal for my guests. The other half was spent in the forest for a beautiful autumn walk.

                Click image for larger version

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                      That are some beautiful colours




                          Nice colors! 😊


                            JCU, Anek, lofivelcro, SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, NancyTree

                            It's a bit of a lazy day today, but why not…

                            Steps: none so far, didn't leave the house and i guess i will not for the rest of the day
                            Foundation Day 13 - Level 3, no rest
                            daily abs challenge Day 1
                            30 days of yoga Day 7
                            EOTD 60 sec squats
                            wall push-ups Challenge Day 26
                            La dolce vita yoga - yoginimelbourne

                            That was a lot of abs exercises today

                            …fell off the couch and did another yoga session. Adriene's Halloween Session can't be missed.
                            Yoga for when you are feeling scared - YWA

                            It's a very meditative session so it counts for the today's meditation as well. I'm getting lazy on this habit or rather too restless.
                            Last edited by mavie; November 1, 2021, 08:24 PM. Reason: add more yoga in the evening


                              Deep listening yoga - yoginimelbourne - right after wake up
                              Steps: 7K
                              Foundation Day 14 - Level 3, no rest
                              wall push-ups Challenge Day 27
                              daily abs challenge Day 2
                              EOTD 40 knee-to-elbow crunches
                              30 days of yoga Day 8 - this one was tough, maybe should have put it before all the abs exercises


                                Morning Ritual
                                30 days of yoga Day 9
                                10 min meditation
                                Steps: 4K
                                Foundation Day 15 - Level 1, no rest
                                EOTD 40 scorpion twists
                                daily abs challenge Day 3
                                wall push-ups Challenge Day 28 - 60, 60, 60 sec

                                'nuff for today