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    Strength and Conditioning tonight, skipped BJJ till my new Gi arrives.

    I'm off work tomorrow and word is it'll be warm but if it is nice I plan to go for a wee hike, no plan just walk and maybe take my SAS Survival handbook to find a nice stop and read.
    I do know of a spectacular spot that has a few holiday homes and stuff up next to a cliff and next to the sea (like you open the door and the sea is 1 meter away).

    I do know some bushcraft like rope making and I have a basic carving kit so maybe I do a bushcraft project but what?

    What bushcraft project could I do with a carving kit and knowledge of how to make rope?


      Medical Kit inventory
      Foot care blister plasters X 4
      premierpore adhesive island dressing 5x7cm X 7
      Sterile saline cleansing wipes X 3
      Sterile plastic gloves X 1 pair
      Medical scissors X 1
      Stretch premium bandage 5cm X 1
      PremiumPore Island dressing 10x10cm X 1
      Steroplast 3 pocket Medical pouch X 1

      I will be looking to buy new items at some point but as of rn this is the kit. Money is a bit tight with saving for Japan and housing costs but I will build the kit up over the next few weeks.


        My first outing today . Went on a wee walk to the beach in the next village over and on the way I discovered that there is a wild plumb tree on the route in as well as a thistle plant and hundreds of wild berries.

        I'm excited about this discovery.

        BJJ (Gi) tonight but it's with the head coach and he doesn't mind me not wearing a Gi.


          Good stuff, reading about your first outing. Awesome. Pat yourself on the back, that's a great start! I'm really glad that you took the first step.
          Btw, I remembered that condoms are great to have in your medical or survival kit. Useful for infinite things aside from their obvious use.


            Building a grab bag with recommendations from survivalists from a Facebook group I am a part of BUT there's always that 1 guy who just has to be a dick, could post on the page so PM'd me and basically insulated me but I'm completely in a good mood so "water off a ducks back" as the saying goes, that said... a bee who is a follower on Instagram said something to me and it annoyed me so much I couldn't be bothered with BJJ, but I still went and my heart just wasn't in it.

            Got a pretty comprehensive list atm and need to whitle it down tomorrow, it's to rain so I will have all day to think about it.

            I'm thinking it'll be a local hiking bag, just stuff that I can use locally or in the surrounding area.

            I was thinking about the grab bag and while I still want to do it, I will build a gym grab bag for my BJJ and S&C (obviously my Gi will not be part of the bag as it is too small to fit the Gi) but I'll have my first aid kit, compression clothing and shorts (but I may try not wearing them as I need to get comfortable without them for competition, I think or is that just in wrestling?).

            Decided to embrace my inner weeb and buy some anime clothing for the gym.


              *sigh* so tonight was a strength and conditioning class and I started the set of Zercher squats and there was hardly any weight on the bar and my left knee started to hurt when I sat on the bench.
              I didn't think about it till then but one of my teammates at BJJ got in a knee bar (I think that was what it was)and my knee was sore but I wasn't crippled so I continued.
              It is not sore now that it is not under extra load but I'll be careful of it for a while.

              On brighter news, I am off work for 4 days next week so I'll maybe go for another outdoor excursion.


                What a day, I'm exhausted

                I'm sitting rn about to eat a pizza and for some reason I can feel anger bubbling in my chest, for no reason.

                I downloaded a song called bring it up which is a original remake of the song bring sally up (I don't know its real title) by the YouTube influencer browney.

                Now I am keeping it till the new year and then I am going to do it for the month of January 2022 to see if I can finish it, I've never finished the bring Sally up push up challenge and will probably post it in the hive playground.

                I hope we get some nice weather next week, I'm off for 4 days in a row and want to go for another hike and then my mum and dad are renewing their vows that Saturday so I'll be off that day as well so... yay being off but I'll be paid less than £90 so that sucks.

                I wish tomorrow was Monday so I could just roll and choke the shit outta someone


                  Originally posted by Aether View Post
                  Goals for September 2021 to July 15 2022

                  1) Get into shape for competitive BJJ.
                  2) Save at least £500 towards Japan trip.

                  Stats (Updated every 2nd Monday)
                  Bodyweight =
                  Body fat % =
                  Muscle Mass % =

                  Bodyweight = 70kg
                  Body fat % = 14% - 17%
                  ​​​​Muscle Mass % = 75% - 89%

                  Team Ryano fight squad weigh in [Updated weekly] [me only]
                  Bodyweight =
                  Updated first post.


                    MY GI ARRIVED 🙏😄 and I learned to tie a belt and got it in 1 go 😁
                    I can't wait to show it off, the colour is like a royal blue but shinier.

                    I've been thinking about relearning elder futhark runes. I used to be able to write whole sentences in it but stopped, granted I only did a few weeks practice and stopped shortly thereafter but I love runic alphabets and love writing in it, elder futhark is the only runic alphabet I learned cause at the time, the Thor movies were my favourite and I love the idea of the viking lifestyle.

                    It may help my mental health to focus on learning that alphabet for a while. I need an appropriate notepad to write in though 🤔


                      Scratch them into wood!
                      No, seriously, try it out. Learning runes definitely sounds cool, where did you learn them from the last time? A book or a webpage?
                      And congrats on acquiring your gi, does that mean your BJJ will start now for real?


                        lofivelcro I've been doing No Gi once a week but the other two are Gi so yeah you could say it my BJJ starts for real now.

                        As for the runes, I got them from a website called "sons of vikings" as a picture (below).
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	elder-futhark.jpg
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Size:	484.3 KB
ID:	814861
                        I actually have a basic carving kit so may give that a go to help with my mental health therapy (well it's more like chatting on the phone).


                          Originally posted by Aether View Post
                          I actually have a basic carving kit so may give that a go to help with my mental health therapy (well it's more like chatting on the phone).
                          Everything helps.
                          Reminds me: You could look into carving runestones. You know, for fortunetellling. Not saying you should do the telling itself, but carving those runes into stones and maybe later gems or half-gems could be a fun thing to try.


                            lofivelcro I don't think I have the patience to carve, I have tried a while back but that was a much bigger project (a sword).
                            I could give it a go though.


                              I'm off for 4 days and now starting to get serious about my BJJ progress.

                              I found what weight category I want to fight in (feather = 70kg) and I did some research into what clothing/gear I need.
                              I'm thinking that I'll do No Gi first and I have to wear vale tudo shorts which are skin tight shorts so I'm embarrassed but need to start training like I want to compete so going to wear only regulation kit at training.

                              By the way, I did my stats this morning so it'll be on my first post.


                                Best wishes and strenght to you then if you want to ask/think i can help on bjj stuff you can always pm me (i dont even pretend to be pro tho xD)